UK Celebrities That Are Known for Visiting Casinos

UK Celebrities That Are Known for Visiting CasinosSource: Pixabay 

Gambling or casino games, in general, are among the most widespread hobbies. As a result, there are a lot of celebrities who love to play poker, blackjack, slots or place bets on sports matches. Given how gambling can often have negative connotations some people like to keep it a secret, however, celebrities are often followed by paparazzi and can’t always hide their private life.

As a result, whenever an athlete or an actor is seen at a casino, it usually makes the news. Here we will go over some of the UK celebrities that frequently visit gambling parlours and that don’t exactly hide it. These are all huge fans of gambling and fully embrace this hobby.

Derren Brown

Derren BrownSource: Pixabay

If you love illusions and magic tricks then you definitely know Darren Brown, and even if you aren’t a fan of this craft, you’ve likely heard of him. Derren is a man of many talents, he is an author and a painter as well, and as someone with a keen mind, it’s not too hard to believe that he loves casino games.

Games like blackjack and poker favour the players who are good at counting cards, and who can read their opponent. Given how Darren is gifted it’s rare for someone to stand a chance against him which is why he gets kicked out of casinos and has a hard time getting in. In all honesty, casinos are pretty upfront with their policies and even though he is not technically cheating if opponents don’t stand a chance it just ruins the experience for them.

Victoria Coren Mitchel

Victoria is a famous writer, with notable books like “Love 16” and “Once More, with Feeling.” She started her career by reviewing porn movies and in her book “Once More, with Feeling” she describes how she and her co-author wanted to create the best erotic movie ever. Victoria is a superstar poker player, and much of her career revolves around poker. She had made a fortune playing the game professionally, so it’s kind of given that she loves to play at casinos.

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Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to get into and practice poker. All you need is an internet connection and an account at an online casino. A lot of these online gambling parlours hold online poker tournaments. You can find them if you go through a list of best online casinos, and all you need to do is choose a gaming platform where you wish to play. Here you will find lots of other British players who play poker, baccarat, or slot games.

Conor McGregor

UFC has gradually become one of the most popular sports, and famous fighters definitely helped it climb the trend charts. One of the best UFC fighters and the most paid athlete, Conor McGregor, loves to party. He recently got himself a lavish birthday present, a watch called Astronomia Casino that’s worth $620,000. One thing is sure, you don’t buy a watch like this if you don’t like casinos.

Conor might have retired from UFC but it’s still just as popular and has a massive following on social media. The watch itself looks amazing, so you are highly encouraged to check it out on Conor’s Instagram profile.

James Maddison

James is a young football player who plays for Leicester City. He joined Premier League in 2018, and the way things stand he has a bright career ahead of him. However, he was also recently a part of a let’s call it scandal. Back in 2019, he was supposedly feeling under the weather and couldn’t play for England. Unfortunately, he seemed perfectly fine on that night when he was caught playing in a casino. Of course, articles tend to blow these things out of proportion for all we know he was indeed not feeling well, and just went to a casino when he felt better.

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These were some of the biggest UK celebrities with a strong passion for gambling. Of course, there might be more who do that in private simply by playing online. That being said these are all rich individuals, they can afford massive losses so it’s not an indicator they have a gambling problem. It’s just a hobby like many others or a way for them to blow off some steam and channel their competitive nature. There are lots of other celebrities all over the world who enjoy the same type of entertainment.

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