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Paul Michael Hill

Paul Michael Hill was one of the  Guildford Four members who served a sentence for bombings by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the killing of British soldier Brian Shaw. The Guildford Four; Paul Hill, Gerry Conlon, Paddy Armstrong, and Carole Richardson were wrongly arrested in 1974 for a pub bomb. The police force tortured four Guildford for the crime and caused misery. The police also forced them to point that they signed the confessions.

Two years after the arrest, however, the IRA’s Balcombe Street gang retained responsibility for the property. To his detriment, the longest sentence ever handed down at an English court has been given to Paul Hill. Fortunately, after a nationwide campaign on 19 October 1989, they were released, having spent 15 years in prison.

Paul Michael Hill

Caption: Paul Michael Hill
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Paul Michael Hill: Early Life, Education, and Family

Paul was born to his father, a protestant-denominated Korean Navy soldier while his mother was a Catholic. Hill was born in Belfast, Ireland in the year 1954. In 2005, British Prime Minister David Cameron issued the four an unprecedented apology after spending 15 years in jail and 16 years after release. The tale of The Guildford Four was the basis for the Oscar-winning film, In the Father’s Name, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Pete Postlethwaite.

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Hill in his young days

Caption: Hill in his young days
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Paul Michael Hill: Guildford four and bombing

In December 1974 police arrested three men and a woman, later called the Guildford Four. They were, alongside Paul Hill, Gerry Conlon, Patrick Armstrong, and Carole Richardson. Around the time of the bombings, Conlon had been in London, visiting his mother’s friend, Annie Maguire.

The police accused Guildford Four wrongly for the October 1975 bombings and sentenced to life imprisonment. In March 1976, the Maguire Seven were wrongly accused of supplying material for bombing and other assistance and sentenced to terms ranging from four to fourteen years. The Guildford Four were incarcerated for 15 years, while Giuseppe Conlon died near to the end of his third year of imprisonment

Both sentences were reversed years later in the courts of appeal after it was proven that the sentences of the Guildford Four were based on confessions gained by coercion, although police did not disclose evidence directly charging the Four. During the February 1977 “Balcombe Street Four” trial, the four members of the IRA told their lawyers to “bring attention to the fact that four entirely innocent people served large sentences” for three bombings in Woolwich and Guildford. Both charges have never been referred against the Balcombe Street Five. The 1993 film In The Father’s Name is based on those events.

Letter that Hill wrote while he was in jail

Caption: Letter that Hill wrote while he was in jail
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Paul Michael Hill: Personal life and wife

Paul Mill married his ex-wife, Courtney Kennedy, daughter of the American Senator Robert F. Kennedy and niece to the assassinated President John F. Kennedy on 26 June 1993. The couple had married on an Aegean Sea cruise. Nevertheless, in 2006 the birds of love split. On 22 May 1999, their daughter, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, had Paul Mike Hill and wife, Courtney Kennedy. The Lil angel died at the Kennedy estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts on 1 August 2019.

Paul Hill and his ex-wife Courtney Kennedy.

Caption: Paul Hill and his ex-wife Courtney Kennedy.
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Paul Michael Hill: Net Worth and social media

Paul A. Hill’s reported Net Worth as of 4 January 2017 is at least $175 Million Dollars. Moreover, his sources of income are not available.

Besides, he is also not accessible on any social media platform.

Paul Michael Hill: Body measurements

Although any exact information regarding Hill’s body measurements is not available, he seems to have a good body proportion.  His height should be around 1.75 meters. Moreover, he has fair skin and brown eyes and hair color.

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