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Nina Kotick is former wife of the billionaire, Robert Kotick.
Nina Kotick is former wife of the billionaire, Robert Kotick.
Born Name Nina Kotlick
Net Worth $11 million
Engaged Robert A. Kotick (Divorce)

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Now, if you guys keep yourselves update with the news of the celebrities, then you might be preety aware that many of the people on the list come in the spotlight with their relationship with a famous personality. Nina Kotick is also one of those people who became the headline of many media through her connection with Robert Kotick.

Robert, as you might know, is CEO who has a net worth, which crosses billions of dollars. So, in this article, we will share brief information about Nina Kotick’ lifestyle and her relationship with Robert Kotick.

Relationship Status between Robert and Nina Kotick

As stated above, Nina Kotick became a favorite topic for many media from her connection with the billionaire, Robert Kotick. Now the question is what brings Nina and Robert together. So, let us break the ice here with the answer to your question.

Nina and Robert were bonded with the marital relationship. Yes, you heard it right. They used to be a lovely couple. Both Nina and Robert together shared some special time which they failed to sustain. The love birds got separated in 2012.

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Current Status of The Former Lovers

Talking about the former lovers’ recent situation, then there isn’t much information about Nina, as she lost her fame together with her ex-husband, Robert Kotick.

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On the other hand, Robert, who runs the billions worth gaming company, Activision Blizzard, new love story still roam in lots of media.

Robert Kotick and Sheryl Sandberg

Robert A. Kotick, also known as Bobby Kotick is the first husband of the Nina Kotick. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard. He had accumulated lots of experience from his early career as the head of the firm in several technology companies.

According to different sources, after some time of legal separation with his first wife, Nina, Bobby began to date Sheryl Sandberg.

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Sheryl was the wife of the late CEO of SurveyMonkey, Dave Goldberg. She, with Goldberg, had a son and a daughter. After the death of her late husband, Nina’ former lover, Robert, and widow Sheryl were sawed together in many events.

Activision Blizzard CEO on Q4

They did know each other for a long time, but when both of them got separated from thier previous lovers. They began to spend more time together. Still, though they dated for three years, their relationship ended with good terms.

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Sheryl Sandberg Recently Got Engaged But With Whom?

As stated above, Sheryl Sandberg and the ex-husband of Nina Kotick, Bobby, started to attend many events together, but their relationship only made up to a good friend.

Sheryl Sandberg Reportedly Dating Multi-Billionaire Bobby Kotick

Sheryl, who holds the post of the chief operating officer of Facebook, is now engaged with the founder of strategic consulting agency Kelton Global, Tom Bernthal.

Net Worth of Nina Kotick

Nina Kotick, as mentioned above, disappeared from the radar of every media, after her separation with the millionaire entrepreneur, Robert Kotick. So, there is nothing much about her current net worth details.

Still, when Nina and Robert legally separated, she was handed the mansion at Beverly Hills in California. The price of the massive estate comes around $11 million in 2010. So, from this, we can assume that the former lover of Kotick is living a lavishing life right now.

Quick Facts

  • Nina’ ex-husband, Boby Kotick was advised by Steve Jobs to discontinue his studies in Art history and to run his software company full-time.
  • In 1987, Nina Kotick former lover tried to acquire Commodore International.
  • In 2009, as reported by Forbes magazine, Robert Kotick received approximately US$3.2 million in salary.
  • Her husband, Robert Kotick was a Yahoo! board member from March 2003 to August 2008
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