What happened to Scarlett Pomers? Why did she leave Hollywood?

What happened to Scarlett Pomers? Why did she leave Hollywood?

Who is Scarlett Pomers?

Scarlett is an American actress and singer, perhaps most famous for her role as Kyra Hart in the television series “Reba”, which aired from 2001 to 2007, in addition to several other notable roles she had during her career.

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What Happened to Scarlett Pomers? Where is she Now?

Pomers has chosen a path away from the spotlight since she departed from the show. In a recent interview, she revealed her passion for photography, particularly in fashion and music. Scarlett captures the essence of bands through promotional shoots and concert photography, allowing her creativity to flourish. Additionally, she’s ventured into crafting her own jewelry, which she sells on various online platforms. Despite her success as a child star, Scarlett now seeks fulfillment through meaningful pursuits outside of acting, making a potential return to projects like a “Reba” reboot highly unlikely.

She struggled with eating disorders as a response to being stressed out, and when she recovered, decided to leave Hollywood.

Scarlett Pomers Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Scarlett Noel Pomers was born on 28 November 1988, in Riverside, California, USA; she’s the daughter of Michelle Galvin, while there is no information about her biological father. She was interested in music and acting from an early age, and started attending singing and guitar lessons as a child. She caught the attention of an agent while performing in a local shopping mall at the tender age of three; the agent recognized her talent and suggested to her mother that she explore acting opportunities. However, her mother held off until they found an agent both liked.

Career Beginnings

Her journey began when she made her debut in the entertainment world as a three-year-old in Michael Jackson’s iconic music video “Heal the World” (1992). This early exposure to such a high-profile project helped set the stage for her future endeavors.

Following her captivating appearance in the music video, Pomers delved into the realm of commercials, becoming a sought-after young talent in the advertising industry. She appeared in over 40 commercials, showcasing her charisma and talent, leading to new, more meaningful on-screen appearances.

In 1995, Scarlett Pomers made her acting debut as Suzi Barrett in the film “The Baby-Sitters Club”. This coming-of-age film, based on Ann M. Martin’s popular book series of the same name, revolves around a group of enterprising young girls who start their own babysitting business. In her role as Suzi Barrett, Pomers joined a talented ensemble cast of young actresses, sharing the screen with familiar faces such as Schuyler Fisk, Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik and Bre Blair, among others. Together, they portrayed a tight-knit group of friends who navigate the challenges of adolescence while managing their babysitting responsibilities.

Following her debut, Scarlett Pomers continued on to make strides in her acting career, securing guest roles in various television shows. In 1996, she appeared in an episode of “Touched by an Angel”, and the following year made an appearance in “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” in the episode called “Twister of Fate”.

Rise to Stardom

Scarlett Pomers landed her first major role in 1998, which marked a significant milestone in her acting career. She joined the cast of the popular science fiction series “Star Trek: Voyager”, portraying the character Naomi Wildman. Initially a recurring role, Pomers appeared in the show from 1998 to 2001, spanning across three seasons.

playing the half-Ktarian, half-Human daughter of Ensign Samantha Wildman (Nancy Hower). Her character added a unique dynamic to the starship Voyager, as she was the first child to be born on the ship during its journey through the Delta Quadrant. Naomi’s growth and development became intertwined with the ongoing narrative of the show, providing both poignant and light-hearted moments throughout her appearances.

Pomers’ portrayal of Naomi Wildman garnered recognition, and she received a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series: Supporting Young Actress. Her time on “Star Trek: Voyager” allowed her to showcase her talent in a highly acclaimed television series, working alongside a talented ensemble cast, and diving into science fiction.

This major role opened doors for Scarlett, propelling her career forward and setting the stage for future projects and opportunities in the industry. Pomers continued to achieve success, expanding her acting portfolio with notable roles in various projects: in 2001, she appeared in an episode of “Judging Amy” as Ashley Marilla in the episode entitled “The Claw Is Our Master”, her performance again showcasing her versatility and ability to embody different characters across different genres.

The same year, Pomers also appeared in the series “That’s Life”, portraying the character Abigail Leski in several episodes of the popular series.

However, it was Pomers’ main role as Kyra Hart in the popular WB series “Reba” that solidified her place in television, and gained her widespread recognition. She portrayed Reba McEntire’s daughter, Kyra, throughout the show’s run from 2001 to 2007.

Following the end of “Reba”, Scarlett left Hollywood and focused on other interests and her physical and mental health.

Music Career

In addition to acting, Scarlett embarked on an exciting music career. She formed the band SCARLETT and released one extended play (EP), “Insane”, in 2010. She has covered songs of such rock bands as AC/DC, and has performed at such venues as House of Blues and the Whisky a Go Go, among others.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Scarlett Pomers’s net worth is estimated at $2 million, as of mid-2023.

Personal Life, Health Problems, Rehabilitation, Love Life

In late 2005, Scarlett Pomers faced a difficult personal struggle with anorexia nervosa, which led her to seek treatment at a specialized facility. Her weight had dropped significantly, and her intense exercise regimen was taking a toll on her health. As a result, her character Kyra was absent from most of the fifth season of “Reba”, appearing in only two out of twenty-two episodes.

However, Pomers showed tremendous strength and resilience throughout her recovery journey. By January 2006, she’d completed her treatment and emerged with a renewed commitment to raising awareness about eating disorders. She became an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, and established her own organization called Arch-Angels, through which she raised funds to support individuals struggling with eating disorders who couldn’t afford treatment. Her dedication to this cause earned her recognition, including being named one of the 20 teens who will change the world by Teen People magazine.

Following her recovery, Pomers returned to the set of “Reba” and resumed her role as Kyra, appearing in the show’s sixth season until its conclusion in 2007. During this time, she also made positive changes in her lifestyle, adopting a vegetarian diet and discovering the transformative power of Kundalini yoga. After reading a book about Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, the director of Golden Bridge studio, Pomers began practicing Kundalini yoga in June 2006, finding that this helped her feel good about herself, and aided in her ongoing journey of self-acceptance and healing.

When it comes to her love life, Scarlett is very secretive about it. However, it’s known that she dated actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the early and mid-2010s before breaking-up, but as of mid-2023, appears to be officially unattached.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Scarlett Pomers has red hair and blue eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 4ins (1.63m), weighs approximately 115lbs (52 kgs), with vital statistics of 31-22-33, bra size 36B.

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