Who is Elodie Yung? Ethnicity, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Elodie Yung? Ethnicity, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Élodie Yung Wiki Bio

French actress Élodie Yung was born in Paris, France, on 22 February 1981, meaning that Pisces her zodiac sign. She’s had roles in 27 TV series and movies, but is perhaps known best for playing Hathor in the 2016 action fantasy adventure movie “Gods of Egypt”, directed by Alex Proyas, and which starred Brenton Thwaites, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler. It follows god Horus and mortal hero Bek, who’ve teamed up against the god of darkness Set – the film won two of its 16 award nominations.

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Education and early life

Élodie was raised in Paris by her French mother and Cambodian father; not many details have been shared about Élodie’s parents, because they prefer to stay away from media, and she’s believed to be an only child, as she hasn’t spoken about having siblings.

She was nine when she began practicing karate, and 18 when she earned her black belt. Élodie became interested in acting while attending a local high school in Paris, and was 16 when she appeared in her first school play. She matriculated in 1999 and then enrolled at University of Paris, from which she graduated with a law degree in 2003.

Her initial plan was to become a judge, however, after launching her career in the film industry, Élodie chose acting over law; she enrolled at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2010, and graduated with a Master’s degree in 2012.

Roles in TV series

Élodie made her debut TV series appearance in 2002, when cast to play Jade Perrin in 30 episodes of the drama “La Vie Devant Nous”, which failed to attract any attention, and from 2005 through 2007, she played Fanny Ledoin in three episodes of the family comedy “Mademoiselle Joubert”.

The year 2007 saw her play Josephine in the crime mini-series “Internal Security”, while from 2006 through 2010, Élodie starred as Laura Maurier in the crime action “Les Bleus: Premiers Pas Dans la Police”, created by Stephane Giusti and Alain Robillard, and which starred Nicolas Gob, Raphael Lenglet and Luc Thuillier. It follows the lives of six young adults who’ve just begun working for the Paris’ metropolitan police, and the series won two awards.

In 2016, Élodie was the first non-American girl to portray Elektra Natchios, in 10 episodes of the critically acclaimed crime action “Daredevil”, which Drew Goddard created, and which starred Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox. It follows a blind attorney who’s also the masked vigilante known as Daredevil, the series aired from 2015 through 2018, and won nine of its 57 award nominations.

Élodie reprised her role as Elektra in all the eight episodes of the 2017 action crime adventure “The Defenders”, while the year 2021 heard her voice Alice in the episode “Pop Squad” of the critically acclaimed short animated action “Love, Death & Robots”.

Most recently, in 2022, Élodie starred as Thony in all the 23 episodes of the crime thriller “The Cleaning Lady”, created by Miranda Kwok, and which also starred Adan Canto and Oliver Hudson. It follows a Cambodian woman who’s come to the US so that her son could get proper medical treatment, and the series won two of its four award nominations.

Roles in movies

Élodie’s debut film appearance was in the 2004 action adventure “The Great Challenge”, directed by Julien Seri, and which starred Williams Belle, Chau Belle Dinh and Malik Diouf. It follows six parkour professionals who’ve opened a gym in Bangkok, Thailand, and the film was nominated for two awards.

The year 2007 saw Élodie play Isa in the drama “Fragile(s)”, while she was then cast to play Tao in the critically acclaimed 2009 action crime thriller “District 13: Ultimatum”, directed by Patrick Alessandrin, and which starred Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle and Philippe Torreton. It follows Leito and Damien as they’re trying to clean District 13 from the mafia controlling it, and the movie was nominated for a 2011 Saturn Award for Best DVD Release.

Some of Élodie’s following roles were in the 2010 action crime comedy “Operation Casablanca”, the 2010 short drama “Let Her” and the critically acclaimed 2011 crime mystery “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, which won 28 of its 119 award nominations, including an Oscar win for Best Achievement in Film Editing.

In 2013, Élodie played Jinx in the popular action science fiction adventure “G. I. Joe: Retaliation”, which Jon M. Chu directed, and which starred Adrianne Palicki, Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson. It follows the G. I. Joe team as they’re fighting Cobra, and the movie won one of its 13 award nominations.

Some of Élodie’s most recent film roles have been in the 2015 science fiction mystery thriller “Narcopolis”, the 2017 action crime comedy “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”, and the 2020 action adventure comedy “Secret Society of Second Born Royals”.

Other credits

Élodie produced the 2022 video game “Stay Alive My Son”, and is the producer and director of the upcoming short movie “Happy Ending”.

Some of her recent talk-show appearances have been in “Sherri”, “Dish Nation” and “Hollywood First Look”.

Love life and husband

Élodie rarely speaks about her love life in public, but it’s known that she’s today in a long-term relationship with American actor, screenwriter and producer Jonathan Howard, who’s probably known best for his roles in the action adventure fantasy movie “Thor: The Dark World”, and the action adventure horror film “World War Z”, both released in 2013.

Élodie announced in June 2018 that she was pregnant, and gave birth to her and Jonathan’s daughter Minnavan Howard on 2 August 2018.

There are today rumors circulating the internet claiming that Élodie and Jonathan have exchanged vows, however, neither of the two has addressed this.

Élodie’s in a long-term relationship with Jonathan Howard as of April 2023, hasn’t married and has a daughter with Jonathan.

Interesting facts and hobbies

More than 370,000 people are following Élodie on Instagram today, and she’s posted close to 600 pictures and videos onto the network; most of which feature her during her everyday life, whether she’s spending time with her boyfriend and daughter, or travelling to shoot for her movies and TV series.

Élodie’s physically highly active – her favorite season is winter as she’s an avid skier and snowboarder; she also often works out at the gym, and likes to play tennis with her friends.

She’s a dog-lover, and has a pet dog.

Élodie’s favorite actress is Audrey Tautou, while some of her favorite movies include “Amelie”, “A Very Long Engagement”, and “Coco Before Chanel”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Élodie’s age is 42. She has brown eyes and long black hair, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs around 130lbs (59kgs).

Élodie’s net worth’s been estimated at over $2 million, as of April 2023.

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