What do You Think is Yasmin Kavari’ Net Worth?

Yasmin Kavari is a YouTuber and sister of Nazanin Kavari. Source: Instagram
Yasmin Kavari is a YouTuber and sister of Nazanin Kavari. Source: Instagram
Born Name Yasmin Kavari
Birth Place Romania
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Persian
Profession YouTuber, Model
Net Worth $200 thousand
Age 27 years old
Sibling Nazanin Kavari and Amir Kavari

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If you are a YouTube fanatic, then you must have watched at least one of Yasmin Kavari‘s videos. The diva has the body of a goddess and her creativity is a cherry on the cake. 

The YouTuber’s talent comes from her genes as her sister, Nazanin Kavari, is also just as famous and able as her. So, today we bring you all the possible details regarding the net worth and personal life of Yasmin Kavari. 

How Much is Yasmin Kavari’s Net Worth?

The vlogger, Yasmin Kavari, owns a staggering net worth of $200,000 as of 2020. The gorgeous model earns a massive amount of that income from her YouTube account, with about 160,000 subscribers. To be specific, she makes around $4600 annually from her channel. 

Kavari, likewise, is also an Instagram personality and earns a great deal of fortune via sponsorships and ads. In fact, through an impressive engagement rate, she charges about $1200 for posts on Instagram.

Yasmin Kavari’s YouTube Career 

Sister of Nazanin, Yasmin Kavari, received the celebrity status from her YouTube channel. Ever since making the account on October 27, 2015, she never looked back.

Kavari publishes exciting content about her joyous day to day lifestyle such as new food, traveling, apartment, birthday week, etc. Furthermore, she also shares videos about her workout and haircut routine occasionally.

YouTube: Yasmin Kavari’s most popular content on YouTube.

A mix of her videos collectively has over 5 million views. Similarly, the elegant personality also collaborates with fellow YouTuber Nazanin Kavari in a few of her content. 

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Kavari’s Supportive Family

Kavari was fortunate to be raised in a family that always supported her in her career choices to reach where she is today. Despite being a Romanian, she moved to the United States very young at the age of 9. Since her youth days, she held a keen interest in makeup, fashion, and modeling, the sectors which made much content to be successful today. 

While everyone knows her sister, Nazanin Kavari, Yasmin also has a brother named Amir Kavari. Together, the trio enjoyed a fun experience and childhood. Their parents never failed to fulfill any of their needs and always supported them no matter what. Thus, that is a crucial element on Yasmin Kavari’s global popularity and success as a YouTuber today. 

Quick Facts: Yasmin Kavari

  • The video titled ‘Letting the Person in front of me decide what I eat for 24 hours‘ is her most famous and watched videos to date.
  • She belongs to a Persian ethnic group. 
  • As of now, the YouTuber Yasmin Kavari is single.
  • Her sister Yasmin with 1.16 million subscribers, recently got the limelight with her plastic surgery on her nose.
  • The model is very conscious about her health and fitness and goes to the gym regularly to maintain her shape. 

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