Where’s Elizabeth Hanks today? Wiki: Daughter, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Where's Elizabeth Hanks today? Wiki: Daughter, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Where is Elizabeth Hanks?

Popularly called EA Hanks, Elizabeth Hanks is a powerful author, editor and you guessed it correctly, she is the sole daughter of academy award winning actor Tom Hanks. Even though Elizabeth Hanks was subjected to acting as a child with her parents who were both busy in the acting industry at that moment, she chose to chart her own path and became a writer; that was an wonderful choice as she’s enjoyed a fantastic measure of achievement for a writer. Elizabeth is the best daddy’s woman and sometimes travels about with her daddy (even as an adult) while he shoots pictures.

Bio and Early Life

The brown-haired attractiveness was created Elizabeth Anne Hanks about the 17 th of May, 1982 in Los Angeles, California to star actor Tom Hanks and his overdue ex-wife and celebrity Samantha Lewes. Elizabeth Hanks is the second child together. Elizabeth was a child when her parents got split in 1984 and finally divorced in 1987. Consequently, she spent the majority of her youth raised by her dad and stepmom Rita Wilson, at Los Angeles in addition to Sacramento, both at the State of California. This could be why she’s really near her dad.


Elizabeth Hanks graduated in 2001 with a diploma in the esteemed Archer School for Girls, an expensive private school preparatory girl’s faculty in the city of Los Angeles, California. She’ll then proceed to the town of New York, where she attended Vassar College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Language in 2004. She spent annually involving 2003-2004 in Scotland, where she studied literature at the University of St. Andrews and can be , proficient in English and Spanish.

Elizabeth Hanks Career

Elizabeth’s editorial and writing skills have brought her into contact with notable and critically acclaimed papers, magazines, and sites such as: The New York Times, Vanity Fair Magazine, The Huffington Post (currently called HuffPost) as well as The Guardian. She’s presently working on her book. Elizabeth Hanks has made a few filmography credits to her name as a consequence of her short stint in performing. She played the role of this rude woman on a bus that refused to let young Forrest Gump (played by Michael Conner Humphrey) sit near her at the award-winning play movie Forrest Gump (1994). The film also starred her dad (Tom Hanks) as the primary character (grownup Forrest Gump). After about 19 decades from behaving, in 2015 she surfaced as Paula at Michael Lawson’s short-drama, Anchorage.


Elizabeth Hanks doesn’t have suitable wiki page allocated to her and this is since she lives somewhat below the radar. But she’s thought to be a foodie and she’s been proven to play basketball for game. She’s also an enthusiastic supporter of the United States’ football team and enjoys horse riding.

Is Elizabeth Hanks Dating or Married? Husband

Elizabeth is somewhat secretive about her private life and relationships. There’s not any concrete advice regarding regards her love life but a few unconfirmed sources have the opinion that she’s married since her FB standing appears to indicate so. Though some think that Elizabeth could be in a miserable marriage due to a few of the remarks she made in an article she wrote about turning 34others believe that she’s in a joyful relationship with an anonymous guy. Though these rumors remain unconfirmed, Elizabeth has stayed secret about her love life and all we can do is wait and hope that some information could slip sooner instead of later, but for the time being, it’s safe to say she’s single.

Parents and Loved Ones

As previously said, Elizabeth Hanks is the next child of American celebrity, Tom Hanks and overdue celebrity, Samantha Lewes. Tom and Samantha got married in 1978 and after 9 decades and two children; Colin Hanks and Elizabeth got divorced in 1987. A year following the divorce, Tom got remarried into American singer and actress, Rita Wilson and they have two sons called Chester ‘Chet’ Hanks and Truman Theodore. It had been considered that the connection with Rita of Tom could have been one of the reasons why he and Samantha got separated. Rita Wilson was reported to formally adopt Samantha’s children Colin and Elizabeth. Along with Tom in addition to her children with Tom Chet and Truman, they live together as one large happy family.

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