Renato Sanches Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and More

Renato Sanches Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and More
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Posted By: Aqib Khan | November 10, 2018

Renato Sanches Biography

Renato Sanches, the Portugal National team midfielder’s talent is not a hide as Euro 2016 is the latest proof of it. But what has been turning headache for the 20-years old Sanches fans is he failed to live it up to the hype with Bayern Munich. On the other hand, recently playing with Swansea, the dreadlock wonder-kick opined that for sure he would have done better but the thing pulling him down is the lack of game time at the German club.

Renato Sanches

At first, Sanches was keen enough to go and get the trophies out for Bayern Munich after moving from the Benfica. But after failing to go big amid the stars like Vidal and Alonso, the promising Portuguese star asked for more playing time. Hailing from the impoverished Lisbon neighborhood Musgueira, Renato Sanches’s meteoric rise has been making him prominent as the next big thing in the Portugal football.

Renato Sanches Early Life

Renato Sanches

Opening up eyes in the impoverished family in the locality of Musgueira couldn’t keep Renato Sanches away from keeping up with his aim of playing football. Even though conditions around weren’t well-suited for the flourishing career of this young man, but he stood tall and get across all the odds with making it a perfect rag to riches story. After starting off with Águias da Musgueira, Sanches got the much-needed lift with joining Benfica youth system.

Honing skills had never been an issue for the strongly-built boy as he got the audacity, speed, and boldness all with checking his time at street football. Even his coaches at big clubs have praised for his raw pace and natural aggressiveness that has been in the limelight since his power-show at the Euro 2016. The product of modern-day football was good enough with football early on as he went on playing for Benfica in different youth-levels.

Renato Sanches Early Football Career

Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches was always way better in playing football as compared to the other children of his age, and soon the football clubs around realized this fact. Sanches kicked off his football campaign at the age of 8 when he started training football at Águias da Musgueira. Sanches, always had that potential and courage of wannabe-football and this made him part of Benfica’s youth system, back in 2006. It is relevant to mention here that being part of the Benfica was some real honor for this lad hailing from the impoverished area as this is one of the ‘big three’ clubs in Portugal.

Since then, he kind off stuck to Benfica at the junior system and later showed off his class with the senior team over there as well. At first, Sanches represented Benfica at the junior team, under 15, under 17, under 19, B team and then the senior team.

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Renato Sanches Portugal National Team

Previously showed off his skills with Portugal junior team at 2014 UEFA European Under-17 Championship, Sanches went on playing for the senior side in 2016, with his debut taking place during the friendlies against Bulgaria.

He lost the UEFA European Under-17 Championship with Portugal. But then won the UEFA Euro 2016 with Portugal senior team.

Renato Sanches Club Career

Benfica: 2015-16

Bayern Munich: 2016-17

Swansea (loaned): 2017-18

Renato Sanches Benfica

Sanches glory at Benfica is a no hide, and that started off with enrolling in the youth system of the club back in 2006. Throughout until 2016, Sanches had been showing off his skills for the different junior teams of Benfica and finally burst into the senior side in 2015.

After a brief stint with Benfica, Bayern Munich then snapped him.

Renato Sanches Transfer

As things aren’t well going in between Sanches and Bayern Munich, one can expect a transfer anytime sooner. As of now, Sanches is up on the one year loan for Swansea, where he is trying to get the rhythm back in the Premier League.  Amid all this, there are some strong chances of Portuguese star getting a move from the German-club as over their time on the pitch has been a crucial matter from the rising footballer’s side.  And Munich seems doesn’t interested in going up with it, especially when they have the star presence in the playing-XI.

Renato Sanches Family

Sanches opened up his eyes in the Amadora-Sintra hospital in the Lisbon, to the mother named Maria das Dores and father named Renato Sanches.  His father hailed from São Tomé and Príncipe, and mother belonged to Cape Verde. It wasn’t the roses of bed for the star footballer as his parents split up months after his birth, and living in the society which is popular among the masses for its crime-ridden stories, was never an easy go for the youngster.

The only difference which made the other youngster of the area and Sanches stood as villain and hero respectively all because of the football. The former went on going up with the tradition of getting into criminal activities, but Sanches opted to go on with football. Even the atmosphere, economic condition or the wrecked family could least slow-down the dreadlock guy.

Renato Sanches Affairs

The 20-years old touted as the wonder kind or Portugal’s prodigal kid seems to have the affairs-free career as of now. Although there are some names taken on with this wonder-kid from Portugal what has come true so far is Sanches keeps him away from these sorts of short-time or long-time relations. According to the sources, the young hunk is all concerned about his football career, and nothing is going on the sidelines that would have been deviating him from the play.

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Renato Sanches Controversies

The aggressive Portuguese hunk yet in his tender age is just up to start his career but what have been trying to knock him down are the controversies.

Renato Sanches Age Controversy

Renato Sanches age has ever since becoming the talk of the town since his arrival in the Portugal football team. But, those claims stayed down after the top performance from the star at Euro 2016. The Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho once called Amadora hospitals to know about the real-age of Sanches as he had some serious doubts. Overall this, Benfica star couldn’t hold his cool and even threatened to sue the Sporting president.

About Leaving Bayern Munich

After getting it in for German big Bayern Munich, Sanches helped the club to win trophies. What didn’t well ok with fans was Sanches story looking a bit like one of the wasted talents of Portugal football, Quaresma as he also went on playing for the big club just at 19 years of age.

And the excuse he had after the failure over there was same as of this young man; ‘not getting enough game time.’  Moreover, he has also been very much vocal about leaving Bayern Munich that went down with some of the football fans as they wanted to see more of him in the German club.

Renato Sanches Net Worth

Renato Sanches

Even before the Euro 2016, bigwig clubs including Manchester United and Bayern Munich approach this young Portuguese man. And the German Club went on signing Benfica star on the five-year deal that consisted of total €80 million. Including €35 million for five-years of stay and €45 million for the objectives and incentives. As per the official signing, Sanches had to join the German club from the July 2016. And in the promising meantime star went on doing wonders for the Portugal team at the Euro 2016. This mega-event worked wonderfully for this next wonder kid of Portuguese football. As he worked significantly in making his team the new champions of Europe.

Even though his stay at Bayern Munich hasn’t been up to the mark but yet it would be quite hasty to underestimate the prodigy, who is only 20-years old as of now. The German-based club loaned the dreadlock young man to Swansea City, but that couldn’t bring out what was actually inside this prodigy kid, hailing from Lisbon.

Amid all this, Sanches has been very much vocal about not giving enough chance amid the likes of Vidal and Alonso. On the other hand, Bayern Coach, also thinks the very same. And following this has sent Sanches on a one-year loan so he can polish his skills. Before getting into the team as getting chances in the current quality side would be a lot difficult for him.

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Renato Sanches Estimated Net Worth: $10 Million

Renato Sanches Cars Collection

The former Benfica star touted as the next big thing in Portuguese football. Therefore, his fans have been yearning to known every of the detail about him. Including his lifestyle options such as cars, houses, and others. But one thing is sure he has one latest Audi in his collection. Which he got after signing it for the Munich. Moreover, Sanches is currently all focused on getting chances. And availing most out of them, rather than flaunting his lifestyle.

Renato Sanches House

The same goes for house details of Renato Sanches; not known. This Portuguese promising star is on his way to becoming the star. And at the time he isn’t much concerned about making it the headlines for showing off his lifestyle. According to the reliable sources, Sanches hasn’t brought home at any other place than his native country, Portugal, as his football home not well decided.

Interesting Facts about Renato Sanches

The 5’8 hunk is well-built, and many of the people around have put the question about his exact age as they find it quite difficult to believe he’s just 20. The Sporting chief was top on the list to ask about the age of promising Portuguese star; things got worse when he even asked Sanches’s birth hospital to inquire about his age.

The reliable new journal took a look at the matter and told that Renato Sanches was born on August 18, 1997. But, the registration under this took place on 22 August 2002.  Sanches parents spilled month after he was born, his father went to France, and that’s why he wasn’t registered. In 2002, his father returned to Portugal and registered Renato’s age.

Manchester United has always been eyeing to get Renato Sanches on the board, and it isn’t a hide. At the signing with Bayern Munich, Sanches himself told that offers from United were very much there, but he found it right to start off with the German club.

Renato Sanches broke off Cristiano Ronaldo’s record with becoming Portugal’s ‘Youngest Tournament Player’ with playing in Euro 2016.

Sanches even faced the racism, but it even couldn’t let him down. Actually, during the away game against Rio Ave, some of the home team supporters started making monkey noises. When Portuguese star was leaving the pitch with winning 1-0. Sanches took a dig to such racists with mimicking a monkey and giving a wide smile. This all was enough to shut the trollers out there.

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