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Michelle Lewin is a popular social media influencer, fitness model, and body-builder. Further, she started her modeling career from a young age and later took part in several NCP bikini competition. After that, she began to hit in the gym and sculpt her body which gained the attention of photographers and approached by top companies for posing their brands. Additionally, he has appeared on more than 30 magazines including ‘PlayBoy’ and ‘Muscle & Fitness’.

She has a YouTube channel under her name uploading videos on workout routines for the gym, home as well as bloopers and cooking. The channel created on 30 September 2011 having 394k as of September 2020 with over 41.1 million views. She is also popular on Instagram has more than 13 million followers attracted by her attractive body in bikinis as well. Let us scroll over to know more details on personal life while reading her relationship and net worth.

Michelle Lewin

Caption: The social media personality and fitness model, Michelle Lewin.
Source: YouTube

Michelle Lewin: Bio, Family, Career

The renowned bodybuilder was born on 25 February 1986 in Maracay, Venezuela. She was raised by a single mother who remarried later. But her stepfather also left her when she was just 14 years old. She grew up in a poverty environment and had a traumatic period which eventually lost her weight. After that, she began to do odd jobs with her mother.

At the age of 17, her mother took her to a fitness center from where her bodybuilding and fitness career started. She then began to share her great physique and workout pictures on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Her SNS gradually began to flood with enormous followers (as of now around 13 million). Also, she has created her YouTube channel in 2011 with more than 41 million views and 394k subscribers.

Despite turned down by several modeling agencies due to her height, she never left the hope and continue with her journey. Her dedication and hardworking helps her to stand her now where we can see. She has participated in many competitions and has won also. She has won two titles in 2013 and 4 titles in 2014 including IFBB Nordic Pro and Battle on the Beach Pro.

Exercise, & Nutrition

With the strict exercise routine, healthy diet, and dedication, she has not sculpted her body but also her career. She had got an attractive and muscular body after months of intense training further, she revealed that she is enjoying her fitness lifestyle. Her fitness journey can be seen through her uploaded pictures and videos of workout routines on social media sites.

Her routines consist of heavyweights and cardio mixed with a healthy nutrition plan. She follows the alternative exercise routines for back, limbs, chest in alternate days with a one relax day off. As per nutrition considers, we can see on her uploaded videos on her YouTube channel.

Michelle Lewin: Personal Life & Boyfriend

Her fans and admirers must be wondering about her relationship status. Well, she is not single anymore instead she has married her boyfriend, Jimmy Lewin. Further, Lewin is also a bodybuilder who hails from Sweden. They first met in 2008 and married in 2010, after dating for years. Her husband is one of the main people who has encouraged and supported her modeling and bodybuilding career.

In fact, Jimmy is also her current personal trainer, agent, and social media manager. Due to her work, the couple moved to Miami, Florida in 2012. Additionally, her husband has influenced her to involve in modeling after he trained and guide her.

Michelle and Jimmy Lewin

Caption: Michelle Lewin with her bodybuilder husband Jimmy Lewin.
Source: YouTube

Michelle Lewin: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

The popular bodybuilder has raked a good fortune from her career as a fitness model as well as a social media personality. According to Forbes, she amassed as much as $10,000 per Instagram post from her partnerships with health and workout brands. Therefore, she has a net worth estimated at above $1 million. Further, she also owns her own line of supplements and a range of home workout equipment.

She is highly active over different social media platforms with verified accounts having huge followers. On Instagram, she goes by the handle @michelle_lewin with 13.7 million followers. She has a Facebook account having more than 8.7 million followers. On Twitter, she goes by the unverified Twitter account @Michelle_Lewin with 471.1k followers.

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Michelle Lewin: Body Measurements, Breast Implants

The fitness model has a well-defined physique that has a slim waist of 25 inches, a firm bust of 36 inches, and round hips of 36 inches. She has maintained her great physique through the daily routine of her exercises and a healthy diet. Her body stands to a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 60 kg. She has dark brown hair color with brown eyes.

Further, she has revealed that she had has breast implants so she avoided training chest muscles too much. If she does hard chest workouts then it could deform the implants.

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