Mother, Sister, Net Worth, Wedding, Married

Mother, Sister, Net Worth, Wedding, Married

Who is Jodie Fletcher?

If you’re a star baby, lovers of your own parents become very much interested in you because they want your parents. To put it simply, you automatically become famous yourself, together with gossip websites that offer to pay massive sums for information regarding you and sometimes, paparazzi following you everywhere you turn. This is not any different for Jodie Fletcher, the girl ofSheree Zampino, the ex-wife of Men In Black star Will Smith, along with her second husband, former Chargers running back Terrell Fletcher.

Jodie Fletcher Bio

The parents of fletcher have by the press, making the media more enthusiastic about her information about her since her arrival. Almost no private facts about Jodie is available for media intake. Her date of arrival isn’t understood. But, we suppose that she had been born somewhere between 2007 and 2009, because she had been born not so long after her parents’ union that was in 2007. Jodie’s parents, both of these, despite being really busy on social websites hasn’t submitted any photograph of her. Surprisingly, their Instagram accounts both include photographs of children. On the flip side, her mum also enjoys personalizing a specific child named Christian on her Instagram accounts, but not one is viewed of Jodie. They look like best of buddies. Judging from how Jodie’s parents likes to showcase photographs of different children, an individual could almost be made to think that perhaps there are different reasons why they wouldn’t post photographs of the only daughter. Perhaps when Jodie, who as of the writing still ought to be in elementary school, grows up and decides to join her half-brother Trey Smith at the entertainment business, then the planet will have to find out more about her and why her parents wouldn’t post pictures of her previously. We’ll be waiting…

Jodie Fletcher Automobiles

Jodie’s parents got married in 2007 at a fancy wedding which was coated by Essence Magazine. The marriage came 12 years after her mum had finished her first union with Will Smith. She’d remained with Will Smith for only 3 years from 1992 to 1995. Jodie’s mum, born onNovember 16, 1967, in Schenectady, New York, really became famous as a result of her marriage to Will Smith. Sheparlayed her celebrity union to an effective reality TV and style career. Jodie’s mum was a cast member onVH1’s fact seriesHollywood Exes. The series chronicled the lives ofa set of women separated from their husbands since they try to start more than findsomeonenew, and expand their own companies. The series lastedfor roughly 3 seasons, together with the last episode airing on2 July 2014, the identical year she split from Terrell Fletcher. Picture source Jodie’s mum today possesses an e-commerce businessshereeelizabeth.coman online “boutique which offers you covered from head to toe. ” Sheree also hosts her own series Eat Pray Live online broadcast community, Black Hollywood Live which frees itself asthe globe ‘s first online broadcast community devoted to African American amusement. Jodie’s maternal grandfather Les Zampino functioned at a theater business while her maternal grandmother worked at a fund firm. He nursed a passion for soccer from a really young age. Then he jumped tothe University of Wisconsin–Madison. Following college, he was drafted round 2/pick: 51 from theSan Diego Chargers. He played with the group before his retirement in 2002. Jodie’s daddy from 2012 became the senior leader ofCity of Hope International Church at San Diego, California. Jodie’s uncle Bryan Fletcher (her daddy ‘s brother) is also a retired soccer player.

Jodie FletcherDating, Boyfriend Husband

As of the writing, Jodie Fletcher remains a little and hasn’t yetbegunn entering into intimate relationships.

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