Russell Wilson Car Collection; 4 Cars Owned By Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Car Collection; 4 Cars Owned By Russell Wilson
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Posted By: joy root | December 10, 2018

Celebrities of today are well known by not only the field that. They belong to but by also the things they possess. Russell Wilson Car.  Media is continuously focusing on their assets like houses and cars that are almost all the luxury items and are among few of the most expensive ones in the world too.  The sports celebrities of today are also being paid a handsome amount. Wealth in terms of both salaries and in signing bonuses. Along with that, they are also earning incomes through other means like Brand endorsements and private investments of their own. All of these sports celebrities often come from a moderate family background that did not have luxuries of life but once they start making money then the luxury items roll in too.

Russell Wilson Car Collection:-

Russell Wilson is a name that has made itself known in the NFL in the short period since his joining. He is known not only for his professional talent as a footballer but also by his academic qualifications. His face being continuously displaying in major brand endorsements. He is the endorser for the Nike and Microsoft brands that pay him nearly $10 million alone in endorsement fees. Russell Wilson a simple kid from Ohio is now one of the wealthy athletes in the world. Russell Wilson Car. Along with his knowledge and business mind, he has made some profitable investments that are now increasing his net worth day by day.

Russell Wilson with all this wealth was starting to improve his lifestyle. Now that he is married he is thinking to give a better life to his family too. He is living with his wife Ciara and his daughter and stepson in a Mansion in Bellevue. He is not the only luxurious item in his assets. Russell also owns one of the decent car collections among athletes. Russell Wilson Car. His collection is not as big as other quarterbacks but is still quite a luxurious one. The details of the car collection of Russell Wilson are as follows.

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Russell Wilson Audi:-

The first car he ever bought with his quarterback salary was the Audi. Russell Wilson Car. He bought it back in 2015 when he made the first deal with the Seattle Seahawks. The car is one of the most articulate pieces of machinery among cars.

Russell Wilson Range Rover:-

The other bought by Russell Wilson is the Range Rover. Russell Wilson Car.  The Range Rover is the perfect car that suits the persona of a quarterback of the famous NFL team. The Car bought by him in late 2015. He has been driving this car primarily for getting around places like on games or when visiting his family back home.

Russell Wilson Range Rover
Range Rover

Russell Wilson Mercedes Benz G63 AMG:-

The one other car in a collection of Russell Wilson is the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. This is a Range Rover type car that is a piece of beauty and innovation. Russell Wilson Car. The car is the most expensive one is his collection yet. The car bought by him in 2017.

Russell Wilson Tesla:-

Like many of the athletes nowadays are doing, Russell is also supporting the awareness of the pollution of the environment. He is the owner of Tesla car. Russell Wilson Car. The car itself is a promotion to the active awareness of pollution. The car is an electric powering one yet possesses high speed like a sports car. The car also bought by Russell in 2017.

Russell Wilson Tesla
Tesla Car
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