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Ocean Ramsey

Many of us fear sharks and have unfortunately seen them as portraying man-eating machines on TV and in films. However, there a few people like Ocean Ramsey who are brave to swim beside them and advocate shark conservation. Further, she went viral in February 2013 when she featured in a promotional video for GoPro where she dives fearlessly among the sharks.

According to her speaks, sharks are intelligent and generally very cautious about approaching humans. Also, it plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem. Moreover, she also highlights the main killer in the ocean is plastic that she posted o her Instagram page. In addition, she also tweeted that she would love to help President Trump to overcome his fear and can make fall him to sharks. When she heard about the terrified sharks in an interview of Stormy Daniels in 2018.

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Caption: Ocean Ramsey, the marine biologist, scuba diver, and model.
Source: YouTube

Ocean Ramsey: Bio, Family, Career

The environmentalist Ramsey has disclosed limited information on her personal life. Also, she has not revealed information on her early years or birthdate. But we are aware the beautiful lady was born during the year 1987 in Oahu which makes her age around 33 as of 2020. There is also no information on her parents or siblings.

The internationally received fame for her work, she is a marine biologist, diver tourism operator, model, as well as Entrepreneur. She recalled in an interview that she had done several modeling jobs in her twenties and still connected with agents. But now she normally wanted to go out on boats doing shark conservative work. Especially after studying animal behavior and shark body language.

Additionally, she gained a degree in behavioral sciences from the University of Hawai’i. And she joined San Diego State University from where she received master’s studies in ethology. Previously during her studies, while she works with a film crew, she encountered a 20 feet long female great white shark. Later the footage with it went viral when it captured by her finance that circulated on social media sites.

Moreover, she was also criticized by Marine Biologist Michael Domeier for posting the viral shark encountered videos. He further criticized the video ‘The number 1 rule of legitimate shark diving operators is DON’T TOUCH THE SHARKS’, saying it is not shark advocacy. But it is clearly using for self-promotion and selfish to gain popularity.

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Ocean Ramsey: Personal Life & Husband

Many of you may be wondering whether she is in a relationship or not. Well, the gorgeous scuba driver who swims next to sharks is not single anymore rather than hooked up in a romantic relationship. She is romantically involved with the guy named Juan Oliphant. He is a business partner of hers as well as a financial partner. Ocean and her longtime boyfriend married in April 2019 on a beautiful beach. Further, she had also flaunted her engagement ring on her Instagram page.

According to reports, many of her videos are also recorded by her partner Oliphant. Further, the couple together operates an Oahu based water-inspired business called One Ocean Diving and Research. One of the couple’s causes is a bill to ban the killing of marine life such as sharks and rays. Ramsey’s business brings people out on non-cage shark dives but they also warn that people should not just jump in the water with sharks whenever they see them.

Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant

Caption: Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant
Source: Instagram

Ocean Ramsey: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

She has been working as a model, scuba diver, instructor as well as a free diver. However, she mostly recognized for her work as a shark conservationist that helps her to gain fame as well as wealth too. Therefore, according to reports, she has a net worth estimated at around 3 million.

She is active over different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, she has a verified and personal account @oceanramsey with 1.1million followers. She has an unverified Twitter account @OceanRamsey with 18.1k followers. On Facebook, she goes by the handle @OceanRamseyWater with more than 53.8k followers.

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I think I am still in shock to hear that #RobStewart is really dead. Mahalo/thank you to everyone who went out to look for him, I know he would’ve been grateful for everyone’s efforts and I know he was so grateful for everyone’s efforts for the conservation of sharks and the ocean. I was so grateful to him, a fellow shark conservationist, biologist, and diver for bringing so much attention to the plight of sharks. When his first film #SharkWater came out I bought mass copies of it and gave it out, it was the first documentary I could give to people to help them to understand what sharks were going through, to expose and show #sharkfinning the way #thecove exposed the cruel killing of dolphins and #blackfish has opened the worlds eyes to the harsh reality of captive cetaceans. We need more people like Rob who share their voice for nature, whether it’s sharks, dolphins, orca, jungles, Forrest’s, rhinos, etc..the world needs more people like Rob. It’s an absolute tragedy, he was so young and doing so many amazing things, doesn’t seem fair, but I try to remember you never know when you’re going to go. My sincerest condolences to his ohana/family/and close friends, it was an absolute honor to get to know him, to spend time filming great whites together and watching him speak on camera and hanging out on a boat he was one of the most genuine people, open minded, honest, and dedicated to the cause without any ego; we were looking forward to having him come dive with us in Hawaii but sometimes things are not meant to be and I hope he’s in a better place where the sharks and animals he fought to protect and not being harmed. #RIP @teamsharkwater #SaveSharks #HelpSaveSharks #FinFree #SharkWater #SharkWater2 #InLovingMemory #GreatPeople #AmazingPerson #Honor #HonorablePerson #SharkDocumentary #sharkwatermovie #RememberRob Photo courtesy of @juansharks

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Ocean Ramsey: Body Measurements

The beautiful scuba driver has a great physique with a flexible and fit body. Her slim body stands to a tall height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.77 meters and weighs around 56 kg. Additionally, she has hazel eyes color with long blonde hair color.

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