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Josh McDermitt is an American actor born on 4 June 1978, in Phoenix, Arizona USA. He’s probably best known for his roles in series “The Walking Dead” and “Twin Peaks”.

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Early Life

Joshua Matthew Michael McDermitt was born one of six children of a very numerous family. His Puerto Rican father is of Portuguese descent and Dutch mother often fostered stray kids in their Arizona home: ‘At any given time, we could have 12-15 kids in our family. We’d hang on to them for a day or two before we’d have to figure out if they had to be placed in a permanent home. … It was kind of a lot of fun to come home from school and you’d have a new brother or sister.’

Although Josh’s family members names are undisclosed, it’s known that he has a younger brother named Zach. There’s no information about Josh’s early education.


First Steps

Josh started his career as comedian at 14 years of age when he called to “Tim & Willy”, local Arizona radio show, to ask for Billy Ray Cyrus’ song “Achy Breaky Heart”: ‘Right when people started to turn on that song and hate it, I decided to call up and do a dumb voice and request it’. He recalls the name of his character as Cocko: ‘I said was born in England, moved to the Philippines when I was two. This was before Google. I don’t know where I came up with this stuff, but I committed to the character’.

McDermitt keep calling to the show, entertaining its hosts every time and creating more characters subsequently. However, when he was offered a job in the show, teen Josh was frightened: ‘That’s when I broke character, I got scared’. Despite that, Josh actually ended up working for the show for 14 years, even becoming its executive producer at one point.

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The show ended in 2014, but Josh called one last time to thank them.

Pushed by his love for comedy, he adventured as a stand-up performer while still living in Arizona: ‘Comedy just kind of came easily for me, it was very natural.

Josh Mcdermitt

Even before I was acting (or) doing stand-up, I was hamming it up with my friends and family.’

In 2006, when he was 28 years old, he moved to Los Angeles in search of more career opportunities. In 2017 he declared why he considers it was a good decision: ‘I moved to LA a little later in my life than when most people move and I feel like I’m better for it. If I moved out at 18, I probably would have given up by now’.

Actor Career

McDermitt was in fourth season of “Last Comic Standing” in 2006, but he was eliminated in the last semi-final round. However, he didn’t give up on his career, and the next year appeared as himself in the mini-series “Make a Hot Girl Laugh”.

In 2009 he landed his first role as Larry in the comedy “Rehab for Rejects”. Despite portraying a minor character, this TV movie set Josh’s path to more productions in Hollywood, such as “Madison Hall” and series “Work It”.

Josh’s hard work paid off in 2011, when he was cast as Brandon in “Retired at 35”, one of the series’ main characters. Though the show was cancelled after two seasons, it was Josh’s first character to be widely recognized.

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By 2014 Josh’s roles were mainly portraying comedic characters. Taking a chance as a drama actor, he auditioned for other kind of productions: ‘I was on a sitcom. Every commercial I booked was comedic. But I always knew I could do drama.

When I told my agent to start booking me for drama auditions, “The Walking Dead” was the first thing that I went out for.’

That’s how in 2014 Josh was cast as Eugene Porter in “The Walking Dead”, his most recognized role to the date. Being cast in the series was special for Josh: ‘The Walking Dead was my favorite show before I even auditioned for it. That’s every actor’s dream, to be on a show that they’re a fan of. It’s just dark, and as a comedian I’m drawn to dark things.’ Eugene became a recurring character of the series and is recognized the most for his signature mullet, along his skills with electronics and science.

In 2014 Josh made a minor appearance as George Payton in the acclaimed drama “Mad Men”. The series set in the 1960s, is centered on ad executive Donald Draper whose troubled and dark childhood has shaped who he is not only as a creative, but also as person.

In 2017 Josh appeared in “MiddleMan”, comedy movie from 2016 starring Jim O’Heir, and in the same year in the drama series “Twin Peaks”.

Personal Life

Josh doesn’t reveal many details about his personal life, and his marital status is undisclosed.

Josh McDermitt

Posted by We are the Walking Dead on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Social Media

In May 2017, Josh’s decided to close his social media accounts after receiving several death threats: ’When you start saying you hope I die, I don’t know if you’re talking about Josh or Eugene’. He declared, referring to messages sent to him by enraged fans, who were upset by a plot-twist involving his character Eugene in “The Walking Dead”.

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This kind of behavior wasn’t new though, as he had been receiving these kind of comments against him for some time: ‘Death threats, don’t send me death threats, because I will report all that shit to the cops. I’m just sick of it.’ he said during a Facebook Live streaming, shortly before deciding to definitely end his presence on said platform, deleting his Instagram and Twitter accounts as well.

When asked about it in an interview, Josh declared: ‘I just know that the internet is just a kind of dark and negative place, which just kind of breeds that mentality and those sorts of thoughts.’

Net Worth

Josh McDermitt has an estimated net worth of $4 million, as a result of his work as a comedian, stand-up performer and actor.


Josh is a man of white ethnicity, with blue eyes and natural blond hair, which he dyes dark brown nowadays. He’s 6ft (1.83m) tall. He has handsome features, and his build is somewhat corpulent.

Interesting Fats

Son of a Latino father, Josh grew up very close to the Mexican community in Arizona, which is the cause of Josh admiration for people of said country: ‘The Mexican culture is such a beautiful culture and it definitely more than seeped into that community and that state.’

Josh is a certified pilot of hot air balloons.

Josh’s character in “The Walking Dead” Eugene, is known for being shady and for lying to his peers, a trait McDermitt says he is inspired to perform thanks to his brother Zach, who made his co-workers at Costco believe he was Russian.

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