Samantha Hegseth Married, Kids, Divorce, Net Worth

Samantha Hegseth Married, Kids, Divorce, Net Worth
Samantha Hegseth is a reporter by profession.
Born Name Samantha Hegseth
Birth Place United States
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Co-host
Husband Pete Hegseth(2010-2017)
Net Worth $1 Million
Age 39 years old

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Samantha Hegseth is prominently known for her marital relationship with ex-husband Pete Hegseth, a US Army Veteran. Their relation made headlines back in the day.

The two made several public appearances including the duo’s participation in the show Outnumbered where Pete appears as a Contributor. The show aired via Fox News. She is also the co-host of Fox & Friend.

Let’s Explore Samantha Hegseth’s Marital Life

Samantha spent seven years of her marital years alongside her former husband Pete Hegseth. The couple separated in September 2017 after Samantha filed for divorce due to infidelity issues.

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The duo had met via mutual friends somewhere in 2008. They felt their connection almost immediately and started dating which lasted for almost two years.

After getting to know each other pretty well, the duo thought of taking their relationship to the next level and tied the knot in 2010. They exchanged their vows at St. John’s Episcopal Church located in Washington D.C.

After the marriage, the two spent seven years together and in the process, multiplied their numbers from two to five. They have two sons and a daughter, Gunner (Born in June 2010), Boone (Born in August 2012), and Rex (Born 2016).

As it happens, the kids have all started their schooling journey. The three of them attend the Liberty Classical Academy and also visit Eagle Brook Church. Now that is what you call a proper upbringing.

Pete’s Controversial Past and Fidelity

Although the readers might recognize Pete’s romantic relationship after his nuptials with Samantha, he had a relationship before this one as well. He basically divorced his first wife during his affairs with Samantha.

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Pete was married to Meredith Schwarz. The couple met after the man completed his Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and started dating.

They walked down the aisle in the summer of 2004. The lovebirds stayed together for some years and decided to call it quits in 2009. They did not share any kids in all those years.

The marriage started crumbling down in 2008 as Meredith filed for divorce. As it seems, Pete admitted his cheating with his to-be second wife Samantha. The divorce was finalized a year later.

Pete’s Current Relationship

After her marriage knot severed, Samantha is nowhere to be seen on social media. She is living a low-key life with her children. As for Pete, things are lively again.

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Pete is living his life quite peacefully. His relationship with the new girl is healthy and smooth. They welcomed their daughter Gwen Hegseth in August of 2017.

The couple welcomed their third member during Pete’s split case with his second wife. They are planning to accept each other as husband and wife in Trump’s golf course.

The veteran had already a thing going on with Fox executive Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet during his second marriage. The very reason led to his divorce from Samantha just after a month after the birth of their third child.

Samantha’s Net Worth

Samantha has lived a lavish life to this day. Her former partner had an estimated net worth of $3 million. After the divorce, she must have inherited some portion of this wealth.

All this fortune and her own career as a journalist and politician drive us to the assumption that her net worth revolves around $1 million.

Quick Facts: Samantha Hegseth

  • Samantha worked with her ex-husband for an organization called Vets For Freedom.
  • After marriage, she has secluded herself from the media.
  • Samantha was an active social worker and involved in several community development activities.

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