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Who is Nicole Threatt?

Nicole Threatt is the girl who was supporting rapper and record producer Dr Dre for years. She’s only Dre’s ride or die, having been together for more than two decades… Few Hollywood couples will boast of remaining together for that long. Much is known about Dr Dre and the exploits he’s produced from the audio industry such as helping launch the careers of names such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cents, Snoop Dogg and more. But, Dre appears to be uber personal in regards to his private life. On this note, let’s ‘s research some details about the girl closest to him, his wife Nicole Threatt.

Race/Ethnicity, nicole Threatt Wiki

Being a star herself, not much is understood about Nicole’s life. In reality, it had been her marriage to Dre that left her favorite and the fashion in that she became the rapper’s girl..more on that anon. January 1970, nicole was born in the USA. Nicole Threatt isn’t her name. She’s currently known as Nicole Young, which is from the actual name Andre Romelle Young of Dre . Although her marriage to Dr attracted additional attention to her, Nicole was able to keep her solitude, giving little to nothing apart when it comes to her own life. From her appearances, Nicole seems to drift from a combined ethnicity.

Nicole Threatt Career as Attorney

Among the largest things understood about Nicole is that she attended law school and even had a career as an lawyer. But upon her marriage to Dre, she ceased practicing. Who wants to look at the law court to generate money as soon as your spouse is a hip mogul with a net worth of around $800 million? Nicole is unquestionably coated for life, provided that she remains married to Dre. But she is working on something different, possibly servingin among her husband’s companies, who knows? Her uber personal life makes it quite hard to tell what she’s involved .

Nicole ThreattMarried/Husband

Before quitting Dre, Nicole was wed to now-retired NBA playerSedale Threatt who’s best known for his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. They married in 1992 and three decades after they divorced. When Nicole fulfilled Dre in 1995, she was married to Threatt, many speculate that it had been the most iconic gangster love letter that Dre composed her caused her to divide from Sedale. ” From the correspondence, Dre asks Nicole to depart Sedale because of him. The opening of this letter reads; “Hopefully you performing nicely and you understood you want to quitfucking with Sedale and return home to your physician. I will look after you baby girl. ” This is the complete letter; Dr Dre love letter to Nicole Threatt Dre’s words appeared to have captured Nicole because she was prepared to walk down the aisle with Dre annually then letter. The couple tied the knot. That exact same year, Dre took a massive step to be independent if he leftDeath Row Records to set his own record label,Aftermath Entertainment.

Nicole Threatt Kids

Nicole shares two children with Dre; a sonTruice Young born in 1997 and daughter Really Young, born in 2001. She’s also the stepmother of Dre’s additional four children from four distinct ladies. They comprise Curtis Young, born in 1981 when Dre was only 16 years old, daughter La Tanya Danielle Young born in 1983, son Marcel born in 1991. Dre’s other boy Andre Young born in1988 expired on August 23rd, 2008 from heroin and morphine overdose.

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