The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool in Summer

The desire to ensure a cozy sleep does not disappear anywhere in summer. However, the stuffiness does not allow you to enjoy your favorite comfortable duvets and duvet covers. So, there is a necessity to find the combination of the softness of warm duvets and the lightness of the bedding indispensable in summer.

The most popular solution is quilted linens. Quilts are perfect for hot summer nights inasmuch as they always remain cold and the fabric does not heat the body and keeps it from sweating. In addition, quilt linens are not tough. On the contrary, quilts are known as soft and cozy linens. Moreover, the lightness of quilts makes them weightless, which is essential in summer.The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool in Summer


Everything You Should Know About Quilts

A classic quilt is a coverlet or blanket made of two fabric layers from materials like batting between these layers to fill the space and make the quilt soft. Sometimes, there is also an added fabric layer on the top.

Traditionally, the bottom fabric layer is wool, and the other layer is made of cotton. However, today, to make quilts lighter, producers replace wool with other materials. In addition, the top fabric material is not always cotton as well.

Quilts are well-known not only as a great bedding option for summer but as an original decoration. Thus, quilts usually have interesting patterns on the top fabric layer, which allows using the coverlets to decorate beds and sofas.

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A variety of colors and patterns is offered by Linens & Hutch. The famous online store provides bedding for everyone. Follow and select your ideal quilt.

Types of Quilt Linens

The popularity of quilts makes the industry of bedding production develop and offer more and more variations of quilt linens.

Thus, quilts can be different in sizes, shapes, used materials, patterns, colors, etc.

The most important criteria that must be considered is the filling type:

·         Cotton. Light and cheap material, but it easily absorbs any moisture.

·         Polyester fiberfill. An ideal choice for those who are looking for a hypoallergenic material.

·         Down. This option or down-like feather assures maximum coziness, but it is not appropriate for a very hot climate.

·         Wool-like batting. Cruelty-free option, which is perfect for those who prefer natural products.

·         Corn fiber. The maximum level of warmth without the addition of bulk or weight.

Linens & Hutch offers the best choice of quilts for your comfortable summer nights.

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