Von Miller Biography, NFL career, Net worth, Family, Facts, Cars & Houses

Von Miller Biography, NFL career, Net worth, Family, Facts, Cars & Houses
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Posted By: Irfan Khan | December 7, 2018

Von Miller Biography:

Von Miller is one of the most popular and energetic American football players who play for Denver Broncos of the National Football League as an outside linebacker. During his college football career, he awarded as most outstanding college linebacker which shows his potential and talent as a professional football player. Here the below article ”Von Miller Biography” includes almost everything about his personal and professional life. Have a look.

Von Miller Facts:

Some of the known cool facts about the celebrity are as follows.

  • Von Miller celebrated the Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory party after going back to the club with his mother, father, and brother who are all big supporter of Von Miller and his team.
  • He loves his mother very much and likes to spend time with her.
  • In high school, he was struggling with Asthma problem, and it was his mother who would hook up a generator line to his nebulizer in the football field with a long extension cord to have him in his full form during the play.
  • He is the owner of a chicken farm where he raises chickens. What he is not thinking of it is as a legitimate business but instead, is taking it as a hobby. However, he is of the view that in some years it can snowball into something worth a profit.
  • As a linebacker, he accustomed to being sacking the quarterbacks. He has sacked Tom Brady of New England Patriots a couple of times. His favorite quarterback he likes to sack is Derek Carr.
  • One other hobby and passion of his collecting shoes especially quality sneakers. He has currently a collection of 800 pairs of shoes in his closet which he wears occasionally.
  • Apart from shoes due to his eyesight he has a spectacle of vision and has a collection of 180 glasses too.
  • While growing up in Dallas Texas, he was the fans of Dallas Cowboys team and their player DeMarcus War. He is currently Von Miller’s teammate. Miller wears white taped gloves just like DeMarcus is to idolize him.
  • He has a mission of forming a charity by the name of The Mission of Von’s Vision Foundation. It is striving to built eye care center and eye wares for underprivileged children. They are planning to help at least 2000 local children by their foundation.
  • He has a taste for music and is the eccentric dancer even on the field. His moves on the field also got him re3cognized in the world after they were performed on the hit TV show called Dancing with the stars.
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Von Miller Affairs

Von Miller Biography, NFL career, Net worth, Family, Facts, cars, Homes

Von Miller Biography

Currently, Von Miller is not married neither does he have any children from results of dating. At the moment he is dating Rona Gonzales who is currently working as a model.

Von Miller Controversies

Few of the controversies and allegations that have been swarming around the star linebacker from Denver Broncos are as follows. Some of these allegations are true, and some are just a hoax whether they are true or not is based on the sources alone. Here are the few of controversies.

  • Back in 2013 NFL committee placed an inquiry on the linebacker Von Miller for not complying with the NFL rules about its drug policy. He had previously possessed Marijuana. Although marijuana is legal in the state of Denver still Miller disobeyed the rules of NFL and was in serious trouble. After a tough trial, he released by a warning never to do such things in future or otherwise a suspension will also be on the way.
  • Von Miller is currently struggling with a rumor which has now become a truth about his sex tape. He spent last year vacation in Cancun, Mexico at a summer beachfront house with a Mexican girlfriend, Elizabeth Ruiz. During their intimate moments, Ruiz made a video by her hands of the linebacker. At the moment Miller thought it to be private and didn’t stop her, but now she threatening to make it public unless she is paid 2.5 million dollars. This is a legitimate blackmail. He had no idea she will use it to blackmail her as to when after the video was made he asked her to delete it, and she said “Gotcha.”
  • Von Miller also sacked the Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in during the performance of National Anthem in 2016. It was the most inappropriate behavior at the most important time by a professional towards another. To this Von Miller said that I was not disrespecting him it was just a gesture.
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Despite allegations and controversies about the Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, Von Miller is supporting him and saying that he will surely make his comeback in the NFL career.


Von Miller Biography

Von Miller Biography

Von Miller Likes:


  • Driving luxury cars
  • Having a Photoshoot
  • Playing video games
  • Listening to music
  • Dancing
  • Farming chicken

Von Miller Dislikes:

  • Asthma problem he has from childhood
  • ACL tear because of his weight
  • Hates losing

Von Miller Best Friends:

Von Miller Net Worth:

He has an estimated net worth of $70 million

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