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A Soviet-born Florida businessman is named for Lev Parnas who is famous for being one of the donors to a pro-Trump fundraising committee who helped Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to investigate Democrat Joe Biden. Parnas, Giuliani, and Fruman are involved in the Trump-Ukraine scandal. He was arrested on 9th October 2019 alongside his Belarus-born compatriot, Igor Fruman on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules, including funneling Russian money into President Trump’s campaign. They were running out of the country through a one-way flight. Finally, the US police caught them at 6:30 A.M. He is in jail as of now with his partner Igor Fruman for various criminal acts. As per The New York Times Giuliani was paid ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ to work for Ukrainian-American Lev Parnas at his fraud prevention firm Fraud Guarantee. He worked with President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian officials to conduct opposition research on former Vice President Joe Biden. Parnas, who divides his time between Boca Raton, Fla., and New York City, played a central role in introducing Giuliani to ousted Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.  

The son of Lev Parnas offers one more Trump tell-all

Lev Parnas’s son, Aaron Parnas says, he witnessed many of his father’s encounters with President Trump and his inner circle. As Rudy Giuliani searched for damaging information on the Bidens in Ukraine, waged shadow diplomatic campaigns in Venezuela and Turkey, and spoke regularly to President Donald Trump about all of it, a 19-year-old law student was quietly watching and soaking it all in. Unknown until this week, however, was that Parnas’ son Aaron was present for much of it. And he has now written an eyewitness account of many of the back-channel dealings conducted by Giuliani and a small group of his confidants to help their clients-chief among them the president of the United States. 

Famous For

  • Being an American businessman.
  • Being an associate of Rudy Giuliani along with Igor Fruman. 

Lev Parnas, a famous businessman

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What is the Nationality of Lev Parnas?

Parnas was born on 6th February 1972 in Odesa, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, to a Jewish family. His family brought him at the age of three to the U.S., first to Detroit, and later to Brooklyn. He was a student at Brooklyn College and Baruch College. He also worked at Kings Highway Realty, where he sold Trump Organization co-ops. He holds Ukrainian-American nationality and his ethnic background is Mixed. His religion is Judaism and his horoscope sign is Aquarius. As of 2020, he celebrated his 48th birthday.  

How was the Career of Lev Parnas?

  • Lev Parnas began his career by becoming a broker in Florida in the year 1995 by working for firms including Euro-Atlantic Securities, Mammoth Bullion, and Monolith Bullion.
  • Later, he founded Parnas Holdings by partnering with Igor Fruman in a project of energy-related ventures. 
  • He founded a firm named “Fraud Guarantee” in the year 2013. 
  • Florida authorities had apparently dissolved Fraud Guarantee in September 2014 for failing to file an annual report, which would have limited the company to activities related to closing itself down.
  • He also served as a translator for a legal case involving Dmytro Firtash, one of Ukraine’s wealthiest oligarchs with self-admitted mob connections, who is fighting extradition to the U.S. to face bribery charges in the year 2019. 
  • A Swiss lawyer for Firtash loaned $1 million to Parnas’s wife in September 2019, as per Federal prosecutors.
  • He has also been involved in Jewish charities and causes in the U.S., Ukraine, and Israel. Additionally, he is on the board of a Ukrainian-Jewish charity, “Friends of Anatevka”, founded by Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman, to provide a refuge for Jews affected by the Russian military intervention in Ukraine.
  • In April 2018, Giuliani, Parnas, and Fruman had apparently decided to assist President Trump’s re-election efforts and they identified Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as being a difficulty.
  • In the middle of the Trump impeachment trial on 24th January 2020, ABC News broke the story that led to this conclusion after ABC News reviewed a recording. 
  • His attorney claimed the recording was made by Fruman and shared with Parnas.
  • In late 2018, Giuliani allegedly sent the two to Ukraine to search for damaging information on Trump’s U.S. political rivals. Both were allegedly also at the center of the pro-Trump forces’ push to remove Ambassador Yovanovitch because her loyalty to President Trump was deemed deficient as Trump pursued his agenda there.
  • In late September 2019, the whistleblower report was released and Parnas and Fruman were described as “two associates of Mr. Giuliani”. 
  • The House Intelligence Committee issued document requests to Parnas and Fruman on 30th September 2019. 
  • On 8th October 2019, White House counsel Pat Cipollone issued a document that confirmed that Trump and his Administration would not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry in any manner.
  • After a day, Parnas and Fruman were arrested on the evening at Dulles International Airport, and charged with planning to direct funds from a foreign government “to U.S. politicians while trying to influence U.S.-Ukraine relations”. 
  • They had one-way tickets to Frankfurt, Germany, and were reported to be going to Vienna, Austria.
  • The reason for their arrest was described as a “complex web of financial and political interactions linking diplomacy to alleged violations of campaign finance law.”
  • After the arrest, the House Intelligence Committee converted their request for the production of documents from Parnas and Fruman into subpoenas on 10th October 2019 whereas Giuliani is under investigation for potentially violating lobbying laws.
  • On 22nd November 2019, Parnas stated to CNN that he would be willing to testify to Congress regarding his, Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA), Giuliani’s and Trump’s role in the Ukraine affairs.

President Trump and Lev Parnas

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  • His attorney filed a motion seeking the appointment of a special prosecutor outside the Justice Department and for US Attorney General William Barr to recuse himself on 20th January 2020. 
  • An attorney for Parnas turned over photos, text messages, and thousands of pages of documents to the House Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in early January 2020. 
  • MSNBC aired segments of an interview of Parnas conducted by Rachel Maddow on 15th and 16th January 2020. This was his first television interview regarding his involvement in the Trump-Ukraine scandal. 
  • Trump repeated the claims he did not know Parnas and denied he was aware of a key letter by Giuliani to the Ukrainian President wherein Giuliani claims he is acting on the behalf of Trump.
  • The letter was presented to the US Senate during the impeachment trial of President Trump.
  • Included within the documents released by the House in January 2020 were text messages between Parnas and Robert F. Hyde. Hyde is a Republican candidate for Congress in Connecticut. 
  • He was also interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN on 16th January 2020.
  • On 20th January 2020, Giuliani appeared on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle and claimed he was “heartbroken” by the “stupid lies” told by Parnas the previous week. 
  • Moving on camping funding, Gucciardo’s attorney claimed his client’s $500,000 was an investment made in 2018 with Parnas’ firm Fraud Guarantee.
  • ABC News released an audio recording that appeared to be a conversation between Parnas and President Trump on 24th January 2020. 
  • The recording may have been made at a dinner gathering held on 30th April 2018 at the Trump International Hotel. The tape was made public on 25 January. Trump is heard discussing golf with Jack Nicklaus III (grandson of golfer Jack Nicklaus), and trade deals and steel quotas with Barry Zekelman of Zekelman Industries.

Who is Lev Panas married to?

Lev Parnas is a married man. He married his beautiful wife, Svetlana Parnas in the year 2012. His wife, Svetlana is one of the associates of President Donald Trump’s private agent. Their son, Aaron Parnas interned at Rudy Giuliani’s Former Law Firm. As of today, he lives with his wife and five of his six children in Boca Raton, Florida happily. His sexual orientation is straight and he is not gay. 

The two are reported to donate large sums to Donald Trump, despite having unpaid debts.

Lev Parnas with his wife, Svetlana

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What is the Net Worth of Lev Parnas?

A famous businessman, Lev Parnas has earned a quite cool amount of money throughout his career. As of 2020, the net worth of Lev is still a mystery as it has not been disclosed yet. But there is no doubt in the mind of his followers that his net worth will be surely in millions. Whereas the salary of Lev has also not been revealed yet. He is making a considerable amount of salary from his career and he is satisfied with his income at present. His major source of income comes from a business career.

How tall is Lev Parnas?

Lev Parnas is a very handsome and good-looking man with average height and average body build. He has a fair skin complexion. He has a balanced weight matching with his height. His exact details about height, weight, and other body measurements such as chest size, waist size, hip size, and more are still to unfold yet as he has not revealed anything about it. Overall, he has got a healthy body at present. His hair color is salt and pepper whereas his eye color is brown. 

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