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Martyn Eaden is an American copywriter know as the ex-husband of American actress and singer Chrissy Metz. Chrissy Metz is popular for playing in the NBC drama, ‘This Is US’ as Kate Pearson which earned her Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. But a lesser-known fact, her husband Eaden is more than just her ex-husband. He is the writer of some amazing stories like ‘Spurned’ and ‘Death Factory’.

The author separated with his ex-wife, Chrissy Metz after having problems during the time she was portraying Kate Pearson in ‘This Is Us’.The show was a success but the relationship was not. Eventually, the beautiful couple had to separate.

Martyn Eaden: Personal Life

The writer met his ex-wife in 2008 when she was trying to pursue her career as an actress and had just moved to LA. Both of them fell for each other and soon arranged a private wedding ceremony. The couple was both busy with their own life. Chrissy started getting featured in tv shows and Eaden was busy with his screenplays. Chrissy being a media person always featuring in different roles started getting into the spotlight which does not seem to be acceptable to Eaden. After her role on the show ‘This Is Us’, topics like obesity and weight loss has become an open discussion thing amongst women of a distinct weight class. On the contrary, Eaden likes keeping his life private and does not enjoy any kind of media interfere which was very difficult as Chrissy now is a starlet.

They also had differences in their income as Eaden earned middle-class income and Chrissy earned quite a strong amount of income. As a result, the couple after five years of living in a marital union, in 2015. Eaden seems to be unhappy in his relationship as he himself filed for divorce which was granted to him as Metz ignored the petition. He also requested to allow him to maintain sole ownership of his vehicle and personal bank account. Whereas, Chrissy Metz does not express her agreement of disagreement on the divorce allegations made by Eaden.The court declined the request for spousal support. Eaden himself stated, “The relationship can not be saved due to incompatible differences”. The couple does not have any children. Right now, both of them are happy living single lives of their own.


Caption: Martyn Eaden with his ex-wife Chrissy Metz


Martyn Eaden: Career

Eaden is a copywriter and screenplay writer. He is known for writing the script of ‘Spurned’, a thriller short movie about a couple who break up and try making amends. The movie’s cast includes Pej Vahdat, Megan Hensley, Scott Donovan, and many other actors. He is also the writer of Death Factory which is also a thriller and horror movie. Before he met Chrissy, and during their marriage, Eaden earned a middle- class income. He is also a journalist, but all of his achievements and hard work are overshadowed by his ex-wife’s fame. The writer is unable to make any big impact in Hollywood with his writing skills yet. This might be the reason the fact of his initial struggles is not available.


Caption: The movie ‘Spurned’ written by Martyn Eaden
Source: Youtube

Martyn Eaden: Net worth and Social Media

In 2019 Eaden’s net worth is between $60,000 and $100,000. Comparatively, his income is lesser than that of his ex-wife which is  $7 million. Talking about his social interactions, he is not active in any of the social media. Unlike his ex-wife, he is absent from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His wife, Chrissy Metz is on Instagram with the username ‘chrissymetz’.

Martyn Eaden: Body Measurements

Eaden is a tall handsome man with average height and weight. He is around 1.76 meters tall with an ectomorph body type. He has black eyes and hair with pale ivory skin color.

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