Rose Siggins, the Mother of Two Died at Age 43

Rose Siggins married to Dave Siggins
Rose Siggins married to Dave Siggins
Born Name Rose Siggins
Birth Place Pueblo, Colorado, USA
Height 2 feet 6 inches
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Husband Dave Siggins
Age 43 years old

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Beauty is now about what other people think about you. It’s all about being happy with yourself inside out. Rose Siggins, despite being born with sacral agenesis, achieved great success in her life.

As an actor for the American Horror Story, Siggins made a mark in the entertainment industry. Well, she was quite a character, alright! However, she passed away at the age of 43. Here are the reasons for her death but before that, let’s look at what her personal relationship was like prior to her demise!

Married with a Mother of Two

We’ve all heard that love is blind, right? Well, in the case of Siggins, we witness it as well.

Rose was a married woman and the wife of her husband Dave Siggins. The former pair met at an auto parts shop in 1997. Following their first meeting, the duo started dating and eventually tied the knot. After two years of affair, Rose and her beau walked down the aisle in 1999.

From their blissful married life, the pair welcomed two children. Though Rose was a medical miracle, she decided to give birth to her child whom doctors advised her to abort.

Rose gave birth to her first child Luke Siggins healthy via C-section in January 1999. After seven years of the birth of their first baby, Rose again became pregnant with her second child, a baby girl.

Though Rose’s pregnancy with her son was excellent, the second time was another story as she suffered from troubles in breathing and abdominal pains. Even though she had such pains, she refused to abort her child. In January 2006, she welcomed her daughter Shelby Siggins.

Though Siggins’ was not healthy, she never gave up. She raised both of her children as a normal mother and catered to their needs.

While speaking about her life challenges, she stated,

 I’ve got through all the challenges life has thrown at me, and  I’m thankful I have two amazing kids and a loving husband 

Reason of Rose Siggins’ Death

The American actor Rose Siggins suffered from kidney and pancreatic issues. Also, she was born with sacral agenesis.

Once in Interview, the star said;

my legs were severely deformed, with the feet pointing in opposite directions. 

Siggins had undergone kidney stone surgery, but later, it became an infection as she passed away at the age of 43 in a Denver area hospital early on Saturday morning.

After her death, Rose’ management team wrote

I’m sad to report that Rose has passed away this morning around 7.30 am

Rose Siggins’ Childhood

Better known as Rosemarie Homan, Rose Siggins was born on December 8, 1972, Pueblo, Colorado, USA. She was born with sacral agenesis which is a rare genetic disorder that led to the amputation of her legs at age 2.

Siggins’ mother died from cancer and Rose had taken the responsibility of her father and brother.

Rose Siggins: Quick Facts

  • Rose was a car fanatic. She got her first car at the age of 16. 

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