Who is Ugly God? Bio: Net Worth, Real Name, Son, Brother, Now, Salary, Dating

Who is Ugly God? Bio: Net Worth, Real Name, Son, Brother, Now, Salary, Dating

Who is Ugly God?

Terrible God is an American rapper and record producer who climbed to fame from sharinghis first songs on Soundcloud. On Soundcloud, to, he’d garnered over528,000 lovers From the end of 2017. With over another 15 million YouTube viewpoints and 33 million twists on SoundCloud,Ugly God could be described as an online sensation. Among the hit singles Water surfaced number 100 on the Billboard hot 100 and forced its way to number 80 on the graph. The only that has been streamed within 87million days because it was uploaded has been created by the rapper himself along with Danny Wolf.The enormous victory of their ‘Water’ only made him a deal with Asylum Records. His introduction Mixtape branded The Booty Tape premiered in August 2017 and it peaked at number 27 of 200. Ever since that time, his fan base was growing at a huge speed. His Freshman Freestyle that he played together with rappersPlayboi Carti,MadeinTYOandXXXTentacion have garnered on YouTube over perspectives.



Ugly God originally went by the moniker ‘Pussy Bacon’, but he had it altered since his parents didn’t approve and because of social factors. His first single I Beat My Meat was published in 2014 but needed to be removed since theprincipal in his High school didn’t approve of it. In 2016 he signed into the Red Dragon Tag possessed by iLoveMakonnen. Ugly God is quite amusing and doesn’t take his music seriously. The rapper admitted he originally began making music for himself, turned it out captured people’s attention.His monitors are proven to be humorous with catchy beats that could make any listener nod together. Like exactly what your high school class clown could recitein the locker room, his lyrics look. His self-deprecating sense of humor and ridiculous lyrics to his fast-growing fan base.


The Bio of Terrible God

Better known by his stage name Ugly God,Royce Davison was created on September 19, 1996, in Indiana. He climbed up in Houstonand Mississippi listening to artists such as Ying Yang twins and R. Kelly. Terrible God began rapping and generating the summer before his senior year of High School.His initial crowd consisted of his schoolmates and teachers. He enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi where he majored in Computer Engineering but dropped out before finishing a degree. He asserts he is still registered in the university but chose to quit attending courses when he began earning money off music.After falling out of school that he formed the rap group “Small Dick Clique” with Famous Dex and Wintertime.


Girlfriend and Loved Ones

Ugly God has submitted images of a girlfriend media. She goes by the title Edith but she’s famous on social websites as ‘Uglygoddess’. Her Instagram handle boasts over 38.1k followers and moving by her Instagram articles, she has to really be into luxury labels. Little is understood about the household of Ugly God . The rapper gave a clue he has a sister at his introduction tweet in April 2012. He hasn’t made any mention of the husband or his parents ever since.


Terrible God’s Height, Net Worth and Other Truth

Ugly God is 5ft 9 in height and that he weighs 172lbs. An investigation of his songs revenue, YouTube and concert earnings brings the rapper’s net worth to an estimated $400 000. His yearly income is set at $100 000. Ugly God enjoys animals Several social networking movies of Ugly God catching lizards and placing them on his nose are testaments to his fascination with all the reptiles. This bizarre side of his was great for his promotion and has been exactly what got him noticed in the first location. He began his music career position the moniker “Pussy Bacon” He, but dropped the title in order to be marketable and because his parents flocked to the special title. A choice if you ask me. He believes he’s really ugly He picked the pseudonym “Ugly God” since he believes himself to be very ugly. Ugly God doesn’t drink and he doesn’t smoke The rapper is famous for his sobriety and that he clarifies smoking and drinking because “whack”. According to the rapper, he’s never been tempted to try out both of the vices, although he’s always subjected to them. Ugly God wears imitation jewellery Ugly was fair enough to acknowledge that his jewelry is imitation, are his watches along with his grill. All imitation!

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