Ninety-Day Fiance Star Asuelu Allegedly Cheated On Kalani

Ninety-Day Fiance Star Asuelu Allegedly Cheated On Kalani

“90 Day Fiance” is an American reality television series that airs on the TLC network, and follows the romantic ventures of several couples. As per the premise of the show, the couples consist of American citizens dating foreigners, who’ve received a K-1 visa, a special travelling document issued to allow the couple ninety days to arrange and host a marriage ceremony in the United States, but if the couple doesn’t comply with the conditions, the foreign partner should return to their home country.

“90 Day Fiance” is a very popular and successful series, and due to its popular reception, it led to the creation of at least eighteen spin-off programs. Over the nine years and seasons that “90 Day Fiance” graced our screens, viewers saw many couples come and go.

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Some of the couples enjoyed great romantic success on the show, earning them features on the “Happily Ever After” spin-off, and as such continued to embark on the blissful journey of a happy union. However, many of the couple’s viewers have met on screen, and even come to adore, have not been quite as successful. As such, fans of the series regularly witness the defamation of their favourite couples’ relationship, which either ends in divorce or heartfelt tears.

One such unfortunate couple was Kalani Fagaata and Asuelu Pulaa, who featured in the show’s sixth season. While their relationship began in blissful beauty, with the couple even conceiving two children from their romance, it recently came to light that their relationship ended on the rocks, much to the disappointment of fans.

As we revisit Kalani and Asuelu’s journey, we take a look at exactly what happened between the once adorable couple.

What To Expect

Diving into this tumultuous relationship that entertained many “90 Day Fiance” viewers, we take a look at Kilani and Asuelu’s earliest journey; how they met, and how the romance first sparked between them.

We will also relive some of their more iconic moments on the show, and dive into how their dalliance bloomed into the love affair so many viewers have come to appreciate. Unfortunately, we will also look into the many difficulties the couple experienced, and cover the truth behind their separation.

In addition, we will also discuss the reason behind their divorce, specifically addressing the rumours going around suggesting that Kalani might have cheated on Asuelu, of course attempting to uncover the truth behind the hot gossip.

Blissful Beginnings

When “90 Day Fiance” introduced viewers to Kalani and Asuelu, they quickly became a fan-favourite couple, as viewers grew enamoured with their adorable romance and how their love story developed.

As many who followed their appearance on the sixth season of “90 Day Fiance”, and beyond, would know, Kalani and Asuelu met in Samoa. Although some might consider their initial romance a little questionable, Kalani and Asuelu both believed it was rather romantic, as did the fans of the couple and viewers of the show.

Like many Americans, Kalani’s family came from foreign origins, and in Fagaata’s case, her family originally hailed from Samoa, specifically her father’s side of the family. As such, Kalani embarked on a soul-searching journey, going on a trip to visit her father’s homeland of Samoa, unaware of the romantic experience that would await.

While on her visit to Samoa, Kalani met Asuelu, a Samoan national who worked as an activities director for the resort at which Kalani stayed. As she would later explain on the show, and during several interviews, Asuelu followed her around the resort, almost making it seem as if he stalked Kalani.

While some people might consider this creepy behaviour, Kalani thought of it as kind of cute, even eventually taking a liking to Asuelu. As Kalani would add, she at one point saw Asuelu shirtless by the poolside, considering that perhaps a relationship with him might not be out of the question.

However, because of Kalani’s Mormon upbringing, her initial relationship with Asuelu began on a platonic note, as she remained celibate in the hopes of keeping her virginity until marriage. Fate, it seemed, had other plans for the Orange County native.

With her admiration for Asuelu growing, Kalani eventually planned a second trip to Samoa, this time to specifically visit her potential Samoan romantic interest. Kalani later admitted that despite her Mormon beliefs her second visit to Samoa was motivated by her intention to progress her relationship with Asuelu from platonic to physical. As she stated, Kalani believed that she found a trustworthy partner, and even considered that she found love.

As their relationship progressed, their romance was undoubtedly complicated by an unplanned pregnancy. Kalani revealed during a later interview that it was incredibly difficult to return home and explain to her family what happened, how she was no longer celibate, and on top of that, she was expecting her first child.

Due to how circumstances developed, Kalani and Asuelu decided to cement their relationship through marriage, considering that this was the best option for both them and their unborn child. The couple also agreed that the United States would be the ideal place to raise their children, and as such, Asuelu applied for a K-1 visa. Before long, the couple appeared on “90 Day Fiance”.

Through Thick and Thin

As much as any spontaneous relationship would face difficulties, especially one complicated by an unplanned pregnancy, Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship faced many difficulties. While they may have enjoyed many memorable and sweet moments on the show, it was the initial problems that the couple faced that really interested viewers.

Most of their difficulties arose from disputes with close family on both sides, but the couple also experienced differences between themselves, all of which played out in front of the cameras. However, their biggest difficulty, at least at the start of their relationship, was Kalani’s family, who never supported her relationship with Asuelu.

Both Kalani’s mother and sisters believed that Asuelu was a promiscuous man intent on bedding every American tourist he would meet in Samoa, and considered that he was taking advantage of Kalani, especially because of her innocent upbringing.

Regardless of the circumstances between the couple and their immediate family, Kalani went through with the pregnancy, bringing her firstborn, Oliver, into the world before the couple tied the knot. Their relationship continued to progress, and the couple eventually married, even conceiving a second child, Kennedy.

While Kalani’s family was quite vocal about their disapproval, Asuelu’s family also provided their fair share of difficulties for the couple. However, the problems that arose from the Pulaa family took on a more financial and cultural nature.

After the couple had married and lived together for a couple of years, Asuelu’s family started demanding money from Kalani and her family, claiming that it was a cultural tradition for children to support their elderly parents. Kalani disapproved of their demands, adding that neither she nor her family was in a financial position to support Asuelu’s parents.

Naturally, there was no end to the amount of drama this family dispute caused, which often resulted in explosive arguments between Kalani and Asuelu’s mother. All of this, of course, is featured on “90 Day Fiance Diaries”, one of the show’s many spin-offs.

Despite all the difficulties, the couple struggled and remained together for five years, sadly, only to end up divorced. However, the reasons for their separation seemed to originate from unrelated problems, with certain rumours suggesting infidelity from both partners.

The Inevitable Split

Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship ended in as dramatic a way as one could imagine it would end for a couple featured on “90 Day Fiance”, as Asuelu confirmed their divorce by posting on Instagram about his newly achieved single status.

However, rumours of the couple’s split had long before been making rounds all over social media and internet gossip publications, as their differences became more and more published. However, the question remained, what exactly happened between Kalani and Asuelu that would cause them to split?

Some of the first rumours began following an explosive episode of “90 Day Diaries”, during which Kalani and Asuelu engaged in a heated argument. Although reason for concern, it was Asuelu’s actions afterward that raised red flags for fans and viewers, as the reality television star went ahead to block Kalani on all of his social media platforms.

Asuelu later made an excuse, stating that Kalani did not like, nor wanted to appear in any of his videos or posts, making it seem as if her absence on his social media was due to personal choice. Of course, fans remained sceptical, and didn’t believe Asuelu’s claims.

Naturally, rumours became quite heated, with some even suggesting potential divorce, but it wasn’t until some time later, following the couple’s family vacation to Hawaii that fans really began believing the rumours. While their behaviour on Instagram provided reasons for concern, it was Kalani’s response to a curious fan that had viewers questioning the couple’s future.

When a fan approached Kalani, asking about her relationship with Asuelu, she responded by saying she will inform people by the end of that month. While her answer neither denied nor confirmed any suspicions, fans of the couple considered that Kalani might have alluded to bad news.

In addition to this, Kalani’s sister, Kolini, who has never supported her sister’s relationship and never liked Asuelu, released a revealing post on her social media, featuring a bag of poop in a shop’s window with the caption ‘A bag of Shit’, followed by an insinuation that she ran across Asuelu while out shopping.

While this may have been Kolini’s personal vendetta and opinion about her sister’s husband, fans and gossip outlets considered that it might be an insight into recent developments between Kalani and Asuelu. Either way, it fanned the flames of rumours already making the rounds.

Without giving Kalani a chance to respond to all the rumours and questions, Asuelu took it upon himself to address the elephant in the room, taking to Instagram to explain to fans the couple’s current situation. However, Asuelu reminded people that he was still under contract with the series, and as such, he wasn’t allowed to reveal too many details. Regardless, the “90 Day Fiance” star confirmed their decision to go through with the divorce.

After five years of marriage, the couple separated, despite overcoming many difficulties, but both parties assured their fans that they will do everything within their abilities to co-parent their children in as friendly an environment as possible.

Who Cheated?

With the confirmation about Kalani and Asuelu’s divorce now made public, it still left fans with one burning question, what happened? Add to it all the rumours suggesting infidelity between the couple, the question only burned hotter.

According to certain sources, the infidelity accusations against Asuelu first showed its head following a trip he took to visit his homeland, Samoa. According to these sources, Asuelu cheated on Kalani with an unknown woman, though at the time, the rumours were never confirmed.

It would be a while before Asuelu’s infidelity gained honest publications, but, sadly, Kalani confirmed that her husband was unfaithful. Despite it, the couple continued to work on their relationship, and it would later be revealed that Asuelu offered Kalani a pass to indulge in an extramarital relationship as part of his peace offering.

Naturally, considering Kalani’s history and Mormon upbringing, it came as a huge shock for fans when Kalani actually used her pass. According to several sources, Kalani attended a private resort with an unidentified man, potentially even engaging in a physical relationship with him. Some rumours even suggested that the man in question might feature in the show, and could also be Kalani’s latest romantic interest.

Unfortunately, the rumours concerning Kalani’s infidelity are yet to be confirmed, and the man she may have cheated with is still to be identified. Needless to say, everyone from gossip outlets to fans and viewers blamed the couple’s unfaithfulness for the decimation of their relationship.

As it would appear now, it seems highly unlikely for the couple to get back together, but since they both still appear to be cast members of a “90 Day Fiance” spin-off series, there remains a possibility that they could reconcile.


“90 Day Fiance” has played host to numerous couples’ romantic stories, with some ending in tears, while a handful continue to enjoy blissful success. Nonetheless, the series provides thrilling entertainment ridden with drama, but also seasoned with heartwarming, sweet moments that might make one believe love has no boundary.

Although Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship ended in disappointment, fans adored the couple while things between them lasted, and will always look fondly upon the memories they made on the show.

Of course, if this is your kind of preferred entertainment, then feel free to catch the latest episodes of “90 Day Fiance”, or any of its many spin-off series.

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