Shelly Tresvant – The Mother of Three and a Divorcee!

Shelly Tresvant is the ex wife od Ralpha Tresvant.
Shelly Tresvant is the ex wife od Ralpha Tresvant.
Born Name Shelly Tresvant
Birth Place United States of America
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Husband Ralph Tresvant (Ex)

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Isn’t it amazing to become famous all around the globe without a single job? Well, with this question in mind, we bring you, Shelly Kean Tresvant, who came to fame, not for her deeds, but for her ex-husband, singer-songwriter Ralph Tresvant‘s works.

Shelly and Ralph were chilhood lovers, but what happened to them that they had to separate? Let’s look at the details about their marriage and divorce in more detail.

Shelly Jean Tresvant Divorced With Her Childhood Soulmate

Shelly Jean Tresvant was a married woman as she shared the wedding vows with her chilhood sweetheart Ralph Tresvant. The couple tied the knot in 1993 after having 14 years of romantic relationship. Their matrimonial ceremony was held in the presence of their family and close friends.

Shelly and her beau Ralph’s relationship was going well until 1995. Sadly, the duo faced some conflict, and as a result, the pair divorced just after three years of their marriage in 1996.

The reason behind their divorce was because of Ralph’s affair with another woman, Amber Serrano.

Mother of Three Children

Through her relationship with Ralph, Shelly shared three children. The formal pair have two daughters Mariah Tresvant, Na’Quelle Tresvant, and one son Ralph Tresvant jr.

At the current moment, Shelly’s children have chosen their careers. Their daughter Na’Quelle and son Ralph have followed the footsteps of their father as Na’Quelle is an R&B/Soul singer, whereas Ralph is a pop singer.

Ralph Tresvant’s Current Spouse

After getting divorced with Shelly, Ralph began dating Amber Serrano. Later, the pair shared the wedding vows on 18 September 2004 at a joint double wedding ceremony alongside their friends Rickey Bell and his wife Ammy Correa, the member of the group, New Edition.

Ralph and Amber are the parents of a child. The pair welcomed their kid Darkrai Tresvant in 1999, before their wedding. Darkrai is a singer, just like his father.

At the current moment, the lovebirds believed to have a bad relationship, so there is a high probability of their separation.

Concealed Fortune

Shelly Tresvant is an entirely private lady even though her former husband is a well-known star. As she often remains private about her life, it is difficult to find out how much net worth she holds.

Though her wealth is unknown, Shelly’s former husband has a net value of $8 Million. He earns a considerable amount of money from his acting and singing career.

Throughout his career, Ralph released several albums. In 1983, New Edition released their debut album, Candy Gil, which was a huge hit.

YouTube: Candy Girl

Till now, the star has released seven albums with New Edition from where he earned decent cash.

Apart from singing, Ralph also adds some bucks from his acting career. He appeared in a few movies and TV series, including Knight Rider, Krush Groove, House Party 2, and such others.

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