Who is Twitch streamer Becca Tilts? @Beccatilts’ Biography

Who is Twitch streamer Becca Tilts? @Beccatilts’ Biography

Who is Becca Tilts?

Rebecca Cho was born on 19 November 1992, in California, USA, and is a gamer as well as a Twitch streamer, best known from gaining fame on the streaming platform by playing the video game “League of Legends” (LoL). She has hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform, and like many streamers, also has a channel showcasing highlights of their stream.

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The Riches of Becca Tilts

As of early-2020, Becca Tilts has a net worth estimated to be over $700,000, earned through a successful career as an online video game streamer.

She’s gained a lot of income through donations and subscriptions to her channel, as well as earning advertising revenue from YouTube and in partnerships with several companies.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Rebecca is of Korean and American descent. She grew up in California, USA, though spent some portion of her youth living in Las Vegas, Nevada, before returning to her home state. Growing up, she loved playing video games though she didn’t initially intend for it to become her career. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Boston College.

BC is a private university located in Massachusetts, and has over 10,000 active students every semester. It offer numerous programs in various fields, and is also known for competing in sports in NCAA Division 1. Some of their alumni include government officials, professional athletes, and Hollywood personalities.

While a student, she discovered the video game “League of Legends”, the game that would change the direction of her life. Eventually she tried her hand at streaming, which at the time was just starting to gain a bit of popularity.


Numerous content creators turned to streaming as a main source of income, because of the potential to earn as your followership increases.

League of Legends

LoL was launched in 2009, and was intended to popularize the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre which was started by the “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” mod called “Defense of the Ancients” or DotA. In LoL, players take on the role of a summoner who can control various heroes and villains from the lore of the game. It was created by Riot Games and developed by people who previously worked on early iterations of DotA.

It became one of the most popular PC games in the Western world, and during its peak had over eight million concurrent users.

It has been praised for its character design, music, art direction, production, and the expansion of its universe. It also has one of the most active competitive scenes of any online game in the world, with annual competitive tournaments and championships held annually. It is also one of the most popular video games to be streamed on Twitch, and since its launch has been one of the most-watched video games on the platform. Their tournaments are one of the most viewed online, competing directly with the likes of “DotA 2” and “Fortnite”.

Twitch and YouTube

Becca decided to settle on Twitch as it was the most popular option for video game streaming, meaning that it would be easier for her to find an audience. However, it was also one of the most competitive platforms, with a lot of streamers vying for attention, especially in the LoL environment, one of the most viewed on Twitch. She gained a lot of attention both for her attractive looks and her dedication to the game. Over the years, she steadily gained popularity until she became one of the most well-known streamers of the game, and her fame has lead her to be invited to several events.

To help supplement her income, she started a YouTube channel of the same name. She started an online series called “TL; DW” – or Too Long; Didn’t Watch – as a way to help other viewers watch her content from a different platform. Her increasing fame also meant that she could earn additional income through advertising revenue. Eventually, her channel evolved to showcasing more prominent games, highlights or moments of each stream.

Teamfight Tactic

In 2019, Riot Games started producing spin-offs of LoL, one of which was the auto battler game called “Teamfight Tactics”.

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The idea for the game also came from DotA, though this time its modern predecessor “DotA 2”, as a fan-created a mod called “DotA Auto Chess”. In “Teamfight Tactics”, players choose between a pool of champions, and must strategically place them on their board for maximum efficiency each round. They are then paired with either computer-controlled enemies or other players. With each loss, a player loses his overall life, and one is eliminated when their health falls to zero. The remaining player after all others are eliminated is declared the winner.

From this base point, numerous strategies are then expanded upon such as items, champion combinations, economic decisions, different strategic placements, and so forth.

Its basic simplicity but subsequent complexity have made it another one of the more popular games online. Since the launch of this game, Becca has decided to solely focus her attention on TFT. Her fame coupled with her increasing skill in the game has led to her attracting even more followers. She has also been invited to numerous events, including “Twitch Rivals”, an event held on a semi-regular basis featuring various popular online games. As the name denotes, a Twitch Rivals tournament features popular Twitch streamers or professionals who battle it out to determine a winner for the tournament. The winner often goes home with a large cash prize.

Personal Life

It is known that Rebecca is single though she has had potential romantic partners in the past. On one occasion she accidentally started streaming through her ‘phone, leading to viewers seeing her hanging out with a friend and a potential boyfriend. She has not commented on the video nor has she revealed a lot of information about her dating life. The lack of proof and her current activity suggests that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She loves staying fit, exercising and keeping herself on a steady diet. She has recently adopted a keto diet to help her gain a better body, and she often shows the results through her online posts.

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