Liz Truss – Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Height, Kids, Facts, Career

Liz Truss - Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Height, Kids, Facts, Career

Liz Truss is a British politician. A member of the Conservative Party, she is the Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk since 2010. She has served as Foreign Secretary since 2021 and Minister for Women and Equalities since 2019. She has also served in various cabinet positions under Prime Ministers David Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson. 

After Prime Minister Johnson’s resignation, Truss stood in the 2022 Conservative Party leadership election to replace Johnson as Prime Minister. 

What is Liz Truss Famous For?

  • Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk since 2010. 
  • Serving as the Foreign Secretary since 2021. 

Where is Liz Truss From?

Liz Truss was born on 26 July 1975. Her full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss. She was born in Oxford, England, and holds British nationality. Her parents are John Kenneth and Priscilla Mary Truss. Her father was a professor of pure mathematics at the University of Leeds. Her mother was a nurse, teacher, and member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The family moved to Scotland when she was four years old. She attended West Primary School there. She later attended Roundhay School. She also spent a year living in Canada where she continued her education. She later graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Merton College, Oxford in 1996.

Liz Truss Career

  • Liz Truss joined the Conservative Party in 1996. She worked as a graduate for Shell from 1996 to 2000. She qualified as a management accountant and worked for Cable & Wireless from 2000 to 2005 rising to the economic director. She also started getting involved in politics around the time. However, after losing her first two elections, she became the full-time deputy director of Reform in 2008. She also co-authored The Value of Mathematics and A New Level among other reports. 
  • She served as the chair of the Lewisham Deptford Conservative Association from 1998 to 2000. She unsuccessfully contested the Greenwich London Borough Council elections in 1998 and 2002. In 2006, she was elected as a councilor for Eltham South in Greenwich. She resigned from her position shortly before the end of her term in 2010. She stood for the Labour-held constituency of Hemsworth in 2001. She was added to the Conservative Party’s A-List under David Cameron as a Conservative leader. 
  • She was selected for the South West Norfolk seat by the members of the constituency Conservative Association in 2009. Following objection to Truss’s selection by some of the members of the constituency in regards to Truss’s extramarital affair with Conservative MP Mark Field, a motion was proposed to terminate Truss’s candidature. However, the motion was heavily defeated. 
  • She was elected to the House of Commons in May 2010 and campaigned for issues including the retention of the RAF Tornado Base at RAF Marham in her constituency. She wrote dozens of letters to ministers and collected signatures on a petition. She played the leading role in preventing a waste incinerator from being built in West Norfolk.  
  • In 2011, she founded the Free Enterprise Group in October 2011. Along with four other members of the Free Enterprise Group, she co-authored After the Coalition. The book sought to challenge the consensus that Britain’s economic decline is inevitable by arguing for the return of a more entrepreneurial and meritocratic culture. They co-authored another volume, Britannia Unchained in 2012. 
  • She served as a Member of the Justice Select Committee from 2011 until her appointment as a government minister. She was appointed as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Education in September 2012. As a former maths student, she campaigned for improved teaching, especially mathematics. She also outlined plans to reform childcare in England. 
  • She was appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs in July 2014. She planned and formulated several plans to reform the environmental issues. She was appointed as Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor in Theresa May’s first ministry in July 2016. She became the Chief Secretary to the Treasury in June 2017. 
  • She declared in 2019 that she could run for the leadership of the Conservative Party to succeed May. However, she elected not to stand and endorsed Boris Johnson. After Boris Johnson became Prime Minster, She was appointed to the position of Secretary of State for International Trade and the President of the Board of Trade. She was later appointed Minister for Women and Equalities after the resignation of Amber Rudd. She introduced to Parliament the Trade Act 2021 which established the legal framework for the UK to conduct trade deals with nations around the world. She undertook negotiations for a post-Brexit free trade agreement between the UK and Japan. 
  • During a cabinet reshuffle in September 2021, she was appointed as Foreign Secretary. She said at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference that France had acted unacceptably during the Jersey fishing dispute. She called on Russia to intervene in the Belarus-European Union border crisis in October 2021. 
  • She was appointed the government’s chief negotiator with the EU in December 2021. The Russian military was placed on high alert after Truss commented to volunteer to travel to Ukraine to help its defense against the Russian invasion. 
  • Truss announced her intention to run in the Conservative Party leadership election in 2022. She polled second among Conservative MPs. She pledged to cut taxes on day one and said she would “fight the election as a Conservative and govern as a Conservative”. She also said she would take “immediate action to help people deal with the cost of living”. Truss and Rishi Sunak are the final candidates in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as the leader of the Conservative Party. 

Who is Liz Truss Husband?

Liz Truss is a married woman. The British politician is married to fellow accountant Hugh O’Leary. They first met at the Conservative Party Conference in 1997. The couple got married in 2000. They share two daughters. 

What is Liz Truss Height?

Liz Truss stands around the height of 5 feet and 3 inches tall. The British MP has a body weight of around 60 kg. She has a slim body build. Her eye color is hazel and her hair color is blonde. 

Her sexual orientation is straight. 

What is Liz Truss Net Worth?

Having worked as an accountant, and economic director in several firms in her early career, she later turned to politics full time. Since 2010, she has been the Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk. She has held several positions under Prime Ministers David Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson. At present, her net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

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