Top 5 Celebrities That Can Be Great Examples for Students

Top 5 Celebrities That Can Be Great Examples for Students

Celebrities can be great examples for students because most young people follow and try to replicate their fashion sense, career options, and lifestyle. Their personal achievements and principles can help a young mind cultivate into a sharp and kind human being.

Celebrities have always impacted the lives of students and they have been influential and successful role models. With the advent of social media like Instagram, celebs today can post and update about their personal lives. A lot of them speak out about injustices going around the world while some do charity. This can make a very positive influence of celebrities on students who are the future leaders and makers of society. Let us then look at some of such inspiring celebrities

Mayim Bialik

Mayim owes her fame mostly to the sitcom The Big Bang Theory where she plays a neuroscientist. She is in fact a brilliant student who holds her  Ph.D. in the subject from UCLA. She was also selected in the Havard but chose the former. If you too want to become eminent like her, chat with professional essay writers who can guide you regarding your paper and also your Ph.D. if you wish. These top writers will help you become one of the brightest students in your college.  Thus celebs like her can be an extremely good example for students. She shatters the misconception of only bimbos being able to grab a role in Hollywood or any cinema as a matter of fact.

J.K. Rowling

As students, we all wanted to be summoned to the Hogwarts School of Magic. Thanks to J.K. Rowling for making our childhoods so exciting. But she continues to inspire students and stand out as an example for them. She is among the U.K’s top ten most generous celebs according to The Forbes.

She has given almost 13 million pounds to various causes. She occupies the second position and that speaks tons. Her focus is mostly on deinstitutionalizing children in the care system. 

Tom Hiddleston

Widely known for his role as Loki in MCU, Tom Hiddleston has become a sensation. He has 9.3 million followers on Instagram alone. While he is seen in several commercially successful movies, not many know about his brilliant education record. 

He holds a Double First degree from the University of Cambridge in Classical Studies and went on to pursue further studies in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since then, he has starred in several classical dramas and made himself imminent in the British theatre.

Mark Ruffalo

Another actor from the MCU has shown immense dedication and concern as an environmentalist. He has been vocal about his opinions against Keystone XL pipelines. He raises his concerns against the kind of damage that mother nature faces stemming from the oil and gas industries.

He stands as an example in imparting an important lesson for every student and teacher out there. With the current environmental crisis, he stands to be a role model we really need right now. 

Oprah Winfrey

This celebrity has donated around $40 million through her own foundation to help the cause of healthcare and education of women and children across the world. In third world countries, where women are not exposed to education, Winfrey makes her contributions to funding women’s education so that we can live in a better world tomorrow.

Final Words

The above mentioned are some of the stars that can transform a child’s outlook and ideology and make him/her more sincere and aware. These celebs are good role models for children and can help a child become kinder and a better human being. Thus exposure to cinema and celebrities is not always a very bad thing if you know from where to draw your inspirations.

Generally, whenever we think of a celebrity, we see them as hippies or people who have just come into the business because they have failed in academics and are now trying their luck in something that does not require academic learning. This may be true of certain celebrities but there are some out there who can really be role models to students. Some of the celebrities have excelled in their respective academic fields while some contributed greatly to a charitable cause.

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