Net Worth, Son, Wife, Today, Kids, Real Name, Death, Family

Net Worth, Son, Wife, Today, Kids, Real Name, Death, Family

Who is Ice Cube?

Stars are saddled with the responsibility of living a dual life; their onscreen and off-screen life. It’s no shocker, the simple fact is out there at the open. We get to see 1 part of their own life as a great deal but the other, not too much. So now, let’s have a glimpse behind the scenes and get to learn more about Ice Cube’s household members and the area they call home.

Ice CubeLoved Ones and ‘s Wife

Her name is Kimberly Woodruffand she’s been married to Ice Cube for more than two decades. She’s actually the definition of a ‘ride or die’ because she’s been with the celebrity through thin and thick. She had been with him if the ‘Ice Cube’ brand was a fantasy. It’s only fitting that we have a minute to travel down memory lane and find out how both got to where they are now. When Ice laid his eyes to the girl that would be his Mrs, he had been shot with her. Kim on the other hand, not too much, she was involved with somebody else at the point and as such she didn’t think much of him . This is what he had to say about doing it. ‘ The very first thing I believed I had been, ‘Wow, she would be your girl, the very first time we met, she had been ‘t sense me, however the next timewe had time to really get to know each other. ‘ That only demonstrates patience is crucial as 6 weeks down the line both crossed paths and they hit it off. We don’t know a lot about her, since it’s clear she moves out of her way to keep from this area light, but this much we do understand, she’s been more than encouraging during her guy ‘s profession. The star doesn’t be afraid to gush over her if he has the opportunity. He included, ‘It’s a genuine partnership. I admire my wife and she admires me. I still get the chills once I see her. Romance and gender will ‘t need to fade. I want her to look at me and state ‘that is the guy I want to be with. ‘

Ice Cube’s Family; His Children

Ice Cube’s household is rather the major one, he’s 4 children with his wife of 25 decades, Kimberly Woodruff. His first kid isO’Shea Jackson and he had been born onon February 24, 1991. He goes from the point nameOMG and he’s an American actor and rapper. He played a significant part inthe2015 biopic, Straight Outta Compton, as his dad. He’s a college graduate, so O’Shea retains a degreefrom the University of Southern California, where he studied screenwriting. Well that should be convenient. He’s now following in his dad ‘s footsteps because he’s interested in working in the audio market. Up to now he’s published his first mixtape, Jackin’ for Beats, on line. Much like his dad and brother, Darrell is interested in working in the audio market.

The House of ice Cube

There’s no doubt that because of his achievement, Ice Cube is able to splurge just a little bit when it comes toliving arrangements. Last year he purchased $7.25 million dwelling inMarina del Rey, California. In accordance with Trulia Reports, he purchased the home from a different notable character. If you guessed it wasJean-Claude Van Damme, you guessed right. This ‘s just within the home. Outside attributes, terraces which overlook the water and expand the distance outside. In an intriguing twist of design,on the rooftop, there’s a swimming poolsurrounded from 360-degree viewpoints of Marina del Rey. Now ‘sa cool home, fit for a trendy man. Ice Cube’s Net Worth Ice Cube is presently worth $145 million with the vast majority of his earnings coming from from Rap music and acting profession.

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