Miles Chamley-Watson Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts

Miles Chamley-Watson Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts
Miles Chamley is not dating anyone at the moment.
Born Name Miles Chamley-Watson
Birth Place England
Height 6 Feet 4 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity English
Profession Foil fencer
Net Worth $5 million
Weight 79 kg
Age 31 years old
Sibling Santorri and Sydney
Parents Elizabeth Chamley and Colin Oerton

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When it comes to the topic of Olympic, we generally tend to incline towards the most commonly heard names such as swimming, running, or any other sport. But athlete Miles Chamley Watson brought the sport of fencing to the public’s span of attention with his skills.

The athlete shone brightly in the 2012 Summer Olympics representing the United States. He grabbed the title of the 2013 individual Foil World Champion the next year.

Who is Chamley’s Date?

Miles is a pretty good-looking guy. The muscular build and tattoos are something that drives the ladies crazy. So, who captured the fencer’s heart or is the athlete fencing away relationships? The answer is surprisingly more relevant to the latter question. Yes, the guy is single.

Ladies! the chances of you scoring the American athlete is entirely upon your own shoulders. But it seems Miles has a different approach to his life. The 31 years old hunk is very busy polishing his skills on a daily basis which leaves him short on time for any kind of dating life.

You heard it right, the guy doesn’t have enough time to involve in a romantic relationship. A 2016 interview might answer all the fan’s questions about the guy’s dating life altogether. The interview, although short, clearly explained Miles’s routine that prevents him from dating a partner.

As it seems, the athlete trains almost every day. He hits the gym six times a week and spars on the seventh day. He added that such a hectic schedule leaves him with less time as leisure which he tends to spend with family and friends. The American native further explained that did not want half-hearted dating and gives attention to his profession like his girlfriend.

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But wait, he did drop some hints on his preference. Like any other male, he wants someone that accepts him for what he is. He is open to any girl that understands his passion for the sport and is okay with his disciplined lifestyle.

The 2017 Gossip!!

In May of 2017, the internet found its hot topic with some hints on the dating life of Miles Watson. The rumors spread like wildfire due to a particular event at the Gala that year. Evidently, he spent his after-Gala party poppin’ with singer and superstar Rihanna.

Yes, you heard it right. The two spent some time together on the occasion. Rihanna has quite a dating history which includes several Hollywood stars. She seemed very comfortable with the athlete.

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Moreover, fans also speculated Miles’s resemblance to singer Chris Brown (Rihanna’s ex). The guy is definitely in shape and judging from his Instagram captions, he seems to have a good sense of humor. What else does a girl need?

The couple surely hit off during the Gala but did not spark any dating rumors after the event. For Rihanna fans, the scoop was something they could not miss.

Miles Chamley-Watson Net Worth Details

Miles is making his mark on the sports realm with his work ethic and his natural knack for the sport. His 2019 net worth statistics show his fortune raking at around $5 million. Earlier in 2018, his range of income jumped between $100,000 and $1 million.

As it happens, the athlete’s cars, houses, and other assets are still kept in secrecy. According to stats, he is one of the richest sportspeople born in England.

Quick Facts: Miles Chamley-Watson

  • Miles moved and settled in New York City with his parents at the age of eight.
  • He received a gold medal at the Shanghai Grand Prix of fencing in the year 2015.
  • The athlete picked up fencing in school as a leisure hobby, liked it, and went on to win the junior championship at the age of 13.
  • He trains with Kirk Myers, a professional trainer who also trained Hollywood celebrity, Hugh Jackman.

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