Travis Kelce Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned by Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned by Travis Kelce
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Posted By: joy root | December 5, 2018

What are the hottest topic of discussions on social media and the whole of the Internet these days? You might say that it is about world problems, world politics etc but it is not even close to the truth. Travis Kelce Car. The hottest debates these days are about celebrities and especially about celebrities from the entertainment and sports industry. The world after the invention of television, the radio and now after the Internet has become just like one big global village. In this global village, we are aware of anything and everything.

We now have the luxury to sit back in the comfort of our house and watch over favorite sports and tons of them at that. This has allowed the entertainment industry actors, actresses, and athletes from sports industry to become mega superstar celebrities and as we humans are intrigued to know about the person we like more the discussion and searches about celebrities are majorly about their life, lifestyle and their assets and net worths.

Travis Kelce Car Collection:-

Travis Kelce was only the last minute pick-up by Kansas City Chiefs and as a mean to fill in the team in case of an injury. However, with the tremendous offensive play on the field, Travis has gained the respect of his team along worth a massive contract deal of multi-million dollars. Fortune was the one thing he gained other was his fame. He has now millions of fans that are always eager to follow his lifestyle. Keeping in view his celebrity person of a major NFL team, Travis has started to work on his lifestyle. He owns a lavish house in one of Kansas City’s expensive areas and to top it all off he now owns a collection of luxurious cars. The names and details of the cars are as follows.

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Travis Kelce Aston Martin:-

The first car in Travis’s collection is one of the best luxurious car brands in the world. It is the famed Aston Martin. The model is calling Aston Martin Vanquish, a 2014 model. Travis bought it in 2014 for a price of about $300,000. The car was used by Travis to make appearances on important parties of the team or on special games.

Travis Kelce Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Travis Kelce GMC SUV Truck:-

The second car in the collection of Travis Kelce is the GMC SUV Truck; model is the Terrain of 2014. The car bought with a need to move freely around the city. To drive in the Aston Martin throughout the year is not an option for anyone. The car bought solely for the need of moving around freely. The cost of the car is estimating to be around $20 thousand.

Travis Kelce Range Rover:-

Being an offensive tight end for a major football team, it seems unorthodox for them to move in tightly squeezed sports cars all the time. Footballers like Travis Kelce who are huge in height feel more comfortable in truck and vans. Travis Bought himself a range rover back in 2015 for a price of about $50,000.

Travis Kelce Mercedes Benz SUV AMG Class:-

The last car in the collection of Travis Kelce is also an SUV truck car from Mercedes Benz. It is an AMG class car that packs quite a powerful and comes with a price tag of about $314,000.

Travis Kelce Mercedes Benz SUV AMG Class
Mercedes Benz SUV
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Travis Kelce Car Collection’s Worth:-

The estimating net worth of the car collection of Travis Kelce is made to be around $1 million.

Travis Kelce Car Collection’s Worth
Car Collection

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