The Wife of Iconic Musician James Taylor

Caroline Smedvig

Caroline Smedvig also known as Caroline Smedvig Taylor, got famous when she married James Taylor, the singer guy with the full name James Vernon Taylor. He’s won six Grammy Awards in the United States for his singing and songwriting.

Before all this fame, Caroline used to be a reporter for the Springfield Daily News. She worked in the news world, telling stories and keeping people in the loop. Now, let’s peek into Caroline’s life beyond the news and Grammy Awards. There’s more to her story than just headlines and fancy ceremonies.

Early Life & Background

Caroline Smedvig was born on May 31st, 1953, to her mom and dad, Albert Hessberg II and Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold. Her dad was a big-deal lawyer and president of the Albany County Bar Association. Caroline had two brothers, Albert III, who became a lawyer like their dad, and Philip III, who ran into some legal trouble and lost his lawyer status in 2019.

Caroline grew up in Albany, New York, with her family. They were all part of the Caucasian group. Sadly, both her mom and dad have passed away. The family story, with its legal success and struggles, adds a lot to understanding Caroline Smedvig’s life.

Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor’s First Meeting

Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor’s love story began in 1993 at a Boston Pops concert conducted by John Williams. Taylor, a performer at the event, caught the attention of Smedvig, who was working in public relations for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor have been together since 1990s.
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Their romantic journey took a significant turn on July 3, 1995, when they went on their first official date. This special occasion left a lasting impression on Taylor, inspiring him to create his hit song, “On the 4th of July.” This song became a beautiful reminder of the beginning of their love story, marking a meaningful milestone in their relationship.

Marriage After Years of Dating

After spending almost six years together, Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor decided to take a big step in their relationship. They tied the knot on February 18, 2001, in a lovely ceremony at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Boston. It was a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to each other.

Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor’s wedding ceremony.
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Even though both of them were in their 40s at the time, their age difference didn’t stop them from creating a happy and loving home together. Their marriage became another chapter in the story of their enduring relationship.

Proud Mother of a Twin Children

In April 2001, Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor became parents with the arrival of twin sons, Rufus and Henry. The twins were conceived through in vitro fertilization and carried by a surrogate. Despite becoming parents at a later stage in life, Taylor expressed that the experience was positive and enriching.

Caroline Smedvig gave birth to twins.
Image Source: Twitter

The birth of Rufus and Henry brought immense joy and fulfillment to the couple’s lives. Welcoming children into their family marked a significant and happy chapter in Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor’s journey together.

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Caroline’s First Husband

Before marrying James Taylor, Caroline Smedvig was previously married to Rolf Thorstein Smedvig, the late principal trumpeter of the orchestra. They tied the knot in December 1980 in Albany.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t endure, and after a few years, they went their separate ways. Following their separation, Rolf Smedvig moved on to marry Kelly Holub.

James Taylor Married Twice Before Caroline

The legendary artist James Taylor was initially married to actress Carly Simon in November 1972. The two enjoyed a happy married life for several years before eventually divorcing in 1983. During their time together, they became parents to two children, Sally and Ben. Both of James’ children inherited his love for music. Notably, his daughter Sarah Maria Taylor has found great success as a singer.

Caroline Smedvig’s Husband, James Taylor with his Ex-Wife, Carly Simon.
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After his first marriage ended, James Taylor entered into a second marriage with Kathryn Walker on December 14, 1985. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Unfortunately, their marital relationship also came to an end after over a decade of marriage, concluding in 1996.

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Educational Journey

Caroline’s education is impressive. Back in 1971, she went to Albany Academy for Girls. Later, she attended North Hampton College, Smith College, and University. People believe she studied English and Journalism.

But Caroline wasn’t all about books. She jumped into the arts and culture scene in Boston. She worked for many years as the person in charge of telling everyone about the cool stuff happening at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Not just that, she also got into the local art scene. She took art classes and wrote down her thoughts in a notebook.

And guess what? That notebook of hers was released to the public in February 2022, giving everyone a peek into Caroline’s creative side.

Career in Television Industory

Caroline Smedvig began her professional journey with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) in 1980, taking on the role of a publicist. She maintained her professional association with the company until her departure in 2004. After leaving the BSO, Caroline continued to play a significant role as a trusted advisor for Volpe.

In 2007, recognizing her expertise and commitment, Caroline Smedvig was appointed as a board member of the overseers for the BSO. In September of the same year, she took on the responsibility of serving as a trustee, further contributing to the organization’s leadership.

Before her time with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Caroline also had experience working in the media industry. During her college years, she worked as a writer for the local Knickerbocker News. Later, she joined the Springfield Daily News, an afternoon paper, showcasing her versatile skills in the world of journalism. Caroline’s professional journey reflects her dedication to both the arts and media sectors.

Net Worth & Luxurious Lifestyle

Caroline Smedvig, a former reporter for the Springfield Daily News, has an estimated net worth of around $600,000, earned through her career. While her precise net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, this estimate provides a glimpse into her financial standing, comparable to that of the artist Comethazine.

Caroline Smedvig’s Husband, James Taylor owns massive net worth of $80 million.
Image Source: IMDb

In contrast, James Taylor, standing tall at 190 cm, boasts a significant net worth of $80 million, primarily amassed through his successful music career. Additionally, he earns from endorsements and other ventures, details of which he prefers to keep private. In 2004, he even appeared in a TV commercial for MCI The Neighbourhood, showcasing his diverse involvements beyond his musical achievements.

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