Kirra Max Bohan Daughter of Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan Divorce Custody

Kirra Max Bohan with her parents Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge.
Kirra Max Bohan with her parents Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge.
Kirra Max Bohan is famous because of her celebrity mother Audrina Patridge. Source: Dailymail
Born Name Kirra Max Patridge
Birth Place America
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Age 4 years old
Parents Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan

Whenever you are attached to any popular celebrity from the showbiz industry, there is no doubt that you become a part of it. The case is precisely the same with Kirra Max Bohan, who is only famous because of her rich background as the daughter of ‘The Hills’ star Audrina Patridge. The 5-year-old might have just started going to school, but little does she know how the entire nation knows her name, thanks to her mom, who is a renowned TV personality, actress, and model. So, stay with us to know more about the net worth, parents, and celebrity daughter’s personal life.

Kirra Max Bohan: Only Daughter of Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan

As the daughter of the ‘1st Look’ and ‘The Hills’ actress, Kirra Max Bohan was bound to spend her childhood with the media trying to peek into everything she does. She is the only daughter of her parents, former dirt bike rider Corey Bohan and model Audrina Patridge. Interestingly, she was born on June 24, 2015, before her parents tied the knot, i.e, on November 5, 2016

Kirra Max Bohan's mother hugging her poses for a picture.
Kirra Max Bohan’s mother Audrina Patridge owns a net worth of $5 million. Source: Glamour

It was unfortunate that Kirra’s parents, Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan, parted ways with a finalized divorce on December 20, 2018. The split-up was a shock to many considering the fact that the two were blissfully together from 2008. It was a shame how things got ugly as they broke upon a very bad note since Kirra Max Cohan’s mother needed to file a restraining order against him with claims of domestic abuse.

Kirra Max Bohan and her mother pose at Disneyland.
Kirra Max Bohan’s parents broke up with a divorce. Source: Pinterest

The main reason for Kirra’s fame happens to be her mother, who has proven to be a vital asset in the television industry. She initially got the hype as the leading cast member of The Hills from 2006 to 2010, appearing in 102 episodes. Similarly, she also participated in reality shows like ‘Cupcake Wars’ and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ to further strengthen her resume.

Kirra Max Bohan’s Mother Audrina Patridge Granted Full Custody

After a lengthy battle at the court, it was the television star, Audrina Patridge, who got the custody of her then 1-year-old daughter, Kirra Max Bohan. Furthermore, the actress also got custody of their dog, Lady, as per the Orange County court’s agreement. Meanwhile, Kirra’s father, Corey Bohan, was given visitation rights as per the reports from The Blast. 

Kirra Max Bohan and her mother Audrina Patridge pose for a picture.
Kirra Max Bohan’s father Corey Bohan was a dirt bike rider. Source: US Weekly

The divorce agreement between Kirra Max Bohan’s parents was too complicated. According to the details, her father agreed to leave the family house, but her mom was obliged to pay him a sum of $35,000 as reimbursement for recent work on the home. According to Audrina, her ex-husband threatened her multiple times, saying, ‘if you leave me, I’ll come after you.’ 

Quick Facts: Kirra Max Bohan

  • Kirra’s father lost his job as a bartender after his divorce.
  • Her mother is a multi-millionaire with a colossal net worth of $5 million
  • Her mom started acting in 2006 and even participated in ‘Dancing with the Stars.’
  • Kirra holds a proper relationship with her dad, Cohan, despite all the issues.

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