Phum Viphurit’ Net Worth is in Millions!

Phum is one of the rising Thai singer having fans all over world.
Phum is one of the rising Thai singer having fans all over world.
Born Name Viphurit Siritip
Birth Place Bangkok, Thailand
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality Thai
Ethnicity Thai
Profession Thai singer and songwriter
Net Worth $1.5 million
Age 24 years old

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It is slightly easier to find water in mars but there’s not a person who doesn’t know Phum Viphurit. Well, this is quite exaggerated but, you know what we mean. Phum sang Lover Boy which acquired worldwide recognition.

“Time and toys may fill my heart with joy, I’ll know peace when I’m your lover boy” must mumble on your lips when you hear Phum. That’s why don’t worry; we brought the life of the charming singer Phum Viphurit more closer to you. Hope you find this article helpful!

What’s the Net Worth of Phum Viphurit?

At the age of 24, Phum Viphurit is among the most vibrant singers in the Thai industry. As of 2020, the net worth of Viphurit is estimated at around $1.5 million.

Through YouTube to today’s well-known musician, Phum’s life is really influencing. He is a true motivation for every youngster.

Lover Boy and Long Gone

Phum earned his international recognition from two singles, Loverboy and Long Gone. He released these songs in 2018. He then toured internationally in countries like Hong-Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Enjoy the song The Lover Boy!

The Venue of this song was at Pattaya. When he finished the song, he sent it to his director friend, who purposed Pattaya as a shooting location. The song’s viewed over 50 million times on Youtube.

Hello Anxiety

On March 29, 2019, the Indie-Pop Star released his new single, Hello Anxiety. Over an interview with Rolling Stone, he said the idea of this song came when he was traveling everywhere, and all of a sudden he realized that he was never ready for such fame although he is grateful for all of it.

Enjoy the song, Hello Anxiety.

He also added music was just a hobby to him which he used to escape from what he was dealing with. But now everything’s things changed. Therefore, he wrote this song to express what he felt being a star.

Phum, the Neo-Soul Singer

At an early age, Phum moved to New Zealand, where he received a drum. Due to the loud noise and neighbors’ complaints, he chose a guitar instead. When he reached 18, he moved back to his hometown to complete his education at Mahidol University International College.

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Watch Phum interview with Mover TH.

Singing covers and original songs on Youtube, Phum started his journey to fame. He received profound admiration from his friends, and he eventually decided to sign with Indie Label Rat Records. In 2017, Viphurit released his first debut album Manchild, consisting of nine songs which are Strangers in a Dream, Run, Adore, Trial and Error, and Paper Throne.

Streaming on Spotify

Like many stars, Phum is proactive on Instagram. He has 343,000 thousand followers. In his recent post, he shared a Spotify picture.

From the picture, we can make guess how the fans are swarming in to hit the follow button.

Concerts and T-shirts

Concerts and shows keep Phum busy these days. After releasing his new album Bangkok Balter Club, Viphurit performs in concerts in Bangkok. He posts the whereabouts of his upcoming shows on his Instagram time and again.

In his recent Instagram post, he mentioned that he felt bored staying at home. Therefore, he is doing concerts in Bangkok and America.

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According to Viphurit, his best show was in Indonesia. When he first sang his song, the crowd joined him, which he found an immense pleasure.

The T-shirts are on sale at the Rats Records 23-24 booth at Cat Expo. The buying price is 400 TH per piece which is equivalent to $12.5 per piece.

Phum called himself a T-shirt collector. Surfing through his Instagram, we find many pictures of him in various T-shirts.

Phum Met Mac DeMarco

In June 2019, Phum met a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Mac DeMarco. Phum incites our interviewer friend that he was a huge fan of Mac. Actually, he sneaked through backstage to give a decent hug and handshake to Mac DeMarco.

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It wasn’t his first interaction with DeMarco. He already entangled Mac during their visits to Thailand.

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