LeSean McCoy Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned By LeSean

LeSean McCoy Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned By LeSean
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Posted By: joy root | December 8, 2018

Cars are the status symbol in the world of today. Majority of people nowadays own at least one car as a mode of transportation for their various working needs. The case is different for celebrities, however. The celebrities from across the world in their respective fields are owners of some of the lavish cars of the noted brand names. These cars are not only for transportation but also to present their persona of a celebrity. Here the below article ”LeSean McCoy Car Collection” concerns with the cars own by LeSean McCoy.

LeSean McCoy Car Collection:-

LeSean McCoy is the Running Back player for the NFL team Buffalo Bills. He has been part of them ever since his trade back in 2015. LeSean is under a five-year contract worth of about $40 million. LeSean as we already know came from nothing and now is a superstar level celebrity who has to maintain for his team as well in the public eyes. There is nothing much better in the world to show off the true worth and fortune of a person except the cars that he is in possession off. Celebrities like LeSean don’t just own on the car instead they own a whole collection of luxury cars. LeSean is currently the owner of 4 lavish luxury cars from noted brand names. Each of the cars depicts its nature of use as in comparison to its popularity. The names and details of the cars are as follows.

LeSean McCoy Jaguar XKR:-

The first car that LeSean bought from his salary earnings by his previous team, Philadelphia Eagles was the Jaguar Sports car model number XKR of 2010. The car is a beautiful piece of machinery that depicts ingenuity of automobile engineering. Car bought by LeSean in 2010 for a market price of about $100,000. The car is still in possession of celebrity and is occasionally using to make appearances on special occasions like important games and after season parties.

LeSean McCoy Jaguar XKR
Jaguar XKR
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LeSean McCoy Range Rover:-

In 2011, LeSean decided to buy himself one of the cars that are regarded to be built for NFL players. Yes, it was the Land Range Rover model. This model bought by LeSean with a view of traveling around the city with ease. The car bought for a price of about $94,000.

LeSean McCoy Rolls Royce Phantom:-

In 2016 after being the member of the Buffalo Bills NFL team and gaining millions of dollars in salary earnings each year, LeSean became a superstar celebrity. For this kind of celebrity fame, it is best to have a car that matches that persona. For that very reason, LeSean bought himself a Rolls Royce Phantom car. The model is known as Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. The car is usually using LeSean on important occasions like making appearances on special after game parties, award show and on brand endorsement campaigns. The car bought for a market price of about $500,000.

LeSean McCoy Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royal Phantom

LeSean McCoy Ferrari:-

LE Sean recently bought himself a Ferrari cart; the model number is 488GTB. This car packs a lot of horsepowers, a fitting car for one of the fastest running back players in NFL. The car occasionally using on major sporting as well as entertainment events. The car bought for a price of about $300,000.

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LeSean McCoy Car Collection’s worth:-

The estimated net worth of the car collection of LeSean McCoy is around $1 million. This is only the start of the collection as in the coming years with more fame and fortune; LeSean will surely buy more amazing cars.

LeSean McCoy Car Collection’s worth
Car Collection worth

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