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Mia Kirshner was the main character in The L Word as Jenny Schecter. Source: Affairpost
Mia Kirshner was the main character in The L Word as Jenny Schecter. Source: Affairpost
Born Name Mia Kirshner
Birth Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Canadian
Profession Actress, Activist, Writer
Net Worth $2 million
Age 44 years old
Sibling Lauren Kirshner
Parents Sheldon Kirshner and Etti Kirshner

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If you follow the Canadian entertainment industry, then you must be familiar with the name of Mia Kirshner. She received massive limelight for the role of Jenny Schecter in the television show, The L Word.  

The gorgeous beauty gathered a massive fan following from her role as Jenny for about six seasons, which the fans loved. So, today, we bring you close to the personal life of the talented Mia Kirshner.

Mia Kirshner Portrayed Jenny Schecter in The L Word

The Canadian Mia Kirshner landed her most prolific job in the Showtime show, The L Word. She played the lead role of Jenny Schecter in all six seasons of the show. 

The talented actress perfected her role of a young woman in the lesbian community. Her character was a traumatic diva who suffered from sexual abuse and a disastrous murder. 

Mia Kirshner as Jenny Schecter’s Death in The L Word

The fans were left distraught when her character, Jenny Schecter, suffered a mysterious murder. In the first episode of the final sixth season, the script killed her off, while the rest of the season went on to solve the mystery. 

The L Word’s most prominent death quite shocked the audience and media. Moreover, merchandise called, ‘I killed Jenny Schecter’ started to sell around the market. 

Mia Kirshner’s Staggering Net Worth of $2 Million

The L Word actress, Mia Kirshner, owns a whopping net worth of $2 million as of 2019. With about three decades of experience in the television and filmography world, she earned a great deal of fortune in the industry. 

YouTube: Mia Kirshner talks about AIDS in Malawi.

Kirshner featured in some prominent works like Wolf Lake24, Star Trek: Discovery, and Bloodline. Furthermore, she appeared in Milton’s Secret, The Barrens, and Now & Forever on the big screen. Thus, the actress burnt the midnight oil in order to earn such vast fortunes. 

Kirshner’s Long Dating History

The 44-year-old actress owns a long list of guys she dated. For the first name on the list, she went out with Mike Bender in 2001. The story there didn’t work, and eventually, they parted ways. In the same year, she dated Stephen Hopkins as well, which didn’t work out too. 

The L Word actress was a girlfriend to Scott Bairstow and Evan Dando. Surprisingly, she even dated fellow actress Jennifer Beals, making her sexual orientation as bisexual. Furthermore, she made other boyfriends, Grant Bowler in 2013, and Sam Shepard in 2014

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At the moment, the lady seems to have had enough of romance in her life. So, she is just staying away from dating anyone.

But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need someone to love. To fill that void, she pets a dog, Rainbow, whom she refers to as her best friend. If you scroll down her Instagram, you’ll find everything about her love.

As mentioned on her IG on national dog day on August 27, Rainbow was adopted from Vancouver. She was originally Lavender Plum but the name didn’t suit her so, the actress Leisha Hailey came up with the name, she is called with.

Quick Facts: Mia Kirshner

  • Impressively, she received the 43rd rank in the Hot 100 Women of 2002 list in the Maxim Magazine.
  • Even though she doesn’t like tattoos, she has one with the letter ‘M’ on the back of her neck. 
  • Shockingly, she revealed how Harvey Weinstein offered her a movie role when she was 19 if she had sex with him.
  • Kirshner is capable enough to speak French as well.
  • She gave her voice over to Mandy in the 2006 video game, ‘24: The Game.’

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