What is Felicia Pearson doing now?

What is Felicia Pearson doing now?

Who is Felicia Pearson?

Famed author Stephen King named her ‘perhaps the most terrifying female villain to ever appear in a television series’ after her portrayal in the series “The Wire”. If you’ve seen the show, you’re probably aware that we’re talking about Felicia Pearson’s eponymous character. Her real life was not all that dissimilar to the life of the character she played – Felicia’s an actor, rapper and author, a fascinating individual whose life may be adapted into a movie story.

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Early life, family, and education

Felicia was born under the zodiac sign of Taurus on 18 May 1980, so recently celebrated her 43rd birthday. Her childhood is known thanks to the autobiographical book she wrote with the help of David Ritz – entitled “Grace After Midnight”, it chronicles Felicia’s early life in Baltimore, Maryland USA, where she was raised in a foster home.

As Felicia said, she was born prematurely, and is the daughter of two drug addicts. Her biological mother, whose name she hasn’t shared, was a crack addict, while besides his addiction, her father was an armed robber. They are both incarcerated, and Felicia saw them only a few times during her childhood, and subsequently decided to use her foster family’s surname.

When it comes to her educational background, she earned her General Education Degree (GED) during her time in prison.

Why she was imprisoned?

Felicia was a real tom boy from an early age, and as a teenager worked as a drug dealer. Aged 14, she was convicted of second-degree murder – Felicia shot a girl known as Okia Toomer. In her memoirs, Felicia describes 27 April 1995 as the worst day of her life.

She was walking down the street through her neighborhood when she heard a fight. Unable to resist seeing what was happening, she crossed the street just to have a better look. According to her, Okia tried to hit her with a lead bat, and allegedly Felicia tried to get away from Okia. Because of the crowd, she couldn’t run away, and Felicia fired the gun which she always carried. Okia died upon arrival at hospital.

Felicia felt that it was a case of self-defense but the jury disagreed; she was charged with second-degree murder as an adult, and sentenced to eight years in prison which she served at the Correctional Institute for Women in Jessup, Maryland.

During her time in prison, a local drug dealer, Arnold Loney, who looked out for her and sent her money, was killed – after she lost her father figure, Felicia decided to change her life, studied hard to earn her GED, and was released from prison after six and a half years.

Acting career

One evening, while she was having a drink in one of Baltimore’s nightclubs, Felicia noticed that a man is staring at her. This made her uncomfortable, however, the man was Michael K. Williams, an actor with whom she later starred in “The Wire”.

He approached Felicia and asked her to come and meet with the producers of “The Wire”, and the next day found herself doing a screen test. Within two weeks, she was cast to play Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson, a cold-blooded assassin – ‘Snoop’ is actually Felicia’s real-life nickname. Arnold Loney gave her the nickname because she reminded him of Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s beagle from the comic strip “Peanuts”.

From 2004 through 2008, she was seen in 27 episodes of the crime drama “The Wire”, also starring Dominic West, Lance Reddick and Sonja Sohn. The show followed the story of the Baltimore drug scene seen through the eyes of both sides, the drug dealers and law enforcement. It had 54 award nominations, including two for Primetime Emmys, and 16 wins. Felicia was nominated for the NAMIC Vision Award for Best Performance-Drama.

Felicia made her big-screen debut as a Bartender in the 2013 movie “They Die by Dawn”, a western written and directed by Jeymes Samuel, then in the following year, was cast to play Lou in the crime-drama “Desiree”, starring Nicole Badaan and Joseph Morgan.

Later in 2014, she was seen as Lucky Mays in the movie “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus”, written and directed by Spike Lee, which followed the story of an anthropologist who, after being stabbed by his assistant with a cursed dagger, wakes up thirsty for blood. This horror comedy had no nominations, and many viewers were disappointed with the film because they expected more from a first-class director like Spike Lee.

Felicia was next cast in her first lead role, playing KK in the 2015 action drama “Diamond Ruff”, starring opposite Fredro Starr and Gracie Marie Bradley. The movie was poorly rated by the critics and the audience.

Later that year, Felicia was seen as Dania in “Chi-Raq”, a comedy crime-drama starring Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, and Teyonah Parris, which was a modern-day adaptation of the Greek play “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, directed by Spike Lee. The movie had 14 award nominations and won four.

In 2016, Felicia was seen as Swerve in “Guns and Grams”, then followed with her guest role as Roxy Barnes in an episode of the hit series “Blue Bloods”. Next, she was seen as Tag in the 2021 movie “Asbury Park”, followed by her role in “Scott Free” in 2022.

Most recently, Felicia was cast to play the lead female role of Mia in the 2022 thriller “I Thought You Knew”, opposite Glenn Plummer and Marcus T. Paulk. The movie follows the story of an inmate who gets a perfect SAT score while behind bars, and is offered various scholarships when she’s released, which inflames her jealous girlfriend who starts stalking and threatening her.

Is she married? Love life

Felicia has been the subject of numerous rumors about her love life, and has been romantically linked to some of her co-stars. As she put it, these rumors were amusing for her, since she’s lesbian and has never dated a man.

Although she’s opened up about her sexual orientation, she hasn’t spoken about her relationships, preferring to keep her romantic life secret.

As of May 2023, it seems that Felicia is single, she hasn’t been married, and doesn’t have children.

What is Felicia doing now?

Felicia has finished the filming of her newest movie, entitled “The Family Plan”, which is currently in development. She is also cast to play Gogo Chambers in the series “Baselines”, also starring Malik Yoba and Jarrett Ellis, which is set to premiere by the end of 2023.

Net worth

Felicia Pearson, a second-degree murderer and ex-convict, who subsequently starred in one of the most popular crime series, is perhaps a good example of how life can change. However, her acting career didn’t bring her enormous wealth. According to sources, her net worth has been estimated at just $100,000, as of May 2023.

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