Lamar Roemer Married To Wife Theresa Roemer, Biggest Closet Owner

Lamar Roemer Married To Wife Theresa Roemer, Biggest Closet Owner
Lamar Roemer and his wife, Theresa Roemer.
Born Name Lamar Roemer
Birth Place United States
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Businessman
Wife Theresa Roemer
Net Worth $30 Million

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Tennis Player turned businessman, Lamar Roemer is known for his successful enterprise venture that profited him into having a status of millionaire.

But, since his marriage to the luxurious and wealth loving woman, Theresa Roemer, he is now better known as the businesswoman’s husband.

Lamar Roemer Married To Wife Theresa Roemer

The businessman Lamar Roemer is the lucky husband of Theresa Roemer, a former bodybuilder turned businesswoman. Well, Mr. Roemer operates his business along with his beautiful wife who helped him take the height of their oils corporation to where it stands today.

Family of Lamar Roemer and Theresa Roemer.
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Well, Roemer’s wife quickly rose to popularity after she revealed her closet to the whole world. Theresa, apparently, owns the biggest closet in America. Speaking of which, Theresa built her closet which is three stories by investing $500,000.

Lamar’s closet is filled with all the expensive brands’ clothes, accessories, and a bar where the visitors and friends can enjoy Theresa’s favorite champagne. The closet lies in the Texas mansion where Lamar and his wife live in with their children.

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Lamar is a father of six children including his wife’s children from her former marriages. Theresa was married twice before she wed Lamar. Well, Lamar married Theresa in 2008 after being together for several years. Lamar was also there to comfort Theresa when she lost her son Michael Roemer to an accident in 2006.

What Is Lamar Roemer’s Net Worth?

As an owner and founder of several oil companies, one can only imagine the wealth Lamar Roemer possesses. But, he is expected to hold a net worth of more than $30 million. Well, Mr. Roemer owns the Maximillian Production Company and Roemer Oil Company.

Lamar also founded other companies. However, most of those businesses are not in operation in the meantime. And, with his earning, Roemer was able to own a mansion worth $12 million in Texas.

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Lamar & his wife also put their home built on a land of 17000 square-foot on auction in 2018 at the price of $7 million. But, later it was reported that the couple pulled off from the plan of selling their mansion.

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In addition, Roemer also made more money from his tennis career in his youth. As an athlete, Lamar contributed in seven games in the US aside from having played in Wimbledon.

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