What’s Josh Ostrovsky’ Net Worth?

Josh Ostrovsky net worth is around $80 million.
Josh Ostrovsky net worth is around $80 million.
Born Name Joshua Ostrovsky
Birth Place Manhattan, New York, USA
Height 6 ft 2 in
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Profession Social media influencer, Television personality, Rapper, Fashion designer, Entrepreneur, and Model
Wife Caitlin King
Net Worth $80 million
Parents Saul Ostrovsky ans Rebecca Ostrovsky

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If you like the mixture of talent and craziness, then Josh Ostrovsky will be your new favorite idol. He is a social media influencer, Television personality, rapper, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and model as well.

Are you interested to know more about Josh Ostrovsky and are thinking about how much of wealth this multi-talented person owns? So, to feed your curiosity, today we present you information on Josh Ostrovsky’s net worth and personal life.

The Net Worth of Josh Ostrovsky

Most people know Josh Ostrovsky as, “The Fat Jew.” who is a very powerful social media influencer. Josh’ amassed a net worth of $80 million in 2020.

The Fat Jew acquired those hefty numbers of net worth through various sources which we will disclose to you today in this article.

Earnings from Swish Beverages

One of the profitable businesses that he owns is related to wine. The Fat Jew is the co-founder of the famous wine-producing company, Swish Beverages.

In 2015, his company launched White Girl Rose followed by the Babe family of sparkling canned wines. Later on, in June 2019, Ostrovsky’s Swish Beverages was acquired by Anheuser-Bush InBev which marked the brewer’s largest wine investment to date.

So, from his wine company which multinational company bought in early 2019, Josh Ostrovsky made a huge income which is one of the reasons behind his multi-million portfolio.

Earnings from Modeling and Fashion

Despite his plus-size body figure, Josh Ostrovsky is very famous in the world of modeling and fashion. His first modeling contract was signed with One Management in June 2012.

He even claims to be the world’s first male plus-sized model because of his success.

On September 16, 2015, his Dad Fashion Show aired which became a platform to show the collection of men’s apparel at New York Fashion Week. Therefore, Josh Ostrovsky’s talent in the field of fashion and modeling also became a great source of his huge piles of greens.

Earnings from Music

It isn’t a shocking thing to know, Josh Ostrovsky is involved in music with his nickname, The Fat Jew.

The funny Jewish was a member of the rap trio named, Team Facelift and it became the reason behind his dope name, The Fat Jew. Their group was signed with Duck Down Records but they separated in 2012.

In 2016, The Fat Jew, with DJ Maachew Bentley, created a new band, Major Behavior. It was the world’s first EDM tributed band. They even did many shows and concerts together. Josh even hosted a radio show, Major Behavior on Diplo Revolution.

Josh Ostrovsky AKA The Fat Jew talking about his Major Lazer Tribute Band,
‘Major Behavior’ in Billboard.

Music artists have different sources of income like; royalties, concert, sales from their songs and many more. Hence, The Fat Jew’s huge portfolio is also backed up by his musical career.

Earnings from Film, Television and Social Media

The Fat Jew except for his radio show began to work as an entertainment reporter where he would take interviews of celebrities in 2009. Further, The Fat Jew even hosted his web series, An Intimate Conversation where he would take interviews of rappers.

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Josh even signed a deal to create scripts for Comedy Central. The Fat Jew has even attended many popular series as a guest. However, our plus-sized model is more famous for his influences on social media. Right now, as we write this article, he has over 11 million followers in his Instagram account.

Ostrovsky even has his appearance in various movies like Zoolander, Nerve, The peach panther and recently he was one of th cast of the thriller movie Uncut Gems.

In the era of digitalization where social media has become a great platform to advertise and sell company products, Josh got tons of companies in his contact who paid him a huge amount of wealth to promote their products through his Instagram account.

Ostrovsky, with his great history in the entertainment field plus with a huge number of followers, his net worth seems fair at $80 million.

The Fat Jew’s Relationship Status

One of the talents of Ostrovsky also includes ordained minister. He has performed many marriage ceremonies in his past days.

Our Fat Jew’s married life had some ups and downs. He was married to Katie Sturino in 2014 which lasted for around two years. Both of them divorced in 2016 on a good term.

In 2019, our funny guy got engaged with Caitlin King. They had a private ceremony on a cliff in Utah.

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