Walking Dead actress Vanessa Cloke dating anyone?

Vanessa Cloke in a black dress poses for a photoshoot in an event.
Vanessa Cloke in a black dress poses for a photoshoot in an event.
Vanessa Cloke recently broke up from her ex-boyfriend and is now single. Source:Page 6
Born Name Vanessa Dimitropoulos Cloke
Birth Place Orange County, California
Height 5 feet 7 inch
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Husband Laythan Cloke (divorced)
Net Worth $1 million
Age 38 years old

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Vanessa Dimitropoulos, popular as Vanessa Cloke, is an American actress, popular from her role in The Walking Dead. Although the actress is quite successful in her professional path, she indulged in different controversies in her personal life. 

With more than a decade in front of the cameras, Cloke worked in television shows like American Horror StoryTreme, and Big Short. While many are aware of her accomplishments as an actress, not many know about her dating history and love life. So, today we take you closer with the most personal details of Vanessa Cloke.

An Insight into Vanessa Cloke’s Dating Life

The Walking Dead actress just ended a long-term romantic relationship. Although she kept the name of her lover to herself, it was quite known that she even moved in with her boyfriend.

The Christmas 2019 was pretty harsh on the diva as she broke up with her partner and even had to move out. The break up went pretty public since a Cloke indulged in to a great controversy that got viral on the internet.

Vanessa Cloke Arrested For a Physical Abuse

The 38year-old Vanessa Cloke fell into a big controversy as the police arrested her for assaulting another woman. Interestingly, the incident occurred at her former house that she shared with her ex-boyfriend when the latter moved out. 

YouTube: The video where The Walking Dead actress Vanessa Cloke assaults a woman.

The dramatic incident occurred on Christmas eve 2019 as a woman filmed while Cloke’s ex-boyfriend moved out of his apartment. As The Walking Dead actress spotted a stranger trying to make her personal affair a news material, she became furious in an instant. Consequently, she went straight to the camerawoman and struck her viciously.

The moment was extremely difficult for her. The woman with the camera triggered the already upset actress. Later, her former lover called the cops to let things be on control.

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The actress revealed that she had already moved her belongings before from the house earlier. In the heat of the moment, Cloke also shouted that No one knew who his ex was and how he changed from his previous self. 

Vanessa Was A Married Woman

The actress from American Horror Story was a married woman before her divorce. Originally Vanessa Dimitropoulos tied the knot with Laythan Cloke to change her second name. 

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Not just Vanessa was married; she was also a mother. During her marital tie, she gave birth to one child. However, the two parted ways after some great cherishable memories together. 

Vanessa Cloke’s Whopping Net Worth Status

The California based actress, Vanessa Cloke, is a millionaire. As per 2020, she has a staggering net worth of $1 million. Undoubtedly, the primary sources of her earnings come from her twelve year-long journeys in television and big-screens.

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A consequence of such vast fortunes, Cloke lives a lavish lifestyle despite some issues in her personal life lately. 

Quick Facts: Vanessa Cloke

  • Cloke was always interested in acting and dancing from her childhood. 
  • She pursued her professional career in acting from 2007 after three years of stay in Spain.
  • The television actress completed her bachelor’s degree in communications from Chapman University.
  • Surprisingly, Cloke do not use any form of social media. 

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