Meet Pawn Stars’ Beautiful Wives

Meet Pawn Stars' Beautiful Wives

For over a decade, the reality television series “Pawn Stars” has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of history, entertainment, and the fascinating world of pawnbroking. While the spotlight often shines on the charismatic cast members who bring the shop to life, there is an intriguing cast of characters behind the pawnshop walls that deserve recognition – the wives and ex-wives of the “Pawn Stars” cast. Behind every successful person, there is a strong and supportive partner, and the cast of “Pawn Stars” is no exception. From sharing the joys and challenges of marriage to navigating the intricacies of fame and success, these women have had a front-row seat to the “Pawn Stars” phenomenon. Whether they are still standing by their husbands’ sides or have moved on to new chapters in their lives, the wives and ex-wives of the “Pawn Stars” cast have left a permanent mark on both the show and the lives of their respective partners.

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Rick Harrison’s ex-wives

Rick Harrison, the charismatic star of the popular television show “Pawn Stars,” has had three notable women in his life—his most recent ex-wife Deanna Burditt Harrison, and his two previous ex-wives, Tracy Harrison and Kim Harrison. Each woman has played a distinct role in Rick’s personal journey, leaving a lasting impact on his life and the success of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Deanna Burditt Harrison, Rick’s previous wife, has been a pillar of strength and support. They exchanged vows in July 2013, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Deanna, a legal secretary by profession, has stood by Rick’s side throughout their marriage, providing unwavering support amidst the demands of his career and the bustling world of reality television. However, their marriage ultimately came to an end in September 2020, after seven years. It remains unclear what caused their break-up as both of them prefer to keep this matter private.

Before Deanna, Rick’s second marriage was to Tracy Harrison. They were married in 1986 and had one son together, Jake. In his autobiography “Licence to Pawn”, Rick notes that he was in a very difficult time of his life when he first met Tracy, recovering from his previous marriage and divorce, doing his best to raise his two kids, despite having very little money. His love story with Tracy began just nine months after the divorce from Kim. Despite all the challenges of their early days, the two managed to climb up to the top with successful careers. Tracy played an instrumental role in the early years of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, supporting Rick as they navigated the challenges of running a business. However, as the pawnshop gained fame and the television show took off, the strain of fame and the demanding nature of their careers led to their eventual divorce in 2011. Despite the end of their marriage, Tracy has remained connected to the “Pawn Stars” family, and maintains a positive relationship with Rick and their children.

Rick’s first wife was Kim Harrison but details about their relationship are relatively scarce. The two married in 1982, but divorced just three years later in 1985. Despite their short marriage, in that period of time they had two sons together, Corey and Adam. The specifics of their marriage and the circumstances surrounding their divorce remain unknown, and Rick himself hasn’t talked much about it. Although information about Kim remains limited, it is important to acknowledge her role in Rick’s personal journey, and the influence she may have had on his life. After all, their son Corey appears to be the closest to him, as they run the pawnshop together.

While the public may be more familiar with Rick’s role on “Pawn Stars,” it is essential to recognize the women who have stood by his side and contributed to his journey. Their love, support, and shared experiences have played significant roles in Rick’s life and have helped shape the man that millions of viewers have come to admire.

The stories of Deanna Burditt Harrison, Tracy Harrison, and Kim Harrison offer a glimpse into the complexities of relationships, the impact of supportive partners, and the challenges that come with fame. Together, these women have significant impact on Rick Harrison’s life, making his journey all the more captivating.

Corey Harrison’s wives

Corey Harrison, known to many as “Big Hoss” from the television show “Pawn Stars,” has had two significant relationships in his life. Let’s explore the wives who have played important roles in Corey’s personal journey.

Corey’s first wife was his high-school sweetheart, Charlene – they married in 2009, and stayed together for six years. Charlene, often referred to as Char, was a vital presence in Corey’s life during their time together. The two didn’t have children, and after several years their marriage unfortunately fell apart, and their divorce was finalized in just a few months.

Corey apparently soon found love once again, and married his second wife, Kiki Nejo Harrison; ‘apparently’ because their marriage was short-lived, as they divorced just one year later. Corey stated that there were many obstacles in their marriage, most notably competitive work schedules, but Kiki became pregnant during their marriage, with a son who was born just one month after their divorce had finalized.

The couple revealed that they were planning on naming the child Richard, in honor of Corey’s late grandfather. However, there was no further news about the child’s arrival, but there were rumors about the couple being reunited, as Corey never stopped expressing his love for Kiki. However, there was no information that would confirm these rumors.

As Corey’s journey continues, the influence of his wives on his life and the success of the “Pawn Stars” family cannot be understated.

Chumlee’s wife

Austin Lee Russell, but always referred to as Chumlee, is widely recognized as a somewhat beloved and eccentric member of the “Pawn Stars” cast, who had a significant chapter in his personal life with his ow ex-wife Olivia Rademann. The couple took their vows in August 2019, however, their marriage was short-lived as they divorced in 2020. While details regarding their relationship remain largely undisclosed, it’s evident that Chumlee’s demanding schedule, including his commitments to “Pawn Stars” and his growing business ventures, likely played a role in their separation. It’s also possible that they split up due to opposing future plans, given that Olivia is still a student.

Regardless, Chumlee continues to be an integral part of the “Pawn Stars” show and keeping his focus on his career and personal growth.


The wives and ex-wives of the “Pawn Stars” cast members have played significant roles in their personal journeys, offering sometimes limited or short-lived love and support amidst the demands of fame. Their stories highlight the complexities of balancing personal and professional lives in the public eye, reminding us of the human connections behind the entertainment. Their contributions have shaped the cast members’ lives, making them the individuals we have come to know and mostly admire.

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