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Krissy Terry is currently single
Krissy Terry is currently single
Born Name Kristen Terry
Birth Place Ohio, US
Eye Color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Actress, Dancer, Businesswoman, Singer
Net Worth $1 million

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What do you call a woman with skills in both personal life and business? Krissy Terry. But wait! Krissy is also famous as a musician, a dancer, and a stunt woman.

Otherwise known as Kristen Terry, is an actress mostly popular for her work on Stealing Las Vegas (2012), Real American Heroes (2011), and Manifest Destiny: The Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure (2016).

Krissy’s Early Life

Krissy is among the people that don’t frail upon spilled milk and start anew. She started as a dancer in Alvin Ailey repertoire along with Afro Caribbean and Latin ballroom. However, she later keened to music.

The multitalented lady was a skilled learner as well. She got a full scholarship in college and taught salsa and Latin ballroom dancing alongside studying.

Krissy got even more pulled towards music when she was invited by an indie label. She finally completed her graduation in International Relations from the Cum Laude college.

Starting Her Music Career with an NBA star

Terry signed as a full-time artist by a management company. This was where she met her to-be-fiancé and a former NBA star, Jalen Rose.

Jalen then offered Trissy, that she cut ties with her former company and that Jalen be her new acting manager instead. Krissy, completely unaware of what was to come, accepted her fiancé’s offer.

The actress then paid off her previous company to unbind her of her contract. It was all a dream come true for the singer. They both moved to LA after her graduation. She started by getting singing lessons from Seth Riggs.

Terry’s passion for dancing had not left either. She also received dancing lessons from the top choreographers from LA. She gave her all towards her career in music. The actress also created some records with bigger artists such as Bruno Mars and Trey Songz.

A few years went by, but her music and name as an artist weren’t getting anywhere. But she was the patience kind and decided to wait a bit longer. During this time, a desire to perform in movies and TV shows crossed her mind. And so she got a role in the TV show, Young and Restless along with some other movies such as The Other Side, and Stealing Las Vegas.

Betrayal by her Own Fiancé

Krissy finally had enough of waiting and asked his husband about what was happening to her music. She didn’t get a satisfactory answer and asked one of his best friends. From him, she found out that she wasn’t supposed to be a star.

Terry was only to be a pawn in the business. Not only that but she also found out that her fiance had affairs with another woman. This broke her 10-year long engagement with the NBA star.

A New Beginning

After ending her contract, the musician decided to start anew. With new goals on her mind, she got offered a performance in Asia. It motivated her to move on and start her own production company.

Terry hired MCs, backup dancers, photographer, light and camera crew, wardrobe designers, catering, and make-up crew and started her own company, Sexology Dance Fitness where they empowered women towards fitness both physically and mentally.

The business later turned to Terryfit Recovery. It helps people recover from bodily fatigue and stress. She is also involved in real estate dealership. Considering her business status, the businesswoman earned herself a net worth of about $1 million.

Current Relationship?

The multitalented Kristen is most probably single at the time or at least as so her Social media suggests. Maybe she wants to improve her career first rather than her dating life.

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