Where’s Hazel Moder now? Wiki: Mother, Today, Now, Baby, Children, Married

Where’s Hazel Moder now? Wiki: Mother, Today, Now, Baby, Children, Married

Where is Hazel Moder?

Being a celebrity child is actually a prestigious item, the feeling of admiration, the ability and the allure to continue the sign of fame everywhere you go is that the hallmark of everything. This ‘s a pretty damsel in the bloodline of the wealthiest Hollywood celebrities, she’s no besides Hazel Moder the girl of renowned American actress Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder. Hazel turned into a celebrity in the tender years, walkingin the footsteps of her mother, she was also a kid actress, and it has featured in many films such as All Mother and Access ‘s Day. She’s the only girl between Julia and Daniel; Moder includes a twin brother named Phinnaeus and also a younger brother called Henry. Her uncle Emma Roberts is also an American celebrity. Guess you wan na na learn more about the little princess? Learn all you want to know about Julia Robert’s girl under.

Hazel Moder’s Bio

The Fairly damsel Hazel Patricia Moder was Created in Los Angeles, California in the USA on November 28, 2004. She’s the daughter of famous actress Julia Roberts and Cinematographer Daniel Moder. She’s being raised with her two brothers in Los Angeles. Being a part of a star family has led to her early interest in becoming an actress like her mom. She’s starred in a television show and a movie. Hazel is presently registered at Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles and now she’s taking active involvement in games and sports arranged by her college.


The adorable star began behaving in 2006 when she starred in VH1: All Access, a tv show. She was featured among the 20 star children. Later in 2016, she starred alongside Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and her mum Julia Roberts in the film titled Mother’s Day. For being clever and amazing with her part in the film, Hazel Moder has gained wide recognition for a kid actor in addition to for being the daughter of the renowned celebrity Julia Roberts. Presently, Hazel is focusing on her research in addition to establishing her career as a child performer. She’s dreams of becoming wealthier and much more popular .


Julia Robers using Daniel Moder As we’ve mentioned previously, Hazel Moder is the girl of this wonderful actress Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder who’s a Cinematographer. Julia and Hazel’s dad met on the set of this film titled The Mexican in 2000. Later on, Daniel filed for a divorce and eventually got separated in 2001. Julia and Daniel went to oppose their connection in a nuptial bliss on July 4, 2002. Their marriage took place in New Mexico, at her ranch Taos. They had been blessed with three kids; the twins like Hazel and a boy. The couple was living together happily with their kids and there are no indicators of split yet.


Hazel includes two brothers Phinnaeus her fraternal twin brother created on November 28, 2004, also Henry Daniel Moder that had been born on June 18, 2007. In 2006, Phinnaeus also emerged alongside Hazel from the VH1: All Access tv show among the 20 cutest star children. They starred along with other star children such as Brian Donovan and Jill Dobson. Apparently, Phinnaeus can be in high school like his twin sister while Henry is coming up. Hazel, in addition to her sisters, has stayed in the spotlight creating headlines living a lavish lifestyle.

Hazel Moder’s Net Worth

The kid celebrity Hazel Moder is from a really wealthy family and contains a massive fortune awaiting her and her sisters. Being a portion of the amusement industry she’ll shortly carve a niche for himself in the American movie market. Her net worth can’t be discovered at this time but her parents have a combined net worth of $225 million from that Julia Roberts has $140 million.

Quick Facts about Hazel Moder

Profession: Actress

Net Worth: N/A
Instruction: Our Lady of Mercy School, Los Angeles
Parents: Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder
Date of Birth: November 28, 1994
Birth City: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Siblings: Phinnaeus Walter Moder and Henry Daniel Moder

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