Who is Slim Jesus? Bio: Net Worth, Real Name, Son, Parents, Facts, Spouse

Who is Slim Jesus? Bio: Net Worth, Real Name, Son, Parents, Facts, Spouse

Who is Slim Jesus?

If you’re among many men and women that doesn’t understand who Slim Jesus is, then think about yourself pardoned. He also ‘s a rapper out of Ohio who attained a semblance of success with his 2015 tune, Drill Time. Ever since that time, he’s published a couple more tunes like Drum Roll, Warning Shots, Buck Buck, Together With My Way, Geeked Up and Permit ‘s Get Cash; however, none of the others has attained the exact same degree of achievement since Drill Time. The Ohio Rapper got his start on YouTube success. The movie sharing platform was in charge of making the achievement of many different musicians who chosen to take the standard or standard path to musical stardom. Nonetheless, in this era, hardly any individuals still choose the standard path to popularity or success.

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Slim Jesus Biography — What His Name?

Before Slim Jesus was flaunting bud and cash on social networking, he had been first born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. The rapper, whose birth name is Easton Phillips, was born on the 10th of April 1997 Back in Hamilton into Irene Brown — one mother.


Early Life

On account of the fact he was raised in one parent home, he was the unfortunate duty of needing to ‘develop ‘ a great deal sooner than necessary. But from a young age, he acquired quite the interest in music and has been demonstrated to be a gifted musician. When he was twelve, he chose a fascination with rap and not long later, he started posting his rap and music on the internet, largely on YouTube. Although, he didn’t even receive any type of notoriety till his tune Drill Time.

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Reduce Jesus Influences And Persona

Regardless of his musical character, a lot of those who know him have claimed he is just like his ‘thug’ rapper character. He’s been described as being really friendly and serene also. However, in spite of his relatively silent disposition among friends; he’s generally up for extravagant and extravagant antics in public. Because of this, he’s garnered press attention and a spot at the public eye. He’s really considered one of the leaders of a new type of rap — ‘Drill Rap’ because his tune really brought focus on the rap fashion. Other noteworthy Drill Rappers comprise Chief Keef, who specifically, is among Slim Jesus’s notable influences.


Reduce Jesus Musical Reception

Picture Source While his tunes Buck Buck and Drill Time attained moderate success, the overall reception to his songs are overwhelmingly negative. He’s been accused of cultural appropriation. As a consequence of the accusations surrounding his cultural appropriation along with his rap fashion that many have stated is ‘stiff ‘, he’s hardly any fans that are African Americans — who are the key consumers of rap songs. He’s also frequently referred to as fake as a consequence of his songs style — always rapping about guns, gangs, b*tches, murder and matters that he has been demonstrated to own noconnection with. He’s also discussed frequently in the discussions surrounding ‘The White Male Fantasy Of Black Violence’, a conversation topic that’s quickly gaining societal policy.

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Is He Dead?

Presently, the Ohio rapper remains living and making music much to the gratification of his lovers. On account of the deaths of other young rappers like Lil Peep and Fredo Santana, rumors concerning Slim Jesus’s death always pop up every now and again. Regardless of the rumors, Slim Jesus isn’t dead.


Reduce Jesus Net Worth

Despite being famous online for always flaunting cash on his distinct social networking pages, notably Instagram — that the rapper is reported to be just worth $300,000. Truth be told, it could be argued thatthe $300,000 isn’t bad at all considering his age and the sum the average American has. But when you compare his net worth to a number of his peers, then it is possible to see why that number is less than striking. Lil Mouse includes a net worth of$1 million, Chief Keef also includes a net worth of$1 million and G Herbo has a net worth of$1 million. The nearest to his net worth bracket is Lil Bibby with a net worth of$500,000.

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Other & Weight Truth, Reduce Jesus Height

Title: Easton Phillips
Sign: Aries
Race: Caucasian
Date of Birth :April 10, 1997
Location of Birth: Hamiton United States Sexual orientation: Straight
Profession: Musician, Rapper
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Status: Single
Nationality: American

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