Rob Gronkowski House, Address, Area, Price, Rooms and Other Features

Rob Gronkowski House, Address, Area, Price, Rooms and Other Features
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Posted By: joy root | December 16, 2018

Everyone today has a celebrity idol, and it can be from both field of acting or sports. Rob Gronkowski House. Recently there has been seen a dramatic increase in people having athletes their idols and the relative searches about their celebrity idols’ net worth and assets. Fans of today want to know all the intricate details about their idols ranging from their net worth to their living lifestyle. NFL players are ones that highly idolized in America.

Rob Gronkowski House:-

Gronkowski is the tight end football player for the New England Patriots NFL team. Rob, in his short time of joining the team, has made an impression on a man that can tackle through any hurled with ease. This has earned him many titles from the team and from NFL too. All of this achievement has not been taken for granted by them. They had paid millions of dollars to Rob for his services to the team. Rob Gronkowski House.  After gaining his first signing bonus check from the team, the first thing the brute party freak did was to buy himself a huge mansion. The details of this house are explained as follows for the fans of Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski Address:-

The mansion was in the Tampa Bay city and is one of the most expensive properties in the city. The house bought by him in 2012.

Rob Gronkowski House Address
Rob House
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Gronkowski House Area and Community:-

The house in Tampa Bay is known to be a party house and offers a total area of about 10,000 square feet. Rob Gronkowski House.  The house is locating in one of the most secure gated communities of the Tampa Bay.

Rob Gronkowski House Design:-

The house designed with a Spanish slash Mediterranean Style architectural design.

Rob Gronkowski House Bedrooms:-

The house has a total of five bedrooms all with attached bathrooms. The house overall is in the form of an arch. The ceilings are high, and the exterior is of Stucco style. Rob Gronkowski House.  The roof is made of clay for a more Mediterranean feel.

Rob Gronkowski House Bedrooms
Rob’s House in Florida

Rob Gronkowski House Other Features:-

The few of the other features of this luxury mansion are as follows.

  • An infinity pool
  • Spa room
  • An outdoor fully equipped kitchen for a party
  • Theatre room
  • Gym room filled with state of the art equipment

Rob Gronkowski House Garage:-

The garage of the house offers Rob to park all of his luxury cars easily.

Rob Gronkowski House For Sale:-

In the year 2106, Rob decided to move from his Tampa Bay mansion to someplace more near to his team stadium. He moved to Massachusetts and bought another house there. Rob Gronkowski House. The Tampa Bay mansion is listing a sale price of about $2.8 million.

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Rob Gronkowski House in Massachusetts:-

Rob owns another luxury mansion in the uptown of Massachusetts. This is smaller than an original mansion, but it has five bedrooms with attached baths. Rob Gronkowski House. A big swimming pool to relax at the end of a warm day. The garage for the house is also spacious that can hold the luxurious party Bus “Sinner Bus.” The house bought for a market price of $2 million.

Rob Gronkowski House in Massachusetts
Rob’s House in Massachusetts

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