The Details of Gracie Hunt’ Net Worth and Family Life

Gracie Hunt is the daughter of the billionaire businessman, Clark Hunt.
Gracie Hunt is the daughter of the billionaire businessman, Clark Hunt.
Born Name Gracie Hunt
Birth Place America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Spoke-model, Ambassador
Net Worth $3 million
Age 21 years old
Sibling Knobel Hunt and Ava Hunt
Parents Clark Knobel Hunt and Tavia Shackles Hunt

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For those people who love American football, the name Clark Hunt is not a new name for them, as he is a billionaire who owns NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. He was passed down this legacy from his family and he is achieving great success as the head of the Chiefs. You might know Hunt pretty well but what about his family members?

Clark Hunt is a married man with two daughters and a son. So, today in this article, we will share detailed information on one of his daughters, Gracie Hunt. So, keep on reading…

Net Worth of Gracie Hunt

By reading the above paragraph you might’ve got the idea, Gracie Hunt is living a luxurious life provided by her parents. As of 2020, her father, Clark Hunt has a staggering net worth of $2 billion. Even though she enjoys a comfortable life passed on from her family, Grace has her own story to share with this world.

The daughter of the billionaire in her young age successfully accumulated a massive income of $3 million from her involvement in different fields.

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Gracie is a member of the billionaire family, so it isn’t surprising for her to own expensive cars and real estate. Still, records of her purchasing land and building are private. But we will make sure to update with any information related to those topics when it comes to the media.

Earnings as a Miss International

Gracie Hunt gained the beauty from her mother, Tavia Shackles, who grew up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, which is a Kansas City suburb. Hunt’ mother at her young days, participated in the Miss Missouri Teen USA in 1990. She made it up to the Top 12 alongside Ali Landry and Bridgette Wilson.

Hunt, like her mother, went to compete, the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant in 2017, where she gained the position of the fourth runner-up. After a year, in 2018, Gracie participated in Miss Texas International in which she won the crown.

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As the winner of the Miss International pageant of 2020, Taylor Leigh Kesseler won tons of exciting prizes like a fabulous trip to the Riviera Maya, Mexico; custom 14k white gold, and diamond crow ring and a pendant necklace, $3,000 cash allowance and other different facilities. Being the conqueror of the pageant in 2018, Grace might face the same fate, which doubled her lavishing lifestyle.

Earnings from her Blogs

The beauty queen, Grace Hunt, is fond of writing and sharing her thoughts in front of the world and she loves to do it through her blogs, which she shares on her website, livinggracefullyme.

In her blog, Hunt provides different tips and details on various topics like fitness, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

Gracie does use her website to sell tons of products related to a different niche, so she must generate lots of income from her website too.

Earnings from NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs

As mentioned above, Gracie Hunt’s father is the owner of the famous football club, Kansas City Chiefs. Therefore, her fortune does get affected by her father’s billion dollar worth portfolio.

Gracie Hunt — My Journey to Miss International 2018

Being a child who grew up in a sports-loving family, she has a lot of passion for sports. She used to play football in her college days and dreamed to create a professional career out of it, but god works in a mystical way.

One day, due to her bad health, she was suggested by her doctor not to continue playing, which broke her dream. Still, she managed to enter the sports field as the NFL women’s apparel spokesmodel and the ambassador of the Special Olympics.

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Hunt’ job as the ambassador and the spokesmodel for NFL is a great source of her income. Gracie’ involvement in this field also helps her to generate a considerable portfolio of her own apart from her father’s earnings.

Is Gracie Hunt in a Relationship?

If you guys fell in love with Gracie Hunt’ works and attractive beauty by now, then let us make your day with great news. The international beauty is currently single and there are no deatils on this topic in any media, which would point out, Gracie being in a relationship right now.

Gracie Hunt is Living Gracefully

On a Q&A on Gracie’s Instagram, she was asked if she has ever dated any NFL player, to which she replied that she once dated Drew Lock.

Drew is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. Recently there was news of Lock being in a relationship with the Instagram influencer, Natalie Newman.

Hunt’ Family Background

As you guys already got it until now, Gracie Hunt belongs to a wealthy family. She has two siblings, Knobel Hunt and Ava Hunt. Her father, Clark Hunt, is the CEO of the club, Kansas City Chiefs – he was handed the business from his parents.

Gracie is the granddaughter of late Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football League in 1960. Her grandmother, Norma Knobel Hunt, who is still extending Lamar’s legacy with her family, also founded Bidwell Creek Vineyard.

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But all of this began from her great-grandfather, Harold Lafayette Hunt Jr., who is known as H.L. Hunt throughout his life.

Harold, in his life, married three times and, in total, has fifteen children. He was a Texas oil tycoon and a Republican political activist. His success in the oil business helped him to grow a massive portfolio.

Quick Facts

  • Her younger sister, Ava Hunter won the Miss Per Teen Texas International 2018.
  • The Chiefs last won the title way back in 1970 under the coaching of Hank Stram and recently won the Superbowl in 2020.
  • She believes sports is the best medium to bring the world together.
  • Gracie also performed an auction from her website to collect money for her charity works.

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