Nata Lee with over 3.9M Instagram Followers

Nata Lee with over 3.9M Instagram Followers

Who is Nata Lee?

Natalya Krasavina – Nata Lee – was born on 17 February 1999, in Russia. She is a social media personality, Instagram model, and DJ, best known for finding fame through her Instagram account @natalee.007. Her photos featuring her attractive look and figure have entranced many of her millions of followers. She is also one of the most popular DJ’s and Instagram personalities from Russia.

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The Wealth of Nata Lee

As of early-2020, Nata Lee’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, earned mostly through a successful career online. She has gained a lot of partnerships and sponsorships thanks to her online fame.

Her work as a DJ has also helped in building her wealth and she’s done various professional modeling projects.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about Nata’s life before her rise to fame as an Instagram model, as she has not revealed a lot of information save for the fact that she grew up in Russia. At 19 years old, she created an account on Instagram which was the beginning of her journey towards online fame.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, owned by Facebook and unlike it, Instagram focuses on the photo and video media.

Users can upload these types of media to share with the public. It can then be organized through tags, locations, hashtags, and many more. Over the years, the platform has grown and popularized numerous aspiring models.

Companies also saw it as an avenue to advertise, taking advantage of users with high follower counts. Nata started gaining a lot of attention as she showcased her attractive Russian qualities. Not only that, she had a body that implied the effort she put in so that she could be among one of the most attractive figures on the site.

Nata Lee

Inspirations and Collaborative Work

Lee’s Instagram handle contains the words 007 which is the moniker for the popular film character and fictional spy James Bond. The character was created in the 1950s by writer Ian Fleming who wrote numerous novels and a collection of short stories depicting the adventures of the master of espionage. Throughout the years, numerous actors have popularized the character in films with the most recent being Daniel Craig. Nata showcased the physical qualities that compared her with many of the Bond Girls, women that were often partnered with James Bond for each film.

This handle would become the overarching theme of her profile, as she showcased herself wearing clothes that depicted a classy and sexy lifestyle. She loved showing off her curves and was not afraid to show a little more skin. Her popularity continued to grow as she started to frequently collaborate with professional photographer Aleksandr Mavrin, the owner of Mavrin photography. Soon, she got a lot of modeling projects and was traveling the world, visiting beaches in Southeast Asia as well as the snowy mountains of Europe.

Fashion Nova and DJ Work

One of her biggest sponsors is the company Fashion Nova, a company hailing from Los Angeles.

The company boasts in its various attire branded as inexpensive clothes people could wear while clubbing. Over the years, they’ve launched numerous celebrity collaborations and fashion lines. They are also known for being one of the biggest advertisers to take advantage of the growing popularity of Instagram models. However, the company has also had its share of controversies. In 2019, it was revealed that Fashion Nova was underpaying most of its workforce, owing around $3.8 million in back pay. They’ve also gained a lot of flak for their no return policy, amassing a lot of complaints from online shoppers due to their bad business practices.

Nevertheless, the company is responsible for paying a good portion of Lee’s online work. She also took advantage of all of the free clothes she was getting by using them in her other line of work. Being interested in the party scene, she started learning to become a DJ. With her online popularity and looks, it was not long before she started gaining gigs around the world. She’s been named by publications as the world’s sexiest DJ.

Recent Projects

In 2019, Nata continued to gain online attention thanks to her photos. On one specific occasion, she was praised by many for her photo depicting her like a female spy on a beach, spearfishing.

Gets old 😜 21 y.o. Waiting your congratulations 🎉

Posted by Nata Lee on Monday, February 17, 2020

The way the photo was constructed and her look, gave off spy film vibes that coincided with her 007 themes. A lot of fans compared her bikini look with that of Ursula Andress from the inaugural Bond film “Dr. No”. Her outfit and look featured vintage as well as modern influences. Other fans pointed out that she had taken inspiration from other notable female characters such as Lara Croft of “Tomb Raider” fame. Others called her Aquawoman, based on the popular DC character.

When her account first reached a million followers, she celebrated by showing a little more skin, posting a photo of her in Thailand where she was not wearing a shirt while her pants were pulled a little down, showing more skin.

In the past year, she’s proved that she’s not afraid to show a little more, posting numerous photos topless, though not showing everything as it may violate Instagram policy. She has also been seen wearing see-through bras in several of her photos.

Personal Life

Nata is in a relationship with her most frequent collaborator, professional photographer Aleksandr Mavrin. The two often travel and work together, with her boyfriend responsible for many of her most popular photos. The two began working with each other a few years back and fell in love along the way. She isn’t shy about acknowledging her partner’s work and professing her love for him. Despite all of her fame though, the two managed to keep things low profile, making the focus all about her as she continues to build her online following.

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