Scot Sustad – Kimberly’s Husband, Bio, Net Worth, Daughters, Age

Scot Sustad - Kimberly's Husband, Bio, Net Worth, Daughters, Age

Scot Sustad is the mysterious husband of Kimberly Sustad, the actress known for her role in A Bride For Christmas. When you’re an ordinary person, there’s not a chance for popularity, but when you’re married to Kimberly Sustad, fame is surely like to follow.

Scot Sustad; Husband Of Kimberly Sustad

Scot Sustad, the love of Kimberly Sustad’s life. He is the long-term boyfriend turned husband of the Canadian actress. Unlike Kimberly, Mr. Scot isn’t an actor and thus, he wasn’t so popular before his marital relationship with Kimberly.

Scot Sustad is the husband of Kimberly Sustad.
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Anyway, Scot and the Travelers star have been happily together for over sixteen years since they began dating and got hitched in 2004. The couple held a lowkey wedding and only invited a few trusted family and friends for their big day.

More than a decade later, Mr. and Mrs. Sustad are still happily together. It can be definitely noticed from here that the couple shares genuine love and trust. Even with Scot’s wife’s career in the entertainment industry, the husband and wife haven’t faced any hindrances in their marriage, such as infidelity or extramarital affairs. Take notes, peep!

Scot Sustad Is A Dad Of two Kids

Besides being a proud husband of Kimberly Sustad, Scot Sustad is also a proud father of two children. Scot and Kimberly share two daughters named Ari Royal Sustad and Vienna Wild Jolena Sustad.

Scot Sustad and her wife, Kimberly Sustad with their children.
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The duo waited almost a decade to start their own family as their elder child, Vienna was only born in June 2015. Two years later, the couple welcomed their second and the youngest daughter Ari in June 2017. Yup, both of their children were born in the same month.

Scot and Kimberly, however, try to keep their children away from the spotlight as much as they can. Needless to say, the Sustads are very concerned about their family privacy.

Scot Sustad’s Net Worth; Know His Profession

As already mentioned, Scot Sustad is not involved in the acting industry like his wife. So, what does he do? Well, Scot is a businessman who has founded several business companies and ventures. In fact, he also serves as a CEO for one of his organizations.

Sustad, in addition, is the founder and the management member of Brands for Better, Digital Hot Sauce Inc., Adventure Teaching, and The Arrival Store Inc. Scot, indeed, works as the CEO for Digital Hot Sauce Inc. He can be estimated to be worth no less than $1 million.

On the other hand, his wife is a renowned Television and movie actor both. Kimberly is famous for her work on Hallmark’s movies; A Bride for Christmas, Wedding Every Weekend, The Nine Lives of Christmas, All Things Valentine, Super Buddies, The Gourmet Detective, and Spooksville among others.

Must Known Facts Of Scot Sustad

  • Scot is the graduate of D’Evelyn High School.
  • Sustad joined Covenant Bible College Ecuador to study Bible and religion.
  • Maintains close friendship with fellow actor, Paul Campbell.
  • Enjoys traveling, cycling, skiing, and fishing.
  • Flaunts Brown hair and eyes.

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