‘Sister Wives’ Christine Is ‘100% Ready’ To Marry Boyfriend David

'Sister Wives' Christine Is '100% Ready' To Marry Boyfriend David

Christine Brown left her plural marriage featured in the TV show “Sister Wives” in November 2021, after 27 years, but remains a leading star. Kody and Christine have agreed to co-parent their six children; some live with their marital partners, and Truely and Ysabel live with their mother in Utah. Gwendlyn is geographically closest to her father since she attends Northern Arizona University, but lives with her fiancé, Beatriz Queiroz. Financial and romantic freedom and less time and effort her children require allowed Christine to find a new boyfriend, David Woolley. She made their relationship public on Valentine’s Day in 2023, before revealing her engagement less than two months later.

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Christine’s relationship progressed rapidly

Christine revealed problems finding a partner, that lasted a year and a half after she broke-up from Kody Brown. Although it was apparent that her emotional bond with Kody had deteriorated over the last few years, she still needed time to process things. Besides moving to Utah, she’d built a studio in the basement to continue filming segments for “Sister Wives”, host sister wife Janelle, and record videos for her social media accounts on TikTok and Instagram.

However, after feeling that she was ready to explore the dating scene, things quickly got serious. In retrospect, fans discovered that she began dating David Woolley roughly three months before she publicly came out with her relationship. Nonetheless, becoming engaged several months after starting to date someone, incredibly shortly after ending the marriage lasting over two and a half decades, was surprising. After all, Christine seemed to enjoy her freedom and different family life.

Viewers expect her to marry within the year, if they account for how quickly her relationship developed and that she and David are over 50. Finally, his children and grandchildren, some of whom he raises alone, could benefit from Christine living with them.

She said that dating was difficult

After she cut ties with Kody Brown in November 2021, Christine noted that it was difficult to leave but that they had grown apart. In recent years, she stated that she’d felt isolated and ‘like a basement wife’, because he played favorites and chose Robyn over the other three wives, despite agreeing to treat them as equals. That made it hard for her and her children to respect him and caused the other two wives, Janelle and Meri, to leave him, too.

After leaving, Christine sold her portion of the property that they were developing in Arizona, which they named Coyote Pass, for a mere $10. That was a considerable loss; some real estate appraisals showed that it was worth over $200,000. She explained the change by saying, ‘I get to live life for me. My whole world has changed, and every cell in my body is happier.’ Christine also clarified that she would love to date again, but be a monogamist. She explained the shift by saying that she wanted a guy who loved her and desired intimacy with her and, most importantly, who she didn’t have to share with other women.

Christine Brown is sourcing local talent for her future nuptials! 👰‍♀️#sisterwives #tlc #wedding

Posted by Heavy on TLC on Monday, April 17, 2023

However, her son Paedon, while discussing his family life on the “Reality Life with Kate Casey” podcast in February 2022, told a different story. He said that Christine had been scared to leave for a while, and didn’t check her phone while driving to Salt Lake City, Utah. However, she cheered up when she connected to the Internet, and saw that most messages were positive and supportive.

She met David Woolley in late 2022

In a US Weekly interview on 18 October 2022, Christine revealed that she’d reached a point where she would love to be someone’s wife again. However, she clarified that she wasn’t looking for a serious relationship, and only allows one to two dates per person until she finds someone worth investing time and energy into. Her fans may learn more about how she met David after she marries, but sleuths among them discovered something important. After analyzing David Woolley’s profile, they found that he’d changed his relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ on 10 December 2022.

However, there were no other public revelations besides Christine’s social media posts that she was happy and grateful for leaving Kody. Finally, on 7 February, she told her fans that she had been dating someone exclusively, and that he was romantic, wonderful, kind, and everything she sought. Then, on 14 February 2023, a few days after The US Sun revealed his identity, she posted a picture with David, praising him further.

David is a businessman and a family man

Journalists and her fans have discovered a lot about David to this day, despite his infrequent social media posts. He’s from San Diego, California, but has owned a construction business, David Woolley Drywall, since 2015. Additionally, his first wife, Margaret, suicided on 20 June 2012, leaving him with eight children and some grandchildren.

He bonded with Christine over having a blended family; some of their family get-togethers were featured on both Instagram profiles. Additionally, the couple was spotted on dates in Utah, including a speakeasy bar close to both homes, since he lives in Herriman, Utah, roughly half an hour away from Christine’s $1.1 million two-story duplex home.

She got engaged in April 2023

After they posted many sappy mentions during adventures outside, such as hiking and off-roading, and consistently called themselves each other’s king and queen, rumors surfaced that David had proposed during an outing and that she said ‘yes.’ One insider also revealed that Christine was ‘very young-minded and wants a fairytale ending.’

None of this came as surprise, since Christine had called him ‘an incredible man, a blessing, love of my life, and my soulmate.’ However, viewers suspected that the confirmation would wait for the 18th season of “Sister Wives,” which should air in September 2023.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait, since she confirmed the news on 13 April 2023, posting an image of herself flaunting the ring, and captioned it with, ‘We’re engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I’m so excited and just live in bliss every day!’ TLC simultaneously shared the news on its official Instagram account.

An insider revealed that David had agreed to appear in front of cameras, and that TLC filmed the proposal. They also stated that it would premiere in Season 18 of the show, a wedding special, or a long-desired spin-off, but that it was ‘low-key and far from over-the-top that reality TV show fans expected’ because he’s a simple guy. Christine shared an Instagram photo of her and David holding two babies, presumably his grandchildren, with cameramen in the background, indirectly confirming the insider’s claims. Finally, the insider noted that Kody was unconvinced, and thought that the whole thing was a publicity stunt staged for TV.

Most of her children like him

Christine said that David treats her like a queen, and tells her every day that she’s beautiful, and all her children seem happy for her. However, not all of them approve; Paedon Brown is the exception, at least publicly. He revealed on his TikTok account that he loved seeing his mother’s happiness, but had difficulty relating to David. He called him ‘stand-offish’ and clarified that they would not be close.

Christine seems to be moving too fast

Many “Sister Wives” viewers think that Christine is rushing things, and that she should have waited with the engagement. They also point out that she could have kept her relationship away from her children, at least Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely, because they must adjust to having a new stepfather, whom even their mother barely knows, so quickly after distancing themselves from their half-siblings. Paedon told his mom that he shared the viewers’ opinion, but has yet to unveil her reply.

Additionally, according to The US Sun, behind the scenes Janelle, who is Christine’s close friend and former sister wife, is reportedly stunned by the rapid progress of her relationship. She allegedly even feels ‘disgusted that she moved on from broken-hearted to madly in love so quickly.’ Janelle hasn’t commented on those claims, and instead only posted an Instagram story with an insert of Christine’s engagement post and a HAPPY sticker below.

Time will tell if she chose the right guy

Viewers, Christine’s biological children, and her former polygamous family all have opinions on her sudden engagement, but all they can do is speculate. Once TLC airs the 18th season and they learn more about David, they can better understand where things stand. One thing is clear; Christine shouldn’t have used her engagement to make extra money. In a video filmed in her car for social media before the engagement announcement, she revealed, ‘I have something pretty dang big coming up, and I want to look and feel my best!’

She promptly promoted Plexus, an MLM (multi-level marketing) company founded in 2006 that sells weight management and nutrition products. Christine earns a percentage if she signs people under her or sells products, which makes MLM companies disliked. Their most popular product is Plexus Slim Drink, which allegedly reduces blood sugar, manages cholesterol and makes people feel fuller. Christine revealed that it helped her lose weight, but all these claims are unsubstantiated.

Regardless, after a rather torrid few years with Kody, all hope that Christine’s new relationship is a happy one – stand by for Season 18 of “Sister Wives” for further developments.

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