Nia-Malika Henderson Son, Husband, Parents, Married, Net Worth, Family, Kids

Nia-Malika Henderson Son, Husband, Parents, Married, Net Worth, Family, Kids

Who is Nia-Malika Henderson?

Nia-Malika Henderson is among the many journalists that assembled amazing knowledge in the area working for full-scale media outlets understood throughout the world. Currently, she’s a senior political reporter for the Cable News Network (CNN). She covers politics, policies, and individuals forming Washington for the American tv news channel. Should you would like ‘t understand her out of her accounts for CNN’s platforms, then you have to have noticed her at the community ‘s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” or “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” she frequently look as a panelmember of their CNNdiscussion programmes.

Nia-Malika Henderson Wiki/Bio/Age

Nia-Malika Henderson celebrated her birthday on the 7th of the month (July). Based on documents, she had been born in 1974. Back in 1992, she graduated fromLower Richland High SchoolinHopkins, South Carolina. She moved on and got a master’s degree in American studiesfrom Yale University. Afterwards, she awakened another master’s degree in journalism. This time, by the Columbia University.

Nia-Malika Henderson CNN/Career

She establishedherselfas an expert in reporting politics because she among other matters, coated theWhite House, ” the 2012 presidential effort, the 2010 midterm elections and complemented The Article ‘s Election 2012 site. Henderson’s restart wouldn’t be sufficient when it didn’t emphasize she covered the first two decades of Barrack Obama’s government for Politico. Disregarding she’s also highly regarded for beingthe Newsday’s lead writer who covered Obama’s 2008 campaign,the Democratic main race and the Democratic National Convention. But, those weren’t the functions that brought her near the Pulitzer Prize in 2005. It was a show on the history of hip hop and also, Nia-Malika Henderson was a part of this Newsday team qualified as a finalist for thePulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting. She was employed as a writer for the media home. Authentic, Henderson only combined theCable News Network at 2015. Nevertheless, the community has given her credits, declaring her policy of the 2016 election, the Presidential transition, President Donald Trump’s administration along with the Democratic party. CNN also admits her to get her report throughout the 2016 election period. She covered the Republican and Democratic candidates. Especially, CNN is satisfied with how she insured “Bernie Sanders’ insurgent effort, Ben Carson’s improbable bidding and Donald Trump’s realignment of the Republican Party. ”

Nia-Malika Henderson Married/Husband

Much isn’t understand about Nia-Malika Henderson’s individual life. It’s fairly clear she’s flawlessly guarded information her lovers would love to learn about her from the general public space while she labored tirelessly to supply stories about political happenings and make them easily available for ingestion. Aside from Advice about her career that’s abundant, the facts about where Nia-Malika Henderson grew up, her parents, siblings are difficult to find. It has been abandoned to rumours and speculations. Not long ago, it began circulating that Nia-Malika Henderson is relationship Glenn Beck. Beck can be a media character. He also ‘s well called the tv and radio host that set the Mercury Radio Arts. He established the press stage in 2002 to be the parent company of different sort of press outlets. There’s not any material, whatsoever to this narrative concerning Glenn Beck being Nia-Malika Henderson’s husband. Beck and Claire afterwards married and had 2 daughters, Mary and Hannah. Five decades after, in 1999 Beck wed his second wife, Tania. It’s understood that Beck and his present wife Tania are parents to two kids — Raphe and Cheyenne, and, were residing together with Beck’s kids. An individual could have assumedNia-Malika Henderson covertly dated Beck if he hosted a nightly news-commentary series for CNN. However, that has been between 2006 and 2008. Henderson was nowhere close to CNN then. Together with the foregoing, it’s secure if not appropriate to state Nia-Malika Henderson hasn’t been married to anybody. When she’s dating somebody, she’s denied the people the info.

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