Where’s Kia Proctor now? Wiki: Parents, Daughter, Baby, Net Worth, Family

Where’s Kia Proctor now? Wiki: Parents, Daughter, Baby, Net Worth, Family

Where is Kia Proctor?

There are several girls in America today who are very famous because of being married being in an intimate relationship with a favorite figure. One of these is Kia Proctor a former model and stripper who gained fame after she began dating the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Since their relationship started, fans of this soccer star have had their eyes on them, keeping tabs in their own lives through tabloids and notably social websites. Fans so have their eyes on themwhen Kia was absent in the birthday movie, Cam submitted his Instagram to celebrate his 28th birthday, fans took note of it. Let’s research some details about Cam Newton’s spouse, chubby, longtime girlfriend.



Certainly, Kia’s celebrity standing dwarfs compared to that of her longtime boyfriend Cam Newton. Because of this, hardly any info regarding her biography is available for general consumption. But with increasing searches online for exactly what her bio might seem like, this is what heightline found. But during the years when she was employed as a stripper, she went by the moniker, Hazel. Kia functioned at Washington DC Stadium Club and then began hosting celebrations in Atlanta. Picture source whilst not much information can be found about her life before she met Cam, lots of Americans were quick to label her a gold digger once she began going out with Newton. But, Kia isn’t simply sitting residence leaving all of the money making for her guy. While she retired from swinging on sticks and turning to dollar invoices raining down her derriere, Kia started working as a model.

Kia ProctorDaughter, Parents

About Kia’s parents, our study, sadly, didn’to give any consequences with respect to this subject. But about her brothers, more info was discovered. Kia is a mama to 2 brothers; you gotten from a former relationship before she fulfilled Cam along with another, shared with all the footballer. While she’s stayed hugely tight-lipped about her first daughter also contains ‘t revealed her name in some of her many Instagram articles, she’s posted photographs of her many times. But, those aren’t the only children, the version has . Her very first difficulty together with her athlete beau was a boy called “Chosen Newton” that had been born to the Christmas eve of 2015 at Atlanta, Georgia. Cam explained he settled for Chosen since he desired a manly yet distinctive title whilst attempting to prevent the usage of junior. On this fateful day after she gave birth to Cam’s first kid, he had been called from training to combine his wife at the labor area. He broke the news of her secure shipping on Twitter. From the article, Cam thanked his supporters for wanting them well and revealed that he didn’to instantly break the news to lovers since he didn’ t need to divert his teammates. He needed to wait for a week after before he finally disclosed the details through Twitter. I’ve been silent about this since I didn’t need to make a diversion for my group and love the solitude in this joyous moment. ” Throughout his second match after making the big statement, Newton celebrated his touchdown by rocking the ball for a baby. He also expressed his joy farther through his Thursday press conference in which he confessed that getting a father was fairly cool.


Kia Proctor’s Relationship with Cam Newton

Kia and Cam are believed to have started dating in 2013, and that’s when they were spotted out in people attending theKentucky Derby together. Though neither party confirmed their connection status, their presence collectively at theNFL’s post-season awards service, erased any doubts people might have experienced that they weren’t something. While the couple hasn’t tied the knotthey have since stayed powerful in their connection and continue to construct their loved ones together. Height:1.68 m Wondering how she steps up compared to Newton, nicely, Newton stands in a whopping 1.96 m tall.

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