Tommy Sotomayor’s Wiki: Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Today, Son, Mother, Kids

Tommy Sotomayor’s Wiki: Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Today, Son, Mother, Kids

Who is Tommy Sotomayor?

Tommy Sotomayor is your guy African-American ladies love to despise for he has given them a truckload of motives to do so. The Arizona native gained fame because of his YouTube station Mr Madness where he vents his rage criticizing black girls for several reasons in their trend for human hair for their inability to lift children. A clear guys ‘s activist, Sotomayor can also be described as a societal and political commentator. Back in April2017, a request circulated online bidding for Tommy to put his movies perceived as mentally hurtful to African American ladies. The movie mentioned “incalculable quantities of emotional, physical and psychological injury. ” Writers of this request called on technology execs such as Google/You-Tube’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin to become “accountable ” and stop providing a stage for Tommy into “purposely denigrate and demean Black girls and women and Black people generally.

Tommy Sotomayor Bio

Mr Controversy was created asThomas Jerome Harris onDecember 11, 1975, in Georgia, Atalanta. Tommy’s trip to notoriety began in the summer of 2012 when he started his YouTube Channel titled Mr. Madness. On the station, he published satirical videos with bizarre titles such as “15 Children, 1 on the road, No guy! ” He posted clips of black girls battling on the roads along with the page immediately gained traction, forcing Tommy into fame. Many consider that Tommy’s hatred for black women had been nursed by his baby mama who sent him for his inability to pay child support for their daughter. For black guys, Tommy has blamed girls in his movies becoming gays. Despite being black , Tommy is a significant critic of this Dark Lives Matter Movement speaking about it as a “thug group. ” Tommy has clarified the BLM protesters as” retarded children in the course “. Though it appearslike Sotomayor has more enemies than friends, his bid to broadcast his views have, for the most part, been innovative. CNN law enforcement analyst, Harry Houck who’s also a retired NYPD detective, carried to Twitter in July 2016, to encourage among Tommy’s movies where he stated the African American community is accountable for the majority of the violent crimes in the usa. Sotomayor announced that men and women are more significant issues than firearms. Houk agreed, saying that Mr. Madness “understands what he’s referring to! ”

Daughter, tommy Sotomayor Wife

As far as we could tell, Sotomayor hasn’t been married. He has two brothers from TWO baby mamas. From providing details concerning 14, Considering his fame, he’s diminished. Tommy has been public about his next baby mama and their daughter namedAlex. He posted and has filmed clips of her. But that’s not , Tommy is rumored to have several children including a boy whom he supposedly abandoned.

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth, House

To the dismay of many, Sotomayor was in a position to efficiently divert from his several rants. Along with his YouTube station that has a great deal of views and therefore keeps earning money from ads, Sotomayor also owns a rather common site where he gets from precisely the very same means — advertisements. He’s the host of a radio series titledYour Earth, My Views. He’s also expanded into movie production with a movie (Drugs and Other Love) in the slightest. Having a net worth estimated at $2 Million, Sotomayor will manage the luxe of existence. Have a peek at his glossy mansion.

Twitter, tommy Sotomayor Instagram

Sotomayor’s once-public Instagram accounts is@mrkingofcontroversy. Additionally, catch him up Twitter @FreetJSotomayor.

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